TK™ Custom Competition Moon Clips - Redhawk®, .45 Auto / .45 Colt, 6-Round, 5-Pack

TK™ Custom Competition Moon Clips - Redhawk®, .45 Auto / .45 Colt, 6-Round, 5-Pack
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These .032 thick stainless- steel TK™ Custom Moon Clips are faster to use than a speedloader and allow quick and reliable ejection of the fired rounds with a quick reload of all chambers at once. They make it much easier to load a revolver cylinder with all cartridges at one time. They also prevent fumbling and dropping rounds while loading the cylinder with individual rounds and eliminate the need to pick-up a speedloader from the ground after loading the revolver cylinder. The twelve-step manufacturing & inspection process insures the very highest quality moon clips. They are made from rigid steel on state-of-the-art machinery to exacting tolerances for consistent fit and function and are guaranteed for a lifetime by the manufacturer. Fits the Ruger Redhawk® chambered in .45 Auto/.45 Colt only. These moon clips fit most .45 Auto brass - they do not fit .45 Colt brass. These moon clips require a mandrel size of .510 (#18742 - sold separately) when installing with the Ruger Moon Clip Loading Tool (#18751 - sold separately). Made in the USA by TK Custom.

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Expensive, but no tools needed. 1/5/2024
The negative reviews of the Ruger moon clips as supplied with my Model 5050 Redhawk led me to order these more expensive TK Custom moon clips, though I’ve really not had any trouble with the Ruger branded ones yet. I’m glad I didn’t spend money on the tools too because these are just as easy to load and unload by hand as the Ruger clips. I haven’t used them enough yet to tell how durable they are. For either moon clip, I’ve found that a Sharpie pen is a helpful pocket tool to aid in unloading empty cases from the clips.
- Doug Young, AR
Where is the lifetime guarantee policy written and what are the terms? 4/21/2021
I checked TK Customs website for a lifetime guarantee and found no mention of any such policy. If Ruger is backing these or has a special deal with TK Custom it would be nice to know and would be another reason to buy them here. As it is, I can find no such policy outlined anywhere.
- Jake, ID