Slide Rack Assist

Slide Rack Assist
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The Slide Rack Assist provides extra assistance when racking the slide of semi-automatic handguns. Shooters with small hands, those with arthritis and others with limited hand strength may struggle working the slide on compact and subcompact handguns. This innovative product fits over the slide and muzzle of your handgun and provides a greatly increased gripping surface and significantly reduces the effort needed to rack a slide. The plate inside this device catches the frontal area of the slide to prevent it from slipping. The plate position is adjustable to fit multiple Ruger® pistols. Weighs only .25 lbs. Made by Lyman®.

Not recommended for use with the LCP® or LCP® II.

WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

This product is not currently available for sale to California customers due to requirements associated with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65). For more information go to

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self expalintory 11/2/2023
i cant believe all the comments about, bad pic does not show how it attachs. Because it does not attach you slide it on rack your pistol remove it put it in your pocket and fire the pistol lol works great
Placement 6/14/2023
Why don't you place a installed photo so we (consumers) can make an informed decision on purchasing the product.
- Jimmy Vazquez, PA
excellent 7/9/2022
This rack assist does a great job of helping new shooters, women with lighter hand strength, and others with medical issues that limit their ability to easily rack a slide. I happen to have a brachial plexus injury to my left extremity causing great pain and some weakness to my left hand. This rack assist is a big help.
John Lightner
If your not sure how it works due to photo distance 5/19/2021
The way this functions is by placing the bottom portion with the circle opening in front of the pistol as the barrel goes through the circular hole as you start to pull the slide back and chamber or eject a chambered or jammed round. Its position is to make sure your grip isn’t back too far block your round or casing from ejecting, and by maintaining your entire hand is in contact with the rubbery grip and as you operate the slide you are in a safer clearance from your hand getting your fleshy bits in possible pinch points. The top rubbery part that the barrel guide is attached to provides a larger amount of surface area for a better grip over larger surface area. This makes it easier for operating the slide if your having difficulties. I purchased one for my wife who has a harder time operating the slide on her everyday carry because it’s a compact with less surface area to grab than a larger pistol. She has no problem with my Ruger American Pro 9mm Duty Carry, but on hers she can only get a small amount of area to grip. I can operate the slide on hers with out any issues but I have more experience with using firearms and more grip strength. This provides her assistance with the areas she has more difficulty with.
- James, MN
Photo of installed Slide Rack Assist 4/15/2021
It makes it very difficult to decide on this purchase when there are no photos how the installation looks, do not provide closeups.
- Kevin Andreasen, MN
Need one for SR1911 10mm 2/28/2021
This works on almost all of my pistols accept my Target SR1911 10mm with the bull barrel. The 10mm bull barrel is just a little bit to big around for this device work on it.
- Dan, MN
could be smaller 2/10/2018
I dont have any trouble with my larger guns, but I need this on the smaller guns LCP & SR9. Perhaps you should develop one for the the smaller guns. This one works on smaller guns, but we need a smaller version.
- harold williams, TX