Mark-Series, Single-Six® & Super Wrangler® HiViz® LiteWave™ Front Sight Set

Mark-Series, Single-Six® & Super Wrangler® HiViz® LiteWave™ Front Sight Set
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This HiViz® front sight set with Litewave™ technology includes interchangeable green, red and white LitePipes. It fits multiple handguns equipped with adjustable rear sights including Mark II™, III™ & IV™ pistols, New Model Single-Six® and Super Wrangler® revolvers. The sight is all steel construction and uses 0.090 diameter LitePipes. The mounting screw is included in the set. Professional installation recommended. Made by HiViz® Shooting Systems.

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Great sight but fitment could be better on the Super Wrangler 9/13/2023
The sight itself is very high quality. Bright in most conditions. Installs super easy. Now for the fitment... As mentioned in other reviews it does stick past the end of the barrel on the Super Wrangler. However it is absolutely NOT an 1/8 inch as mentioned in other reviews! I am a machinist and I used my ISO9001 certified caliper to measure how much it sticks past the end, it is .034 of an inch. For most people that's roughly a 1/32 of an inch. About the thickness of a credit card. End of the world, No! Ever so slightly annoying, maybe. Depends on your standards. Overall I give it 4 and a half stars. I would have given it a 5 star rating if not for it sticking past the barrel end. I would recommend it and I would definitely buy again.
Disappointing for Ruger 8/19/2023
I bought this front hi viz sight for my new super wrangler. The firearm is great I can't speak highly enough about it. However, this sight sticks out about 2mm past the barrel on my super wrangler, the super wrangler I love, what a great firearm. I'm disappointed that ruger sells this item like it fits all the 22s. Anyways, it is accurate enough, I'm not getting any immediate problems with muzzle blast on the light pipe. It's not life or death, just for camping, but between this and the disappointing 5.7 I got last year, I'm kind of missing old school ruger...
Max Power
Nice sight but too long for Super Wrangler. 6/20/2023
Purchased for new Super Wrangler and the sight mounts up fine but sticks out past the end of barrel about 1/8 of an inch. I filed a chamfer to it so it’s flush with the barrel and repainted the filed area flat black. Works great but took a lot of work.
Great front sight. 4/23/2022
I installed this HiViz sight and am very happy with it. I am so impressed with it that I ordered the HiViz adjustable rear sight today. (Too bad not available on shopruger.) Nice to see that this front sight included the mounting screw. Some other brands do not.
- Patrick Terneus, CO
Great sight 9/20/2018
Easy installation and great visibility! Was a little worried when the package did not specifically state it was for the Mark IV but it seats well on the 22/45 bull barrel. Sight is a bit higher than the stock sight, appx 1/16” at a glance, but nothing a rear sight elevation tweek won’t fix.
- M Wilkerson, TN
Perfect! 3/25/2017
This sight is perfect in every way. Its a simple install, fits and looks great, mine measures within .005 of the stock sight height. The kit comes with a new screw, a green and a red light tube, plus a white tube, also included is a tube holder thats used to change light tubes. My SP101 and my GP100 Match Champion have fiber optic sights so this was a must for my Mark IV Target.
- Pat Z, PA

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