Mark I, II™, III, IV™ & 22/45 Black Max HMK Synthetic Ambi

Mark I, II™, III, IV™  & 22/45 Black Max HMK Synthetic Ambi
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Designed to fit the Ruger® Mark Series (MK-I, MK-II, MK-III, MK-IV & 22/45) .22 LR pistols with or without an optic or a suppressor. Reversible design for left or right handed shooters. Provides adjustable retention levels. Accommodates all barrel styles and lengths. Fits belts up to 2" wide. Neutral cant only. Kydex - available in black matte finish only. Includes Ruger logo on holster. Weight: 11 oz. Made in the USA by Black Dog Machine, LLC.

DOES NOT FIT THE 22/45™ Lite models.

This product is not currently available for sale to California customers due to requirements associated with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65). For more information go to

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Doesn't not fit a MKIII with Ruger's Silent-SR 1/8/2024
Just doesn't fit. The suppressor gets caught on the inside of the holster. Fits without the suppressor.
Does fit my 22/45 lite 7/21/2022
This holster will fit my 2021 MK IV 22/45 lite w/AAC silencer just perfect
No go with a Mask and Ruger Silent SR 1/31/2022
Will not fit a 22/45 lite with the most popular rimfire suppressor for years now the Dead Air Mask. Also will not fit with the Ruger can either. Suppressor is gonna have to be not a hair over 1” diameter or it will not work. Other than that it seems a good holster that fits the 22/45 Lite just fine with and without an optic. Just wish they would update the design to accommodate the slightly larger than an inch rimfire suppressors.
- KBran, FL
Big 4/13/2019
Recently got this holster for my Mk IV Target. Im used to 4 oclock with FBI cant IWB or OWB. This holster is a different world. It sits way off the body and is very vertical, vertical enough that its uncomfortable to wear in the car. Works fine at the range once you get used to it hanging a few inches away from the body but not the holster I would, say, wear all day in the woods.
- Keith Emerson, CO
Great Holster for 22/45 Tactical 1/13/2019
This holster will secure and ride very nicely on either normal duty belt or a tactical belt. The holder rides at the perfect height and proper presentation for draw. I use this holster in local competition matches, and it secures the pistol perfectly. The only thing that could make this holster better is if it came with a Blade-Tech Tek-LOK attachment instead of fixed belt loops.
- Comp Shooter, CO
Solid Custom Fits 7/18/2018
I went with the MkIV & 22/45 Black Max HMK Synthetic Ambi low ride holsters for both my MkIV Hunter and MkIV 22\45 Lite. Opening up the fit with the easy screw adjustments, my scoped 22\45 Lite #43910 easily fits securely, ready for a 6 suppressor! This contradicts the ShopRuger statement that it does not fit...My MkIV 22\45 Lite Does Fit!! My scoped 40160 Hunter, with the large Ruger Wooden Target Thumb grips, actually needed closing the screw gap for a secure fit in the Black Max HMK! I adjusted tension in both holsters so the trigger guards lock in securely and keep the pistol in place. When un-holstering the MkIV, I use my shooting hand thumb to apply back pressure pressure on the interior of the holster for easy and quick removal of either MkIV! Besides Ruger Mk .22 Custom Fits, these Kydex holsters also will accommodate a full upper pic rail + scope and what looks to be space for a bottom rail MkIV Tactical & 22\45 Tactical!! Well designed, functional and sporting a nice embossed Ruger logo, Im well pleased with these holster performances!
It works 6/21/2018
Belt loops are designed for large tactical style belts. a paddle conversion would be nice. fits my mark IV perfectly even with upgrades such as a picatinny rail and new sights
A little disappointed 11/2/2017
The holster is well constructed and seems tough enough. The problems are: 1-the belt loops are HUGE. They slide around a lot on a 1 to 1.5 inch belt. 2-the neutral cant is slightly muzzle forward. 3-it will only fit a suppressor that is exactly the same diameter as the barrel. Other than those things...its OK
- Rex Gilmore, UT

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