Single Action Smooth Bonded Simulated Ivory Grips

Single Action Smooth Bonded Simulated Ivory Grips
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Smooth bonded grips with the Ruger medallion. Fits the XR grip frame, Ruger® New Model Single-Six®, Ruger® Wrangler®, New Model Blackhawk®, Vaquero®, New Model Super Blackhawk® with round trigger guard, and Old Army. WILL NOT FIT Ruger® New Vaquero®, 50th Anniversary Blackhawk®, Bisley™ Vaquero, Bird's Head Vaquero, Hunter models, or blued models manufactured after 2005 with the XR00305 grip frame. Fits single action without lock, stainless and blued firearms. One screw included. Made in the USA by Altamont.

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Very nice overall. 9/17/2023
I bought these for my Super Wrangler and they fit great. They slapped right on with no fitment issues and I tightened them up as tight as I could them with a small eye glasses screw driver and then gave them a little snug with a regular flat head. There's one thing I didn't care for is that the screw doesn't enter from the gate side. Not sure if that's a QC issue or just the way Altamont does things. Other than that it'd be 5 stars. On a side note these do not match Hogue simulated ivory grips. If you're looking to match up a pair of guns like I was there's some differences between these and Hogue. They're slightly yellowish where Hogue is a crisp white and the Hogue are smoother with gloss finish where the Altamont are not as smooth and dull. In no way does this affect the grips themselves and bears no weight in my 4 stars. I just think other people should know.
- Scott Clapsaddle, CA
Ruger Vaquero bonded simulated ivory grips 4/11/2023
I was hoping for the best when I decided to order these grips for the original Ruger Vaquero. I have waited for sometime now for them to come back into stock , so when they did I placed my order . I should have taken a more serious look at the reviews . Although I was able to get them to seat on the grip frame with little effort, the overall fit was horrible the grips were undersized on the grip frame . My original bonded ivory grips were way better fit finish and color then these cheap looking poor fitting replacement grips . I was hoping to save wear and tear on the original grips and use these, but they look so cheap, and fit so poor, I can't use them . I won't even waste the time and shipping to send them back to get a different set because I'm sure fit would still be an issue . I'm sure that the wood grips would also fit poorly . I can't see how deminsions would be any different between the wood or the faux ivory grip panels . It was a waste of time and money for these grips . I could have spent half of the price and got better product . I can't believe after all the poor reviews something hasn't been improved on . I would expect more from ruger. I won't even get into the the screw that holds them together but I'm sure if you read the other reviews you will understand. Im still a fan of ruger products just not these grips. I wish I didn't have to waste my time to write this, but I hope it saves someone else's time and money. Good luck have a good day all.
- Dennis, WA
Perfect Grips 5/5/2022
Perfect Fit no gaps anywhere a little extra width for a larger hand makes them very comfortable and last they look awesome I highly Recommend them
1974 New Model Blackhawk .357/.38 Convertible 12/23/2021
I have a 74 New Model probably a first or second year XR frame and was kind of worried they wouldn’t fit but they actually fit really well. I’m sure if I sanded them a bit I could have them be a snug fit but honestly perfect the way they are. Even though I had to wait more than a year for them to get restocked it was totally worth the wait because the aftermarket grips are either sketchy or supposed to fit SAA clones. Thanks for shipping out right before Christmas. Customer service is 10/10
Beautiful 11/5/2021
Order arrived in 10 days. They fit well without any sharp corners or any spots sticking out past the metal of the pistol. Not fragile as others have posted.
feels good but are VERY fragile 9/10/2019
Bought these for my .41 magnum Blackhawk , I STRONGLY URGE YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREW BECAUSE THEY WILL CRACK ON YOU. I was disappointed with them because they are so fragile. I wouldnt buy them again , its a shame because they look good and feel good for my hand size.
- Chuck, WA
broke after use 8/15/2019
I bought these for my old model Vaquero, used them for about three months of once or twice a week shooting, and the top of the left grip cracked. Put the original ones back.
- Jerry Harker, MN
Great look.!! 4/11/2018
After ordering I had buyers’ remorse, and called Ruger to cancel. First gent I spoke with told me there had been fitting issues, but couldn’t help me cancel. Had chalked it up in loss column; but they arrived today, and fit the look, and smooth feel. Will probably go for a set of pearl as well.
Thor.Palm Beach
love the look and feel ! 1/28/2018
I had to do a little reaming on one grip, otherwise I wouldve rated them 5 stars. I put them on a blue 9 mm/357 Mag Convertible. The gun looks great and I love the feel of the grips !
- Jere, CA
Bonded Ivory is very fragile 4/16/2017
Like others my experience with these grips was not good. Also like others, when tightening the screw, the nut blew out the back of the grip taking a large piece of the bonded ivory with it, and when attempting to fit the left grip on the bottom post a large chunk of the grip edge cracked and broke off. My observation is that this ivory dust and bonding material do not make a strong, stable material. They did not fit well and broke in several places. Not what I would expect for the money.
- Larry Schmoll, GA
Not at all happy 4/5/2017
First of all, these are Altamont marked grips that Altamont sells for 60% less without the medallions which they are prohibited from selling by Ruger. Customer Service indicated these would fit my Talo Super Blackhawk and the left panel fit like a glove. The right panel would not seat, and thinking that a little pressure would seat it; I instead resulted in breaking off a 1 inch section of grip. These are quire fragile. Anyway after receiving the grips yesterday, after waiting a week to get them, this morning I threw them, broken, in the trash. Beautiful grips now trash, eighty dollars in the trash. I guess you live and learn, but what a waste! Not Happy.
- Larry Schmoll, GA
bad quality control 9/29/2016
Purchase these grips several weeks ago. At first I thought Ruger included the wrong screw, but after finally getting contact with Ruger, Ruger sent a second screw, the same size. I went to a gun smith, who said the nut and furrel where improperly installed. At the price charged, I would thought the quality control on a simple product like this would of been allot better.
- P W, NV
Easy Break Grips 8/13/2016
I installed these on my new model Blackhawk. Trying to tighten them down to get the sloppy wiggle out of the fit the nut just popped right out. Ive installed many sets of grips and never had any others do that. I fixed it with epoxy & they are ok now. Just remember to to tighten them very gently..
- KB, AZ
Beautiful grips for my 5.5 super black hawk .44 mag 1/18/2016
These grips are very nice feeling in the hand , i like the thicker feel , for such a powerful handgun . I would buy them again !
- J Bonds, OK
If they were half off they would be worth it. 9/12/2015
I got the grips probably 3 years ago for my stainless Vaquero, very wide grips and after the first time shooting with them they developed a loose wiggle. Also wasnt happy with the blued screw it came with. On the plus side they looked great. Then again Im a tough reviewer since I hold it to the Ruger standard.
- Corey John, WA
bonded ivory grips 7/1/2015
Im very pleased with these grips. Quality is first rate, installation was a snap and they arrived a day ahead of quoted date. Thank you!
- William DuBard, SC
Ivory 1/10/2015
Steve is upset that these are not ivory. I say thanks to Sturm Ruger. We dont need to kill elephants just so you can run around looking like a pretty boy. The factory grips and the other replacements are just as nice. SR makes a great product.IMHO
- Chicago South, IL
Beautiful [Simulated] Ivory Grips! 12/1/2014
Love these grips, bought them for my old Vaquero thats in high polished stainless steel with a 1/2 inch grip frame, serial no. beginning 56-XXXXX. They were truly drop-in grips. The color is not white but more of a piano-key natural ivory look, even though their made of plastic real ivory as you know is not legal to own. Thickness appears to be the same as the original rosewood grips - I know they fit my large hands perfectly. My four star rating is only because the grip screw that comes with the grips is blue rather than stainless and screws-in left grip to right grip, just the opposite of my Birds Head Vaquero. ShopRuger has the best price so buy them while theyre available.
Fake 10/6/2014
The description states Ivory and if you call Customer Service they will tell you their description says SIMULATED IVORY... Just be aware they do not appear to be genuine Ivory if that is what you are looking for.
- Steve, CT
Great Look 9/22/2014
For me the grips were a little tight fitting to the frame, but not a problem. The look and feel of the grips is great on my blue Single Six. Very glad that I bought them. Yes, they are a little thicker that the factory grips. If the blue Single Six still came with wood grips rather than black plastic, may not have bought these. Ruger, you have always made a great product, but seriously guys, who in their right mind thought that black plastic was a good idea over the wood? Also bought the Ruger holster for the Single Six. For the fit and finish of the leather I gave another 5 stars.
- Tony, PA
clunkers 9/6/2014
Trust me folks... these are really poor fitting grips.You might as well screw a couple of chunks of 2X4 on either side of your grip frame. Seriously over priced for what you get in my opinion.
- Larry, AZ
. 8/12/2014
I too like the wider feel of these ivory grips. My single ten is stainless and the provided mounting screw/nut is black. I would have preferred a stainless screw/nut option so I only gave them four stars. Still am very pleased as they look awesome.
Dress up new blackhawk convertible 8/1/2014
Adds a little width and fits my med size hands great