TKô Custom Moon Clip Loading Tool

TKô Custom Moon Clip Loading Tool
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The Ruger Moon Clip Loading Tool makes the moon clip loading process easier and faster. When loading clips by hand, forces can be applied to the clip in a variety of the directions, potentially causing the moon clip to bend (a condition that will cause the revolver to bind). The mandrel of the moon clip loader supports the clip and the tool allows the shooter to provide pressure only in the correct direction.

Using the Loading Tool is simple. One arm (the wider one) has a post (mandrel) designed to hold a moon clip. The other arm presses cartridges into the moon clip. To use the tool, simply slide the clip over the mandrel (purchased separately). Align one cartridge's extraction groove with an available slot on the clip, and rotate it into position adjacent to the notch on the other arm. Squeeze the two arms together to press the cartridge easily onto the clip. Insert another round, rotate the clip slightly and repeat the process. The Moon Clip Loading Tool is made from of machined aluminum and finished in anodized red Ė includes the Ruger logo.

NOTE: this Loading Tool is sold without mandrels - mandrels can be purchased separately on ShopRuger. Made in the USA and distributed by TKô Custom."

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Universal tool for loading moon clips 1/20/2022
Works well for loading moon clips without damage to clips. Mandrels available for several different models of firearms. Went to revolvers, due to age related arthritis.
- Michael W., OH
Owner 1/14/2022
Works as designed to load moon clips. Makes loading easy and fast with out damage to clips. Serves me well.
- Michael W., OH