LCP® MAX 12-Round .380 Auto Magazine Value 2-Pack

LCP® MAX 12-Round .380 Auto Magazine Value 2-Pack
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This blued steel, 12-round, .380 Auto Genuine Ruger® Factory Magazine is compatible with the LCP® MAX. This magazine comes with a flush-fit floorplate installed. NOTE: We recommend the use of the LCP Max Load Assist Device included with each handgun to make it easier to load all twelve rounds in this magazine. Additionally, the magazine becomes easier to load with use.

View our Tech Tip Video for loading recommendations.

12-round magazines are not available in all states and locales. Ruger cannot bill to or ship 12-round magazines to the following states and cities: California; Boulder, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii; Cook County, Highland Park, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington State, Washington DC. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT if you live in these locations.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory.

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Unreliable garbage 1/13/2024
The base plate can be easily knocked off, turning it into a 0 round magazine. Also, the design fails in its basic objective to get the pinky on the grip because they beveled it with a slick surface, so the pinky has no hope of hanging on. I bought two and ultimately threw them out.
- Bryan, CO
Questionable Quality... 7/6/2023
Just bought the MAX about 30 days ago. Put 500 rounds through 5 different mags. These magazines feel cheaply made. I had the base plate blow off one of my 12 round mags yesterday while shooting! Mag had around 100 rounds through it.
12th round jams the slide 5/8/2023
I was able to put in 12 rounds but the slide jams. I have to take out the 12th round to be able to rack up the slide. This is my first Ruger and I'm beginning to doubt Ruger's design and reliability. If Ruger can't make a simple magazine work right, what bugs am I going to experience with the LCP Max? Will it be reliable enough with these magazines for EDC?
- Rolly, AZ
Needs improvement 4/27/2023
I purchased the 12rd magazine from my local gun shop when I bought my LCPMAX and the REALLY need to fix the capacity issue. I managed to get the 12rd in but the woman who owns the shop had to try 3 mags before we found 1 that would take the 12th round. The issue i found out after leaving the shop is that if you put the 12rd in the slide jams when you try to load it; so no matter what you spend $40 for 1 extra round which means just buy and 10rd and a grip extension from eBay. Unfortunately I couldn't take it back because I had already opened it and loaded it.
- Eric Patterson, NC
Pricing 2/13/2023
I am taken aback by Rugers pricing on their site. Even with their 20% coupon for registering an LCP Max I picked up, the 2-pack 12 rounders still cost more than what I bought at Omaha Outdoors($49), and that was before Ruger cited any shipping charges. $68.95 for a 2-pack is ludicrous. Thanks but no thanks.
Ben Dover
Please glance at the magazines once before packaging them 2/9/2023
It would have been nice to get two magazines that worked right out of the box. However, after 20 minutes of bending the spring of the magazine that obviously shouldn't have passed QC, the follower is now mostly straight and will lock the slide open after the last round.
- Phil, IL
The follower pops up and out. 11/18/2022
The magazine follower pops out too easy. The plastic front tab isn't long enough to hold the follower in place. It springs out upon ejection of the magazine. It's like this for both 12 round mags. Both mags also do not hold the action open when empty.
- Chelsea Clegg, OH

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