Accu-Shot Precision Rail Monopod

Accu-Shot Precision Rail Monopod
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This black Precision Rail Monopod (PRM) mounts to any 1913 style picatinny rail. The PRM includes a push button deployment and retraction feature. All PRM's come with a Thumbnut which allows the operator to lock the knob creating a solid shooting platform. The leg folds up and retracts out of the way when not in use. Elevation range is 3.75 - 4.65". Made in USA by B&T Industries, LLC.

NOTE: it is necessary to remove the Picatinny rail cover on the back rail to install the monopod.

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Ruger Precision rifle mono pad 4/19/2021
I too had trouble putting on the mono pad on my rifle. Then I read the reviews and found out that you had to remove the rubber cover over the rails first. I did that and it went on perfectly and works like a charm. I think too think Ruger needs to put instructions on removing the rubber cover and the mono pad will fit like it should. I too was about to return the mono pad, but know I am glad i read the reviews first before I sent it back to Ruger!
- Dean Johnson, LA
Wobblenot 11/22/2020
If your monopod wobbles, it is because you did not tighten the knurled locking ring down against the foot after adjusting the height! Tighten it snuggly and it wobbles not.
- David P, VA
works great but 9/9/2018
i had this on my rpr gen 2 for a while now and it works very well, the only thing is that i had to cut out part of the but stock rail in order to install it. other then having to go the extra mile and cutting up a part of my but stock in order to get it to fit it works very well on my rpr.
- Kyle Nealis, IL
Love it, but remove the rail cover!!! 7/22/2018
Thank goodness I came here... was just about to start the process with amazon and return it when I saw the comments about the rail cover.... love this thing!!
- Scott, TX
Fit On Ruger RPR 1/26/2018
As several others have said you have to take the cover off the rail, which I did not see until reading these reviews. After removing the cover the monopod fit like a glove. I would suggest you purchase the metal end cap, and remove the plastic one.
- Stephen, NC
Quality parts. 5/11/2017
This is a very high quality part from a great company.
Remove Back Cover on RUGER PR 12/26/2016
Ordered this Mono-rail a couple of weeks ago for a Christmas present. When we went to fit it to the RUGER PR it appeared not to fit? Made a request to Amazon to return it. Then read the previous comments on this website ... DUH.. Remove the protective cover from the RUGER rail. As this cover is such a good fit, it looks like the rail. I would never had thought it was a cover, just a strange rail that is too big. Perhaps ACCO-Shot should include an instruction to remove this cover from the Ruger PR - it isnt that obvious!!
- Michael Davey, AZ
Precision Rail Monopod 9/1/2016
I recommend to any bench shooter! Fits my RPR fine.
Pricey for a monopod, but worth it 5/24/2016
Hint: Use your 20% coupon for this accessory and it will be far cheaper than anywhere else that carries it! Its a really well made and useful accessory for the Precision Rifle that has helped my stability while firing. There is a lot of height adjustability built into that isnt evident from the photos.
monopod 4/5/2016
The back rail has a cover over the rail.
Gotta remove the rail cover 4/2/2016
It is great. To the guy that says it does not fit: Did you remove the rail cover from the rifle?
rear picatinney on precision rifle 4/2/2016
to previous comment, there is a rubber cover on rear picatinney. Take it off and you have the regular rail.
- Chuck, AZ
Take the cover off of the rail 3/31/2016
I have this on my Ruger .308. It fits just fine if you take the rail cover off.
- Chris, OR

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