Single-Six® Family Revolvers Triple K Belt Holster, LH, 6-1/2" Barrel

Single-Six®  Family  Revolvers Triple K Belt Holster, LH, 6-1/2
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Leather holster for small frame single-action revolver. Ruger logo stamped on front. Walnut oil finish. Fits all of the Ruger® Single-Six® Family revolvers. This includes 6, 7 and 10 round firearms. Fits belts up to 1-1/2" to 2". Made in the USA by Triple K. Left-Handed.

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Outstanding 2/25/2019
This was my first holster purchase, years ago. It’s still beautiful. When I got it, the thumb break was hard to snap. With a little loosening up, it now works beautifully. I was so satisfied, I recently bought another Triple K holster for my SP101 that is also very nice.
- Steve, MI
Thank God someone is making available high quality, affordable left handed holsters. Due to a recent accident I had to become left-handed. Prior to the loss of the use of my right hand, I never gave looking for left-handed shooting equipment a second thought. I had checked several websites looking for an affordable left handed holster, without success. You can find a left handed holsters, but they are not very affordable, nor are they very high quality. Thank you for making purchasing left-handed shooting equipment, not only readily available, but affordable. I only wish you made a left-handed .45/1911! Please address this issue. It would make your company as close to perfect as youll find here on earth. A left-handed Cross-Draw, or Shoulder holster would be a nice addition as well.
- Mr. Joe, NC