UpLULA™ Magazine Loader - Black

UpLULA™ Magazine Loader - Black
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The UpLULA™ Magazine Loader is a military-grade, universal pistol magazine loader designed for loading and unloading multiple pistol caliber magazines from 9mm up to .45 ACP. It works easily and painlessly with single and double stack magazines from all manufacturers and is also compatible with Security-380® and LCP® MAX .380 Auto double stack magazines. The rounds drop in without finger pushing or pressing. One size fits all: no inserts, spacers or adjustments. Made by Maglula Ltd.

This product is not currently available for sale to California customers due to requirements associated with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65). For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Works for Ruger Security 380 5/28/2023
I’ve used this loader for years with 9mm, and I recently bought a Ruger Security 380 with both single and double stack mags. This loader works perfectly for those 380 mags, which is great because they are very difficult to load manually.
- Larry, OR
Adequate 3/29/2022
4 stars complete
- Harold Gadson, SC
Great speed loader 3/29/2022
- Harold Gadson, SC
Amazing 3/28/2022
Simple to use, saves time at the range, works great on my Security 9 compact.
- John Z, VA
An absolute must have 7/4/2021
Listen, I dont care how easy it is for you to load your mags by hand, I dont care how thick the calluses on your fingertips are, BUY ONE ASAP!
Awesome tool 8/25/2020
This is a awesome little tool to help you load your 9mm magazines with ease. Saves your fingers and thumbs and is super easy to use.
- Jeffrey Pahel, OH
The Best Of The Best! 2/20/2020
This is definitely a top notch magazine speed loader. If your looking for a quality made product look no more, when I received my MAGLULA speed loader, I couldnt wait to try it out on my 9mm 17rd mags, well the results were fantastic. Couldnt believe how effortless it was loading them mags, watched videos about this product so was familiar how it worked, and did as advertised. I can guarantee 100% that if you get this MAGLULA speed loader youll be completely satisfied with performance of this product! May cost a little more, but in this case..you get what you pay for, well worth it.Thank You Ruger for selling an excellent quality made product.
- George G., TN
NRA Training Counselor 1/19/2020
By far the best mag loader I have used. I was so impressed I bought the smaller version, and then bought both again for my wife !!!
- John A. Yarbrough, OH
Careful 10/24/2019
It is called universal, but it will not work with the new Security -9 in the compact version. Works with everything else but not this one
- Dennis S, OH
Best loader bar none 4/2/2019
I purchased one of these expecting it to be cheap and break easy. But I was wrong, it is hands down the best loader out there.
- Danny, LA
Nothing better 4/26/2018
The best invention ever.
Best and easiest ever 1/21/2018
It’s so easy my 6 year old grandson can load every mag from 9mm to 45 acp. He can even load my Glock 33 rd mag. Well worth the money!
- Dave, IN
works great, thanks very much! 1/21/2017
great to have if you do alot of shooting.
superior product 12/8/2016
Few things work as well as advertised, this is the exception. Makes loading new mags a pleasure and painless.
Saves my thumb! 10/29/2016
Awesome for my small hands female and arthritic joints. Will never be without it. Makes throwing 200-300 rounds downrange... a cinch!
Great speed loader 10/20/2016
Ordered loader 5 days ago. It came ups,I loaded 8mags,in just about 8min. I thought it was a little expensive, but after work with it its worth every penny.
Marty m
Wish Id gotten one years ago 8/18/2016
Makes loading the SR9c magazines a cinch. Couldnt believe how much a difference this makes! While Ruger includes a small loader with the pistol, the Uplula is a much better solution. I went on Amazon and bought the small base insert to use for loading small cal 380 ammo clips. They do not include this base adapter with the basic Uplula. Once it is added, you are covered for everything.
- Fusion Pilot, CT
Speed Loader 6/23/2016
This works great! Worth the price.
- William Thorpe, VA
Well Worth The Money!! 2/9/2016
Like the previous reviewer I have arthritis in my hands and fully loading almost any magazine was an impossibility for me. But with this loader I can get the last round in without any trouble at all. I only own two pistols, a Glock 40 and a Ruger LC9s and it works beautifully on both.
- Joe D., AR
love this 1/14/2016
I purchased this speed loader for my Ruger lc380. Love it. I have strong hands but when I got down to last couple of rounds it was hard for me to hold down and insert correctly, This Uplula makes it so easy. Best accessory for a women to have. Thanks
- karen G., IN
2nd best 9/27/2015
very good loader very fast and very durable however the other one is just as good for me and also a little less expensive. just wish I had seen it sooner
Outstanding !!! 9/6/2015
Several years ago, I bought a different brand of loader. It did the job, but wasnt worth the work involved. After seeing this loader uplula work differently, I bought it hoping it would do the trick for someone with arthritis. Since I have a few centerfire calibers, and it works fantastic in all of them, this loader gets and easy five stars!! I shouldve bought it sooner.
- Joel C., LA
Best yet! 5/18/2015
Worth every penny!
speedy loader 12/4/2014
Fantastic- I was afraid I was too weak to load more than 3 cartridges - severely limiting my new pistol. Saved!!! I can now load up to 16 easily!!
- Norm, MI
Worth every penny! 9/4/2014
Get one, worth every penny!!
The Best 8/7/2014
The Only one to Buy!!!! The very best .. Spend a little more is definitely worth it..........

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