LCP® 7-Round Extended Magazine

LCP® 7-Round Extended Magazine
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Increase your magazine capacity to 7+1 from 6+1 with this extended magazine for the Ruger® LCP®. In addition to providing you with one extra 380 Caliber round, this magazine features an integrated grip extension for an additional 0.4" on the end of the grip. This extension allows you to get extra purchase on the grip of your Ruger® LCP® for better control while shooting. Does NOT fit the LCP® II pistol. *Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Quality control on these mags is hit or miss 6/25/2023
I purchased on of these 7 round mags a while ago, and it fit perfectly. I decided to get another one recently, and the grooves in the extended floor plate are cut incorrectly, so that the floor plate causes the mag to not seat correctly in the grip. The mag catch will not engage the mag with the floor plate installed. Taking the floor plate off, the mag seats properly. So now I will have to remove about 2mm of plastic from the top of the floor plate with a dremel. For as much as these mags cost, I should not have to do this much work on my own to make it fit right. Ruger needs to fire their drunk/weed induced employees!! I'm sick and tired of paying good money for garbage lately.
- Jonathan Maszk, AZ
Does not engage magazine release. 5/1/2023
Bought two of these from Cheaper Than Dirt. Both had the extended floor plate too large. This caused the magazine release not to engage which caused the magazine to fall out. Easily fixed by filling the floor plate down. Still you should not have to modify a new item for it to work In its intended purpose.
- Milton Hale, TX
Great customer service 3/16/2022
I've been a loyal Ruger customer for years and the other day, when I questions about my Ruger LCP 7 round magazine, they were very helpful.
- Dan, MA
Maybe Im crazy, but this didnt fit my LCP. 7/22/2020
Purchased this from GunMagWarehouse.The plastic cap on the end of the magazine wanted to keep sliding off and with seven rounds loaded, the magazine couldnt be fully inserted into the weapon- to the point that when inserted as far as it would go, it didnt cause the magazine release button to engage and prevent the magazine from just being pulled out.
- Daniel Martin, FL
Plastic tip broke 10/21/2018
The plastic tip that is attached to the metal piece on the spring that pops in the hole on the bottom of the magazine came off and the bottom piece wont stay on the magazine because the plastic piece will not recede in the hole as designed.
- Tim T, KY
A bit pricey 7/8/2017
Bought 2. They are a bit pricey, but Im glad I got them. No issues whatsoever. Still just as concealable as before. Im happy with these mags.
LCP Extended Clip 7 rounds 4/30/2017
We have had this mag for about 4 mos. Probably fired 150 rounds, total. At the range today, my wife was taking the mag out and it fell apart. We put it back together but it seems there is a spring locking mechanism at the base thats missing. The mag will slide out from the base--it cant be secured. There is a small, rectangular hole at the bottom of the base facing the trigger side.
Works anyway 3/27/2017
First, I bought it and found out its cheaper elsewhere, and I mean exact same thing made by Ruger for like $10 less. Second, because I got this, I realized my FTF issues were resulting from original mag that came in LCP, I emailed Ruger with zero response on a request for a magazine exchange. But this 7rd functions perfect, fits perfect and looks good. Just sad Buds Guns sells it cheaper.
- Jason Taylor, PA
Excellent fit,finish,function-Pure Ruger! 3/8/2017
Just bought a used 380 custom,shot only 20 rounds. Ive since run a flawless additional 100 round through it. It came in the box like new and had an extended magazine with it! The difference of grip and control between the standard grip and the extended one is like night and day! You gotta get one ! Ill be ordering another ASAP !
- David Hicks, LA
First time owner 12/25/2016
The extended magazine for the LCP pistol is fantastic. The extended magazine fits better than the magazine that comes with the pistol. It seats perfectly without wobbling like the 6 round does. I will be purchasing another extended magazine.
Bonded with this magazine 10/18/2016
Nice fit..allows me to have an 8 round LCP....grip extension has a better feel than standard magazine. I bonded even more with my LCP after getting this product. I am ordering another 7+1 magazine now.
- Dan Dunaway, VA
7 Round Magazine LCP Custom 10/3/2016
The 7 round mag is an absolute must have, more so for the extra gripping area and its always a plus to have an extra round in the mag,
- Mike Santo, AZ
Quality Product 6/22/2016
No failure to feeds, matches the LCP design, excellent fit/finish.
Not much of an improvement over the six rounders... 11/25/2015
I bought one of these 7 round magazines to try out since I had a coupon from my LCP Custom purchase. I was hoping it would be an upgrade on the standard 6 shot version, but Ive been rather disappointed. The mag I bought has fed fine so far, but doesnt like to lock into place when inserted, not clicking in positively whether the slide is closed or open. I was surprised at this, as the two of the six rounders I have lock in positively every time. Its nice to have one extra round on tap, but the added length provided by it and the extended grip pad doesnt translate into a better grip. I have small hands, but still cannot get a full-handed grip with this magazine. I was looking forward to added control with this extended mag, but overall, Im rather underwhelmed by it. Your mileage may vary, but I dont think its any real improvement over the standard LCP six round mags overall, and I wouldnt buy one again. If want another extended magazine for my LCP, I will look to aftermarket options...
- Nate Smith, NH
Must have item! 5/1/2015
Besides adding an extra round, the length makes the pistol more manageable to grip. It does not make it any harder to conceal. I carry it everyday with a spare in my pocket.
- Steve, MO
Worth the investment! 1/6/2015
Having the extra round is always a good thing but the selling point for me was the extension to the grip. Extending the grip almost 1/2 an inch makes for a better fit for larger hands and adds to the control of the gun. I recommend this for anyone large or small handed person.
- Brian, AZ
Look matched the gun perfectly Ruger on Ruger, functions perfectly. Only gripe is the price should be $29.95 to be really competitive.....
Works great 11/3/2014
I use one of these as my primary edc mag for my ruger lcp. Its very reliable and fits great. The mag guts +1 spring kit works with this mag to give 8+1 capacity!
Great Magazine 8/8/2014
I have had one for several months now and it works just like the original 5 round mag. I prefer to keep the 5 round in the gun when I carry and like the 7 round as the backup mag. Either way it fits and functions perfect!
Bill H

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