Large Frame, Single-Action Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 6-1/2" Barrel

Large Frame, Single-Action Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 6-1/2
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Leather holster for large frame single-action 6.5" barrel revolver. Ruger logo stamped on front. Walnut oil finish. Fits Ruger® Blackhawk® , Ruger Vaquero® , Ruger New Vaquero® , Bird's Head Vaquero, or Super Blackhawk® revolvers. Does not fit Bisley™ Revolvers. Fits belts up to 1-1/2" to 2". Right-handed only. Made in USA by Triple K.

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Perfect Fit 8/3/2020
Perfect snug fit for my Blackhawk. Pistol slides in and out with no hangups nor does it pull the belt up. Nice color and finish. Got the matching belt and they make a good combination. I like the closed bottom, holster provides good protection. Also like the slight angle it fits on the belt.
- Allan Mayer, VA
Very Nice Holster 7/21/2019
I ordered this for my Ruger New Model Blackhawk .357 6.5in barrel and it was perfect. It fit Very well and arrived in only a few days. They even sent me a free Ruger bottle opener in the box. Could not have been any more satisfied with my holster.
- Branson, MS
Great holster for my Blackhawk 4/30/2017
I purchased this holster for my 6.5 inch Blackhawk .357 magnum. It fits perfectly and is a great holster. I have a Triple K 2 inch wide walnut brown blackpowder belt that fits the belt loops on jeans and fits this holster perfect. I added a Triple K walnut brown 6 loop cartridge slide to complete the rig.
- Scott Walden, MO
Great holster!!! 1/13/2017
The product description says will not fit Bisley models. I have a Bisley Super Blackhawk in .454 casull and the ejector housing is longer than other models but with a little work it will fit PERFECTLY. If you soak the barrel end of the holster in water about 4 inches for about a half hour, then wrap the barrel of your gun with cellophane and insert into holster, fasten the snap on the thumb break and allow holster to dry completely at least 24hrs it will mold to the longer ejector housing. I have tried many holsters for this gun and this is by far the best fitting, good looking, well made holster I have found!!! I love it!!!
- John Zemanek, MT
Nice fit for New Model Blackhawk 357. 11/19/2016
I bought this for my New Model Blackhawk 357 with a 6 1/2 barrel. The fit is almost too tight at first, but with some regular use, itll loosen up yet still be tight enough. Im not a fan of the straps though, since the buttons kind of scrape the gun when Im putting it in and out. I like how it has a closed bottom so I plan to cut the straps off and have a friend make the edge of the leather look like it was made that way originally. I like the darker color better than the other holsters listed, as well.
- Luke, IN
84300 7/1/2016
I purchased this holster for my New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley 5 Shot in .480 Ruger. The description states that I does not fit the Bisley Revolvers, but the only thing that didnt fit was the longer ejector rod housing. Which is 1 longer than the standard ejector rod housing. With a little force the housing slid past the formed area, and leaving the gun in the holster overnight has stretched the leather to fit quite nicely. So if you are wondering if this will work for your New Model Super Blackhawk in .454 Casull or .480 Ruger, it will. Very nice holster and a good value.
- Robert Dean, UT
triplle k belt holster 3/1/2016
I received my holster about a week ago. Very pleased with the fit and workmen ship of the holster. 357 old model Blackhawk. I called Ruger to make sure I was ordering the correct holster and they told me that I needed the small frame holster ,so I ordered what they said. It was the wrong size, I needed the large frame. I returned the holster. It took them about 12 days to send the correct size after receiving the holster back Lesson: the people at the store do not know their product very well. I am glad I did not just cancel the order, the holster is worth the time and money. I just ordered one for my 22 Bearcat. Maybe this time I will get lucky and not have to return it. If you need a holster this is the one to get.
Excellent Holster 4/30/2014
This holster is very well made...from the construction of it to the walnut oil finish. It fits my New Model Blackhawk like a glove. I highly recommend this holster!
- Andy, AZ