Mark IV™ Oversized Target Grips

Mark IV™ Oversized Target Grips
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Smoothly contoured, comfortable lCocobolo Dymondwood laminate grip features natural pointing grip angle with checkered grip panels for a non-slip hold. Finger groove grips provide a solid hold, even with sweaty hands. Grip includes embossed Ruger eagle. Includes set of four screws. Made in the USA by Altamont. This is a natural wood product, color of wood grain varies. Does not fit Ruger® Mark IV™ 22/45™ models.

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Nice Grips 5/12/2023
replaced the flat grips for a better grip, seamless on the front, easy to install and fits my larger hands well.
- Rick Soto, PA
Beautiful and Functional 4/5/2023
I bought these since the stock grips are a bit too thin for my hands. I was not disappointed at all. They are so beautiful and the larger size allows a much improved angle for my index finger to actuate the trigger with minimal unwanted motion. With the two included dowels, the two grip sides almost appear (only a close inspection reveals otherwise) to be milled from a single piece of wood.
- Satisfied Customer, TX
The Touch it needed 2/18/2023
i have 5 similar looking guns but the real wooded hand grips make you feel like you dont have a toy. Even though its a .22 this Ruger Mark IV i would not be the one being shot at it is one accurate weapon these grips make it look scary !
- mike, PA
Great fit and finish 9/30/2022
The grips are fantastic and fit perfectly. I highly recommend them for the Mark 4. So my only question is will these fit a SS Mark 4 Competition model without interfering with any of the guns functions such as Mag release or safety?
Excellent quality 8/13/2022
The grips look stunning on my SS Target model. Seam is undetectable. Two dowels ensure alignment. Excellent woodgrain and stain. Appears as one piece of wood. Very good quality and attention to detail. I have large, but not huge hands. Initially, I thought the grips were a bit too large. Without shifting your grip, the bolt and mag release may be difficult to access with shooting hand unless your hands are really large. I've come to appreciate the grip's additional real estate, finger grooves, and feel vs. the stock plastic grips. Plus, it looks great. I'll use my non shooting hand to operate the bolt and mag release.
- Kurt, AZ
Perfect Option 4/7/2022
Bought a Turnbull color case MKIV and added these grips as an option when ordering the pistol. Glad I did, dark color is a great addition to the color case finish on the pistol. Fit is perfect with no noticeable seam and the safety and mag release are not a problem. Hopefully back in stock soon so I can order another set.
- Jim, AZ
great grips 3/5/2022
The grips are great. Fit to may hand is perfect. Grips went on in 5 minutes no problem with safety. Grips fit to MK IV is perfect you can not see joint.
- Tom, TN
Love them 10/8/2021
Wood, finish and engraving are awesome, they are beautiful on my 10 target! When I first used them the space between the trigger guard and top finger groove seemed to small. After shooting with them a couple of times they feel perfect!
- Rick, NM
Amazing 8/22/2021
With large hands, the grips feel great, improved accuracy as they full your hands, nice touch of class on the grains in the wood. I recommend them. I have had people shoot my gun after installing them, and loved the grips just not the price. I feel you will spend the money on target ammo whether you have the grips or not. But with the grips I spend less on ammo
- John Eidmann, IA
I waited 40 years for these....sort of. Worth it 12/14/2020
I had a Mk I as a teenager and sadly do not own it any more. I always wanted a SS Target model with the Rosewood grips and now I finally have it and couldn’t be happier. They look fantastic on the SS model and fit my hand perfectly. Wonderful construction and fit. It is my favorite pistol to shoot now. An inexpensive, quality upgrade that makes the pistol better in every way.
Outstandin grips 2/12/2020
These are hands down the best grips for the mark iv hunter, The one thing to keep in mind as other people reviewing these grips are they are not designed specifically for you
- nick, KY
Great feel and looks 12/28/2019
These grips have worked really well, I’ve held other Marks with Hogues, etc and I’ve really grown on the feel of these. I have not regretted selecting this grip for my Mark. Felt too large at first, but after a full season of bullseye league, the pistol fits like a glove thanks to these grips.
- DS, MN
Awesome grips for Ruger Mark IV 10/26/2019
Received my grips today for my Ruger Mark IV and they are incredible. They fit like a glove and feel and look great. Well worth the money.
- Mark Beck, AZ
I had to take it home! 6/29/2019
I was shopping for a Mark IV. When I found the Hunter model with these grips I had to take it home. . The appearance is awesome ! The feel is great! I love my Mark IV and I love the grips. You will not be disappointed.
- Okey, WV
These do not fit Mark IV SS Target model 6/27/2019
Grips interfere with safety lever. Magazine will not release when these are installed. They look great but are not very practical if one actually wants to fire the pistol.
- Ken Hoyt, NH
A must have for any of the Mark IV pistols 10/3/2018
I bought these grips to go on my Mark IV Stainless Target Model. What a beautiful set of grips. Feel great and look awesome. Easy to install, took all of 2 minutes. Get these and you will be very happy.
Target model wood grips 8/26/2018
Beautiful fit and finish feel great in my large meaty hand comes with four mounting screws an two SS pins not mentioned as being included they insure the grips align perfect well worth the cost
Joseph Grace
Beauty in Design & Function 7/18/2018
I purchased the MkIV Hunter #40160 that included these beautiful oversized target grips. With great workmanship, fit and finish, they compliment the great looks of my SS Hunter. These fit my large hands well and help me maintain finger and hand placements to control muzzle rise and recoil!!
nice but could be larger 1/22/2018
great quality part but not big enough should be listed as medium size
- Jon, MN
Great Grips to Add to Your Mark 4! 12/16/2017
I have had these grips on my Mark 4 for several months now. They look great! With my large hands, they make it easier to automatically get the right part of my finger on the trigger with little thought. They feel great and I believe it makes it easier to even aim. I still have the safety levers on both sides -- no interference. Two alignment pins come with each set that make them mate perfectly with each other. Screws were also included, as I recall. They would make a great gift for your Mark 4 owner.
- Sam, MI
Worth the price 10/31/2017
I bought these recently and am glad that I did. They look stunning. They are comfortable and have just the right amount of grip texture for my taste. The installation was super easy. There are two stainless steel dowels that help to co-witness the two sides, which helps to make sure they line up just so. It looks like the grips are manufactured from one block of wood, which is then cut in half during the shaping process which allows for continuous, smooth grain texture across the joint.. A very nice touch.
- David Cole, LA
Great looking but... 9/9/2017
These grips look great but how do you keep the safety lever in place?
- Mike, TN
MKIV Grips 7/20/2017
Just got my oversize target grips in the mail from Ruger. Perfect fit and really provide a nice handful for my large size mitts. I like em and they look really super. Glad I bought them!
Nice Grip For Mark 4 Hunter.... 5/15/2017
This is a nice grip for the Mark 4 Hunter, but I only gave it 4 stars because the screw holes in one of the grip panels were misaligned with the holes in the frame, making it a bit of a challenge to insert the screws. I can already tell that these grip panels will help me to more consistently properly grip my Mark 4, and hopefully aid with accuracy. One thing that is lacking is that for a person with large hands, as I have, my finger does not fall properly on the trigger, but after the knuckle. Id like to have replaceable back straps for the Mark 4.
- Sam L, MI
almost no words to describe 5/8/2017
how pleased I am with my new wrap around wood grips.they look fantastic and feel the same.cant wait to get to the range.
- paul, NY
Beautiful Grips! 4/25/2017
I just installed the Oversized Target Grips on my Mark IV Hunter. Even though the OE grips were nice enough looking and quite functional the feel of the Oversized Target Grips were as close to perfect as one could possibly imagine! I have a size XL hand but Im pretty sure these grips would feel right at home with most shooters.
- John_T, WA
These grips are awesome 1/30/2017
These grips are a perfect fit for my new Mark IV. Clearly custom made to fit the gun, the two pieces fit together so perfectly that you cant see the seam. I looked at others similarly priced and ended up buying these. They are perfect for me.
- Craig Best, MO
Great add on 1/23/2017
Ordered a set for my Mark IV Target, what a great fit. It has a lot better feel for my hand.
- Randy, MI
Beautiful grips for an already beautiful pistol. 12/7/2016
They look great, fit nice, doesnt interfere with any of the mechanics, easy to install, fingers fit naturally. Zero complaints, thank you Ruger! See here for a couple of pics:
- Frank Ravenswood, OR
Great grips for the Mark lV 12/6/2016
The original grips did not work for me. I installed the target grips on my Mark lV and the fit on the gun and my hands was outstanding. Highly recommended.
- Jerry Wallace, MI
MarkIV Target Grips 10/16/2016
Replaced the factory grips with these target grips. Excellent fit and great looking. Would highly recommend.
- Robert, IL

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