LCR® Novak® Tritium Front Sight

LCR® Novak® Tritium Front Sight
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This sight is designed for LCR® .38/.357 models. When mounted on the LCR® .22 and 9mm models, however, the point of impact will shift down as much as 5 inches when fired at a 15 yard target.Tritium front night sight the LCR® . Professional installation recommended. Made in the USA by Novak® .

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Tritium night sight for LCR 5/13/2020
I think it’s great that Ruger made their 38 with a pined in front sight. I got this product and had my gunsmith install it in about 15 minutes. It fits perfectly and works just like it should. I can go into a fully dark room and the front sight is fully visible.
- Joe, TN
Not advised for pocket pistol 6/26/2018
Nice addition to the LCR. Really enhances target acquisition in low light conditions. However sight design restricts how easily it is to pull out of your pocket when needed in a hurry. The 90 degree rear edge of the sight tends to hook or catch on your trouser or coat pocket. It would have been a better design if the rear of the sight was ramped as the original factory sight design. If you always carry the LCR in a holster this may not be an issue but would not recommend if you carry this weapon in your pocket such as the LCR is ideal.
Its not for me. 11/4/2016
I am a 57 year old competitive shooter and all around gun nut. The load I shoot in the LCR 38sp shoots 2.5 @ 25 yds, bench, forearms on the bags, me holding the gun. At a sustained rate of fire I can keep the great majority of my shots in the AB, head, of an IPSC target @ 25 from a mod. Weaver with the stock sight. Heres my opinion: Pros- This is a beautifully made sight. Fit and finish - top notch. Probably a decent CQB sight for some... Check out the other reviews! Cons- -In many daytime flat light conditions the white dot grays-out and the sight is no easier for me to see than the original black blade. -When the sun is on the sight the wall-to-wall white dot obscures the light bars on either side of the front sight. I cant quickly align accurately. - The design of the sight shortens the sight radius by 17%. -The sight is too tall. For me, a six o-clock hold put the poi in the bottom of the target. Covering the point of aim with the white dot didnt work for me at all. -No matter what I tried in two afternoons of shooting, I could not reliably hit the AB no matter how slowly and carefully I shot. I would probably prefer tritium in black like the Meprolight. I took it off and put the black ramp back on. I can shoot again. I really like this little revolver.
- Don S, OR
Great Sight 11/29/2014
This is a great little sight for the LCR...much better than the black ramp. It is very easy to pickup the front blade in any light condition. I changed the sight myself. It was relatively easy to do but I think Novak should have included a new, correctly-sized roll pin.
- Greg B, GA
Nice addition to my LCRx 10/24/2014
My LCRx is my primary carry firearm. I installed it myself in about 15 minutes. This new sight makes target acquisition much faster under any ambient lighting. A nice addition to my revolver.
Great Upgrade 9/23/2014
Ordered this for an LCR 38spcl and installed it myself. Had to shorten my roll pin from the original sight as this one is thinner at the base. That took the most time as I did it after the new sight was on and didnt want to ruin the finish on the sight. Turned out great and now is much easier and quicker to align the sights.
- Marshal T., TX
Great addition for night shooting or day. 6/27/2014
Makes it really nice for night shooting, the white makes it easy to see and help with accuracy.
- Gary Walter, PA