Super Redhawk Alaskan® Hogue® Rubber Tamer™ Grip - Black

Super Redhawk Alaskan® Hogue® Rubber Tamer™  Grip - Black
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Rubber monogrip for your Super Redhawk Alaskan® revolver. Also fits Ruger GP100® and Super Redhawk® revolvers. Textured rubber grips with finger grooves are designed to absorb recoil and improve control for large caliber revolvers. Made by Hogue®.

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Meh 11/15/2021
This is just the Hogue Tamer grip with a Ruger logo. It _is_ a little bit wider than the regular grip, but you wouldnt notice unless you held them side by side. It does absorb a bit more recoil than the regular grip. I suppose it is worth the cost, but Im rather underwhelmed.
- Mark, IN
2 months and still waiting for delivery??? 4/18/2021
I’ll update this review once I receive the grips!
- F. P., FL
pistol grips 8/23/2015
These are the best grips Ruger has put on a pistol yet.
- craig speirs, AZ
Awesome grips for GP100 and Super Redhawk 4/21/2015
These grips came on my .44 Alaskan, I put Hogue woods on the Alaskan and put these Tamers on my 4 GP100. They are awesome utility grips and I love the grip angle. The Ruger logo is a plus, makes it look better than the plain Hogue logo. These grips make .357 feel like .38.
- Stan, PA
Great grips! 2/18/2015
These grips should come stock on GP100s. The regular Hogue grips were ok, but they didnt fit my hand very well. I tried a couple of different aftermarket grips, but was never satisfied until I bought the Hogue Tamer grips. These fit my hand much better!