Versa-Pod Outdoorsman BiPod System

Versa-Pod Outdoorsman BiPod System
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The Versa-Pod Outdoorsman Bipod System provides shooters with great flexibility by combining two mounting adapters (one for swivel studs and one for Picatinny rails) with three interchangeable sets of legs that allow the shooter to configure the bipod for a wide variety of firearms, terrain and shooting applications. The Outdoorsman Bipod System includes legs with non-skid rubber feet for bench, range, or vehicle hood; "ski" feet for wet, porous terrain like mud, clay, or wet grass; and raptor feet for the roughest, slipperiest conditions. Quick-deploy legs can be adjusted anywhere from 9" (fully retracted) to 12" (fully extended) high. Pan-and-tilt mechanism lets you pivot the rifle left, right, up, or down to compensate for uneven ground. An adjustable, friction-locking thumbscrew limits the range of pivot movement or even locks in the setting completely. Ideal for use with many Ruger rifles including the 10/22®, American Rifle®, American Rimfire® and AR-556®. Not recommended for magnum-caliber rifles. All components come packaged in a zippered black woven nylon MOLLE pouch for easy transportation and storage. Made by Kensight®.

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Great Kit, Great Price 10/7/2018
I own the 150-071 and -072 models and have used them on a AR 10 & 15 and a Bolt action magnum. Love the pan & tilt, especially if you use a scope bubble for level. This new kit from Versa-Pod would be $275 to $300+ in the heavier police or military models. If your using a AR Model, the 9-12 helps keep your magazine from bouncing off the bench or ground. On a Bolt rifle it helps with long range when your lowering the rear of the stock into the dirt due to trajectory angle. Get extra mounts, cause you will find it being moved from rifle to Rifle.
Bob C