LCP® II 7-Round Extended Magazine

LCP® II 7-Round Extended Magazine
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Increase your magazine capacity from 6 to 7 with this extended magazine for the Ruger® LCP® II. In addition to providing you with one extra .380 auto round, this magazine features an integrated grip extension to get extra purchase on the grip of your Ruger® LCP® II for better control while shooting. Fits the LCP II only.

*Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Defective x 2 3/23/2023
First 7 round magazine looked used in package and would only accept 5 rounds. Replacement from customer service was in a small ziplock bag, looked used with torn safety tag, is difficult to load with 7 rounds, and nearly impossible to chamber first round. Have given up. I think I have probably gotten 2 previously returned defective magazines. 1 star for customer service. No stars for magazines.
You've Had Plenty of Time to Fix This 4/23/2022
I had one of these right when this pistol hit the market. I have read all the reviews on this page and the low ratings... these folks appear to have the same issue that I did. The bottom plate slides forward and backward, gives the feeling that the guts of the magazine and the rounds are about to fall through. With a number of bad reviews about this issue, why won't you just improve the product and stop with the canned and obviously fake reviews which contradict the complaints?
Works great! 4/7/2021
Adds an extra round and more purchase on the grip. Mag ran perfectly and slide stays open after last shot. Thank you Ruger!!
- Joe, KY
Amazing piece once I repaired it myself. 11/21/2020
Upon receiving this product, I took it out of the box and quickly noticed I could only insert six rounds. It would not let me add the seventh round. I also noticed the base plate was able to move forward and backwards almost as if it wasn’t locked into place. Another reviewer on this page describes how he fixed the issue by disassembling the magazine and placing the bottom metal piece where it actually goes instead of where Ruger placed it in the factory. As soon as I did that it went back together, the base plate locked into place, and allowed the seventh round. Now it’s a world of difference and I’m thankful I purchased it. Ruger, please work on your quality control. Otherwise great product
- Corey Willis, KY
Perfect! 4/21/2018
This mag makes the LCPII a perfect gun IMO. Fit and finish are excellent and the extension makes shooting the gun even better. Will be buying more!
- Chris, NC
Works well. Haven’t shot with it yet. 2/20/2018
The extended 7 round mag seems to fit well and right when chamber is closed. Interested to see if slide will lock open since this is considered a factory mag for the lcp ii specifically.
Fits fine 1/20/2018
Fits just fine in my LCP2. I only use this for a back up at the range or in my car. I do not use it when carrying. Instead, I use magguts spring kit in my stock magazine for my +1, as it does not increase the bulkness when concealing. Some prefer concealment over an extra round in the magazine. And I still have 7+1. It is great for the range though, it does increase aim and decrease recoil. It usually just sits loaded in my car for the most part.
- Jay, GA
Baseplate issue 11/12/2017
Insterted the mag with a good bit of force while doing a reload, baseplate came loose and slides forward and back. Wont allow me to put the 7th round in. Looked closely and can see that this problem is simply caused by the baseplate that holds the bottom portion of the spring, not being tall enough in the back, where the rectangle in punched out. I took it apart and fixed this, but it will probably happen again. Very annoying.
- Andrew M., FL
great product 11/8/2017
The extended magazine fits very well in my pistol. It gives me a better grip on my pistol for shooting. looking to buy another one soon.
- P. G., GA
Finally a factory 7-round mag -- good but could be better 10/18/2017
Its about time Ruger FINALLY put this out! Fit is good. Quality is good. Last round hold open works! Metal upper is identical to the 6-round mag with an extended base plate - similar to S&Ws .45 Shield. There is no witness hole to see the 7th round - that is my biggest complaint! This mag is bigger in the pocket than the 6-round mag, and it makes the pistol bigger for pocket carry, but its nice to have a factory mag for this option. Thanks Ruger, but please add a 7th round witness hole.
This Mag fits tight and Right! 10/14/2017
In response to another review! This magazine fits My LCP II just right and I see no problem with it!
bad fit 9/29/2017
base plate is a VERY sloppy fit, wobbles every which way! Does not inspire confidence in product! Grooves where mag slides into base plate are way too wide which seems to cause this problem. makes you think these were made in China Please work on this Ruger, before your Rep. gets tarnished
- Hogman, NY

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