Single Action Smooth Rosewood Grips

Single Action Smooth Rosewood Grips
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Smooth laminate rosewood grips with the Ruger medallion. Fits the XR grip frame, Ruger® New Model Single-Six®, Ruger® Wrangler®, New Model Blackhawk®, Vaquero®, New Model Super Blackhawk® with round trigger guard, and Old Army. WILL NOT FIT Ruger® New Vaquero®, 50th Anniversary Blackhawk®, Bisley™ Vaquero, Bird's Head Vaquero, Hunter models, or blued models manufactured after 2005 with the XR00305 grip frame. Fits single action without lock, stainless and blued firearms. One screw included. This is a natural wood product, color of wood grain varies. Made in the USA by Altamont.

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Beautiful. Good fit. Thick. 9/10/2023
These fit very well and look great on my blued Single Six. They're noticeably thicker than the original plastic grips. After 15 years of shooting this pistol, I wasn't sure I liked that, until I went to the range and found that they seem to help with accuracy. They feel natural now.
- Bill in Webster, MI
David Y 5/11/2023
Blued New Model Blackhawk 6.5" barrel .357 perfect fit and easy installation. Delivered in 3 days. What more could you ask for? (Thank You Ruger) 100% better than the plastic stock grips. Now it looks and feels like an old school pistol. Trash the plastic!
Worth the wait 5/3/2022
After waiting for almost four months my new grips showed up today. Perfect fit, perfect color, perfect replacement for the black plastic original ones. They really make the gun.
Unsatisfactory 2/3/2022
When I received these grips I was instantly unhappy. They are horribly mismatched. They seem to be from two different sets, they are not cut the same and are different in color. The right side fits and is gorgeous. The left side fits sloppily and is loose. I contacted shop ruger to return them, I was told I would receive a mailing label that never arrived. Since then ruger contacted me and I told them I never got my mailing label so they sent another. It took 2 weeks to arrive and since then lo and behold they are out of stock. I made two purchases and I am not happy with either purchase. I also ordered a holster that the snap broke on the retention strap as soon as I took it out of the package so apparently I’m stuck with a set of mismatched grips and a junk holster which is also out of stock. This is not the ruger that I’m used to dealing with. Needless to say that I won’t be making anymore purchases from Triple K or Altamont and especially shopruger
- Raymond Chew, AA
Look good, just to thick 1/1/2022
The grips look good but they are very thick and ruff of the edges. I put the grips on a new model blackhawk 357mag, shooting 2 hands was good but single hand, you really notice how thick the grips are. Hard to cock the hammer single hand. I put the grips on a super blackhawk 44mag and noticed they hang off on the bottom just a little. The thickness feels better with the 44mag and better shooting single hand with the different hammer being wider and closer to the hand.
- Nicholas VanDyke, UT
Great Grips 6/17/2021
These grips are really nice. I had to enlarge one hole slightly, But other than that, they fit my SS Blackhawk like a glove. Very nice looking too.
- William Smith, WV
19882 grips new model single six 6/17/2021
Too long for new model single six. look good on wrangler.
- David, GA
grips for new ruger blackhawk 8/30/2020
mine fit perfect took a long time ordered june 6 wrong size sent back finally received august 29
19882 grips 6/12/2020
Ordered these for my 1963 357 blackhawk. They fit the xr3-red frame like a glove. Great look and easy to install.
- Craig, NC
19882 grips for my New Blackhawk 308 2/15/2020
These grips fit perfectly on my New Blackhawk 308. It took one week to get them. Ruger must be busy. The fit and finish is great. The grips are a little bit thicker than the original grips but they feel better than the original grips.
- Larry G., MA
Nice grips! 11/4/2019
I bought these grips to replace the plastic ones that came on my 2015 Single-six. They fit my revolver perfectly right out of the box. They are thicker than the originals which is good for me as I have rather large hands. Mine are rather dark in color and I think they look good on my blued steel revolver. I think the price is very fair for the good quality grips that they are.
- Bill P, IA
Own an Older Ruger with XR3 NOT RED then go here. 10/4/2019
I bought two sets of grips for my 1958 Ruger .357 Magnum Blackhawk. Neither of which fit. So, I called Ruger CS and they explained they no longer made them. They also said I can return them for a full refund. What was amazingly nice, the CS rep suggested that I check out: Their web site is targeted toward the MK, but when I asked, they said they could make wood grips for my XR3 frame. I was skeptical, but they helped me pick out a beautiful wood and custom made them for me. I did not need to send them my gun, just pics with the old black grips off. What I received was amazing!! Beautiful wood and an absolutely perfect fit. No sloppy fit, no undersized or oversized sections. The only thing is they didnt have the logo. So what!! The fit and wood was amazing!!! Kevin kept me up to date throughout the process and since they were custom to my specs, they still only took a few weeks. Well worth the wait if Ruger doesnt make what yall need!!! Try them out. Ask for Kevin and tell him I sent yall. That wont get yall a discount - but his quality and fit will make up for that.
Ken B
Impressive 5/23/2018
These rosewood grips are very complementary to my Ruger Blackhawk 357. They fit very well and what can I say, they look great. As with any wooden grips I’m not expecting any comfort when shooting the 357 magnum shells.
- Larry, WV
Better than the original grips 3/27/2018
I have a circa 1980s Single Six Convertible which had the old, lusted-for, walnut grips. However, I always felt they were too skinny and wanted a grip that was fuller. Last year I saw these and purchased them. They fit perfectly and the grip is slightly fuller. Its a bit more secure when holding. I would recommend them but you have to see if they fit your Ruger.
Single action smooth rosewood grips 11/7/2017
I replaced the black grips on my 357 Blackhawk with the rosewood grips. What a difference it made to the looks of the gun. The grips fit perfectly and took no time at all. Great upgrade for the revolver. The quality of the parts was spot on.
- Wayne, GA
Gorgeous! Perfect fit 8/15/2017
Wow. Look great and fit perfectly on my .45 Caliber New Model Blackhawk! Goes so well with my dark leather holster.
- Larry, CA
Very Nice Looking Grips 10/6/2016
These grips look outstanding! They are a little tricking to get the fit right but they do fit. They are a little wider than the stock plastic grips but feel nice. If you have a single six with the black plastic grips you will not be disappointed by these grips.
New model blackhawk 44 special 4 5/8 barrel satinless TALO 4/15/2016
The original black plastic grips that come on this gun dont fit. The grips stick past the back strap and will pinch your hands when shooting. Ruger sent another set same problem. They then sent the rosewood set same problem. The frame pin position doesnt allow any grip to work without filling and relocation the grips pin hole.
- J, FL
Awesome looking grips for a New Model Super Blackhawk 1974 4/7/2016
My grips finally arrived today. Wow they look awesome on my 1974 New Model Super Blackhawk. Make sure you have a small screwdriver handy to widen the holes on the grips. Make sure to also call Rugers customer service number to confirm that these grips will fit your gun. If you follow these suggestions you will be happy. Happy hunting!
- Sped Man, IL
grips for new blackhawk 3/22/2016
took me all of one minute to install the new grips. Longest time was spent looking for the screw. Fortunately, the old screw mounted just perfectly and the grips are really beautiful feel great and work just fine. Anyone who can not mount these grips alone should really not have a handgun. Sorry
- Ed, OR
just the ticket 3/10/2016
I ordered this for my new single six, blued steel which came with lousy plastic toy grips. The rosewood grips fit perfect and made the revolver a showpiece. For the money they are the perfect deal.
- Rick McGee, IN
new grips 12/4/2015
I just received two sets. One for my Single Six and one for my Blackhawk. Easy to replace the old ones and look fantastic. I have no complaints. Just praise.
Grizzly Steve
Doesnt fit !!😡😡😡 10/6/2015
I have a new model Ruger super Blackhawk 10.5 bbl and they dont fit
DECENT GRIPS for the money! 10/3/2015
These grips are made by Altamont - not Ruger. That isnt necessarily a bad thing. My smooth rosewood grips fit perfectly on my .45 Blackhawk Convertible and I also bought a grip directly from Altamont for a Model 10 S&W that fit perfectly... Just be sure to order the correct grip for the Ruger model gun you have... If the locator holes are off a little you can carefully enlarge them to fit by using a small screwdriver to ream them... or use an actual reamer if you have one. Happy trails!
- Tom Homer, IN
Does not fit my new Model Blackhawn 4/8/2015
I received my grips today and tried to install them and found that the pin hole did not fit my revolver and I could not mount them. I called ShopRuger and spoke with a very nice young lady and explained my issue. She consulted with some technical person and came back on the line and told me Ruger did not make grips for blued guns. On the page for this grip it says the grip is for both blued and stainless guns. I expect much better from Ruger. I will try to ream out the pin holes enough to make them fit, but all in all Im very disappointed.
- Jim B, TX
Grips 3/2/2015
Got these grips for my new model blackhawk with internal lock.Had to make hole alittle bigger with a screwdriver but that was no problem.Looks great on the gun and worth the money.Much better then the ones that came on gun.
Does not fit NMBH Flat Top 2/25/2015
These are all XR frame. My 44 Special Blackhawk has a smaller grip, the X frame, I believe. I dont find any grip here to fit that gun.
- Robert Lewis, SC
Wood grips for Ruger .44 spl Vaquero 2/21/2015
Bought these grips for my Vaquero to replace the black plastic/rubber grips that came on the pistol. What a difference they made in the appearance of the firearm and they fit my hand so much better. They are great and fit perfectly right out of the package. My new model single six came with these grips in 1967 and I have been carrying and hunting with it ever since.
- Tom, IL
Good grips 12/24/2014
My set of grips was beautifully figured; really enhanced the look of my Blackhawk. They fit just fine.
Gene, Kansas City 12/20/2014
This is for those that havent changed out grips on any firearms before. First of all, most everybodys grips are manufactured by a different company and require a little work. This goes for most revolvers, autos generally are less to no work changing them out. Ruger rosewood grips are great. I only wish they still had the walnut grips that came on the older models.
- Gene, MO
Very Good Grips 12/17/2014
You need to slightly enlarge the locator holes with a screwdriver so the grips fit over the locator pins. The grips are wider than original grips by .163 at the grip screw and .064 at the bottom of the grip when measured on the gun. The grips look excellent on my Vaquero and they are nicely made.
- Michael Goodman, UT
Fits Perfect-Ignore the bad reviews 12/16/2014
These grips fit just fine. If they do not pop right on immediately, it means you are not aligning the top of the grip first, followed by aligning the mounting pin near the bottom. It does take a little hand strength to squeeze the grip on to that pin, your Wheaties first & Good luck.
grips 11/14/2014
what can I say I haft to call a spade a spade I have tried two types of these grips and every person that I talked to at RUGER wood tell me that the grips will work. yes the will work if you wont to cut the holes deeper and wider you can get them to work be careful or you will strip out the screw when you are putting the grips back on your gun do not screw them down to tight.
- billy, OK
Grips for New Model Blackhawk 10/11/2014
These grips look and feel great. They are very tight going on, but they fit fine with no modification on my New Model Blackhawk 45 convertible. Nice gun nice grips.
- Jim, RI
grips 10/5/2014
well I am not an expert on these grips but it is hard to get them to fit your gun unless you cut the holes in them and make them bigger and they still fit bade. and SGT SMITH you do not know as much as you thank you do about guns.
- jeff, AZ