Mini-14® 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. 10-Round Magazine

Mini-14® 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. 10-Round Magazine
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Blued steel, 10-round, 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. caliber magazine for Mini-14® rifles. Note: 10-round magazines are not available in all states and locales. *Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents. Ruger cannot bill to or ship this magazine to Brooklyn, Buffalo, New York City, or Rochester, New York. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT if you live in these cities.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Awesome Magazines 3/6/2024
Many of these reviews are laughable and unfair. These mags have always worked flawlessly for me. The mini-14, just like the M1a likes the mag inserted when the action is open. If you run it like it’s supposed to, you will never be let down.
- David, CA
Fits with a little work 2/24/2024
Recently purchased a 10 rounder to use in my Mini that was purchased new shortly after the stainless steel model was introduced in the late 1970s. Mag would not lock into battery without some "persuasion". After a close examination, found that the locking tab on the back of the mag had a burr. 20 minutes with a hard Arkansas stone and problem solved. Works great. Remember that the Mini has been around for a while with lots of changes. Some things may just need a bit of fitting instead of complaining.
- Rick, OH
Great mags 9/27/2022
I bought 6 filled them to 10 rounds none had any failures or failed to lock the bolt on last shot....not sure why such bad reviews these beat others hands down.
Here's the story about 10 round mags 7/21/2022
I own 5, 10 and 20 round Ruger mags. A guy who makes custom mags told me he makes 10 round mags tight on the 10th round on purpose. This is because of laws in some states. If there is any play in the 10th round then it may accept a 11th round and that would cause legal trouble for the manufacturer. This is why the 10th round is tight, they are playing it safe. Please don't blame the manufacturer for this, it's the political climate these days.
- Steve, AZ
10rd mags jam 6/19/2022
All five of the 5rd mags that were tested function flawlessly. Been through eight different 10rd mags and only two work correctly. What a joke at the price Ruger charges!
Nine round magazine 5/11/2022
Forces you to empty the Gun to load ten. Then forces you to walk around with either a loaded chamber or an open bolt.
Keeps the bullets in preparation for glorious propulsion 2/10/2022
It holds the bullets before I shoot them. It's WAY better than the two pack of "pro-mag" aftermarket magazines that I got on eBay, for only twice the price. I'd call it a deal, and reliability isn't an issue. I don't know why people think they can't load this full of 10 rounds with a closed bolt. They can. There's something else wrong if that's not working. This is a Mini-14, by the way. Not a carton of eggs.
- Scott B, CA
READ YOUR MANUAL!!! 12/31/2021
functions fine. the owners manual says to open the bolt before inserting magazine. we're all spoiled by AR's
You totally can load 10 rounds and use the mag with a closed bolt... 9/11/2021
I dont know why people think that they cant fit 10 rounds and still load the magazine with a closed bolt, I bought two of these and they snap into place just fine and chamber a round even if the bolt is closed when I go to put the magazine in. Maybe they changed the mags since all the negative reviews around here. The mags are overpriced, $40 per mag is way too expensive, which is why I dont rank them five stars. But I was able to neatly load ten rounds of .223 into each one that I bought, and load each into the rifle with the bolt closed, and then chamber a round, no problems whatsoever. If your concern is that you wont be able to do that, do not worry. Just continue to complain about the price until hopefully they reduce it.
not all made the same 8/23/2021
Bought this 10 round for Ca. legal. My mag. holds all ten rounds, but I can not install it with 10 and the bolt closed, same as many reviewers have said. which is Crazy, who wants to walk around -bolt open or one in the chamber. what I found with my mag. was due to the shape the bolt, as # 10 round is pushed down it also is pushed to the right. My cartages were scratched at the projectile and dented at the brass. at the upper right front, the tab that retains the plastic ramp, should be shaped like the projectile, mine was not, it was square. next, beside the necked down area of the mag, there is a rolled section I think for strength mine was to high, as the shell is pushed down and to the right, it would get pinched , could not travel down, and got dented by the bolt. If you have one or both of these conditions, they can be corrected, go slow, Im sure you will void the warranty. sending mine back didnt seem worth it, the replacement may have the same issues.
- Ricky B, CA
Good magazine 7/2/2021
This is a good mag. Fit is tight and functions well. I do recommend only loading 9 rounds in it. I know its a ten round mag but it does make it alot smoother with nine. Ends the debate over bolt open or closed.
- Robert, VA
Poor quality construction 3/1/2021
Doesnt load into my Mini-14 as easy as the 5-round OEM magazine. Its also missing the plastic end cap like on the 5-round.
- Tom F., NJ
Works 2/24/2021
I have a 584- series, database says manf in 01/2020. These work without problem. That cannot be said for ProMags, which are pretty much complete s%&*. Also, these mags can be inserted fully loaded with the bolt open or closed, consistent with what the manual for mine says. Yes, they are expensive, but cheaper mags simply dont work, so pick your value.
Optional Optional
Mini 14 10 rd mag 2/21/2021
These worked great for me. I tried a couple after market mags and the first two rounds would not feed. But these function just fine.
- Mike, CA
Works 2/7/2021
Mine is a 584- series Jan 2020 Mini-14. My mags are late 2020. **1. My manual says plainly that mags can be inserted with the bolt closed. I suspect that may not be true for earlier models. **2. My Ruger 5 and 10 round mags will insert with the bolt open or closed. I have no problem chambering the first round with either. I see no distortion in the case. **3. I have 4 ProMags where condition no. 2 is not true. One will perform as well as the Rugers, but visibly rocks after being inserted. Two will work only with the bolt locked open when inserted, but do not rock. One will insert only with the bolt locked open, and only chamber if the mag contains 9 rounds. It is difficult to either insert or remove. **4. My state does not allow 20 rd mags. So if I want reliably loading mags for fast-reload, Ruger mags are the only consistently reliable option. ***5. ProMags suck.
No idea why they try to sell these things 2/6/2021
They don’t load into the magazine right, they don’t insert into the rifle right. They get stuck. They feed poorly. Every single piece of brass that is at the top of the mag get severely pinched. To the point where you don’t feel safe using the bullet. This is the poorest quality accessory of any kind for any firearm that I’ve ever seen. Period. I’m extremely upset that this company tries to pass this off as usable. Non functioning garbage. I even tried it with 7 rounds instead of ten. Still gets stuck, still bites brass terribly and feeds improperly. I fear I’ve damaged my rifle just by trying to use this magazine. I’ve been shooting for over 30 years. I know what I’m doing. This is poor design and engineering. It makes me want to get rid of all of my Ruger products. Trust them far, far less after this experience. Tried emailing about this and I have been ignored.
Why do they even try selling these? 2/5/2021
They don’t load into the magazine right, they don’t insert into the rifle right. They get stuck. They feed poorly. Every single piece of brass the is at the top of the mag get severely pinched. To the point where you don’t feel safe during the bullet. This is the poorest quality accessory of any kind for of any firearm of any kind that I’ve ever seen. Period. I’m extremely upset that this company thinks we’re this stupid. Non functioning garbage. I even tried it with 7 rounds instead of ten. Still gets stuck, still bites brass terribly and feeds improperly. I fear I’ve damaged my rifle just by trying to use this magazine. I’ve ebb. Shooting for over 30 years. I know what I’m doing. This is poor design, engineering and manufacturing. It makes me want to get rid of all of my Ruger products. Trust them far, far less after this experience. Tried emailing about this and I have been ignored.
Just ordered 2 mini mags for my mini 14 8/20/2020
Im giving 3 stars cause its middle ground and i had to choose something in order to leave a message with that said I just ordered 2..10 round mags for my mini 14 so i will be back to give my review but so far my 5 round mag has ran smooth. I did however get some promag 10 rounders today and after just loading Im already over them. One magazine the bottom popped off as i was loading it back on and was able to load it but Im not confident about running it without some sort of issue arising. Neither mag seemed to wanna take my 556 ammo unlike my 5 round Ruger mag that has no issues with either 223 or 556 so Im gonna assume the 10 round mags will do the same. I will be at the range this weekend to sight a new scope and will see how these promags run so i can compare to the rugers i just ordered. Definitely wanna see if i have any of the issues Ive read about.
Great mag, use your head 5/9/2020
A little mechanical reasoning comes into play here. 5rd mags have about a 1 cartridge reserve, allowing them to be inserted with the bolt closed or open. Once you move to a 10 round, you dont have this reserve as the spring is bottomed out. In addition, the physical length of the 10rd gives you leverage to crush your top round. OPEN BOLT for 10 and up.
updated review, 3 magazines later... 11/28/2019
Firstly, to the folk who try to blame operator error, especially in GASP! inserting a loaded magazine with a closed bolt... Are you crazy? Just run around with a bolt locked open for anything to fall in open action? Or drop the bolt on the now inserted magazine, and run around with it cocked and locked? Did you know Ruger also says in manual magazines may be inserted bolt open OR CLOSED? You live in a world where a 10rd magazine may only actually be carried with 9, and swallow that lie? Back to magazines, Ruger sent two more, including one which was reputedly test fired even though shiny new in stapled package...both did same as first, unable to cycle manually slowly or fast and not trap/dent/bend rounds, and then I bought an aftermarket which was no improvement or detraction at all... So, went to range with all four, pondering mag mods and follower swaps, and thought to check out the most hopeful one or two... All four mags inserted and locked on my 580 with bolt closed...all stuck bolt to rear on charging, which is difficult against top round pressure against bolt...all required a sharp blow to slide handle to close action...all successfully chambered first round... And all fired all 10 without a hitch, gouged brass shoulders and all, gouging which never happens with 5rd and 20rd who insert fully loaded with bolt closed and not even noticed which bolt condition... So....they work...barely, but they work...further testing has shown nothing but the same...wrecks brass, but works, if charging hand not weak and can overcome suchlike hammer dragging with sand in action, then can overcome magazine force when charging...whacking the handle is automatic with us older gun users. So, folk who need, or will need in future, 10 rd magazines to be legal, are not orphans as much as initially thought...but only missing it by THAT much...should be a lot better... Meanwhile, considering this gun is flawless with the good 5rd and 20rd mags, and also successfully feeds/fires even with jam-o-matic 10rd mags which try to fold rounds into chamber, denting and gouging every round, I am some kinda impressed with the gun, which functions somehow even with THE worst magazines....hard to beat that.
Totally reliable gun until I tried a new 10rd 11/4/2019
hard to insert fully loaded, so much tension and what appears too sharply bent left side feed lip, that it will not feed without bolt jiggling and handle slapping. Fires next 9rds but jams on hand cycling nearly entire magazine. Given locals already require 10rd max and entire nation under constant threat of same, it would be nice if a new mag straight from a dist. Fall 2019 was trustworthy, but this mag is not. Ruger does not want it back and acts as if out of their hands since a 3rd party supplier. Which is a ridiculous attitude since them fully capable yanking a contract and giving it to somebody who can properly do the job. Will update if replacement works better. Turns out internet quite full of problem 10rd reports, and non-functioning replacements.
MINI-14 10-Mag. 11/3/2019
Ive read all reviews and agree with the difficulty chambering a topped-off 10-mag. into the Mini-14 with the bolt closed ; but with all due deference to RUGER , Page 21 of my instruction manual clearly states in item 2.....[Before inserting loaded mag... ENGAGE THE BOLT OPEN......!!!]. Nuff Said.
No problems 8/29/2018
People your bolt has to be open read your manual. I have two works great
- Dan R, NJ
Good magazine would recommend to friends 8/28/2018
These 10 round mags work just fine no problem at all. Anyone having trouble with using 10 rounds should read the rifles owner manual.
- Dan R, NJ
Not up to Rugers standards 7/23/2018
I bought two of these, they only work 100% when downloaded to 8 rounds. Both my factory 5 round and all 3 of my factory 20 round magazines load, lock and feed 100% at full capacity. Ive gone to the aftermarket for 10 round magazines.
Mini 14 10 round Magazine 6/6/2018
Just bought two 10 round magazines for my Mini 14. Both work great. I have found them to be easy to use.
Paul Keveny
Same here... Mag wont eject 4/24/2018
Its all been said before... now its my turn... what is everybody doing? is it the gun or is it the magazine?
- Unlucky, NY
Works great for 9 4/16/2018
Works perfectly with 9 rounds; jams the first round just as perfectly with 10.
10 round problem with closed bolt 2/13/2018
I have the same problem as others. Cannot insert a full 10 round mag with the bolt closed. Ranch Rifle purchased new in 2014. Loading with a closed bolt and a round in the chamber is called a speed reload. Its done all the time in competition shooting. Puts me at a big disadvantage to the ar15 guys. And I did read the manual. Page 16: The magazine may be inserted with the bolt either in the closed or open position
- Alfred, NY
Read the ownwers instruction manual 1/5/2018
Alot of reviewers are complaining about not being able to load the magazines without the bolt open. Read the manuals. My 188 Mini 14 and 583 Mini 30 both instruct to open and lock the bolt before mag insertion. Been running the M-14 for 22 years with zero mag problems.
- John, CO
Tight going in impossible to get out 1/3/2018
Went to the range with my new 10 round magazine today. Went through three 5 round mags with no problem. I loaded the 10 round and was a very tight fit but did lock in place. Fired the 10 rounds and could not remove the mag. Called Ruger and was advised to try to knock it out from the top. Rather than remove the scope I elected to begin to take the gun apart. As soon as I pulled the trigger guard the mag fell out. Just to be sure I put the gun back together and retried the mag, same issue. I’m open to any ideas....
- Randy, CA
Does not fit my 182 series 10/6/2017
Add me to the list. Bought one at my local gun store. When it seemed to lock in place, it really locked. Could not remove it. Had to take it back and they used a punch on the mag lock lever to remove. Called Ruger. They sent another one. Same problem. For my rifle, these are completely unusable. Factory 5 round mag is fine. Earlier aftermarket 20 rounders were fine, but now legislated out of existence in my state. Bummed out that Ruger cant get this right.
Works great 9/26/2017
Have been using this magazine for several months and several hundred rounds. Works flawlessly.
T. Muncel
Junk 8/11/2017
New gun new mag only fits 8 rounds smashed up my ammo and jams up my rifle. Junk. This is my first time purchasing a Ruger and I cant stake my life on this magazine.
Does not fit 181 series 3/26/2017
Purchased this item locally and was pretty sure it would fit my 181 series. It didnt. Looking at the the back of the magazine and comparing it to the stock five rounder, it became apparent there is a difference. The ten rounder has a protruding rectangular tab rather than a rounded stamped tab. The rectangular tab is much wider than the stock model. If you smack the mag from the bottom, it will lock in place; but will get stuck. To un-jam, hit the mag release with a hard plastic mallet. Item may be ok for later models, but definitely not made for the 181.
Fred Motta
Works Well 3/16/2017
I ordered two of the 10-round magazines and they had no issues. They work as well as the 5-round magazine. 5.56 ammunition was used.
- John, CA
Fit and finish is good 2/21/2017
Build quality is just as good as the 30 Rounders, fits in my mini as long as the bolt is open. Ruger should make these a touch longer so you can put it in your mini with the Bolt being closed. this issue almost makes it a de facto 9 rounder which is not cool!
- Dale, CA
9 aint 10 2/17/2017
I paid the exorbitant price for the genuine Ruger 10 round mag for my 2016 Mini 14. Its advertised to hold ten rounds but says nothing about not fitting into the gun if you do with the bolt closed. The 5 round holds 5 and the 20 round holds 20 all with no problem bolt open or closed. Do not buy these magazines if you actually expect them to hold 10 rounds as advertised.
- john, CA
10 round - failure to feed 1/31/2017
Poor finish. What looks like rust on the inside. Fails to feed 2-3 rounds every magazine. I purchased 2 10 rd. both FTF. 5 round mags work perfectly.
- Gary, CA
Mini 14 10 round mag 1/9/2017
Okay so the mixed reviews are there for a reason.. The magazines I purchased only work if loaded into the mini with the bolt open. Also its worth noting that they do seem to be a much tighter fit then their 5 round counterparts making changing mags slightly more difficult. That being said they are technically functioning 10 round mags.
- Steve D, NJ
Disappointed 11/21/2016
Just bought one of these at a local gun shop, and it will not properly fit into my mini 14. This is the case with mag empty and bolt open or closed. The mag will not seat properly and latch into the mechanism. The factory 5 round mag functions properly. Very disappointing, especially in view of the high-end price of this product. Was expecting better of the Ruger brand.
Absolute Junk 10/8/2016
This magazine does not and will; not fit the mini-14 Target Rifle, there is not enough clearance behind thew magazine to be able to push the mag release lever forward leaving you with a stuck mag in the rifle. The only way to get the thing out is to pry behind the release lever with a screwdriver and even then it is a pain in the ass, I find it rather insulting to the Ruger Brand to offer such a piece of crap and dare price it at $40. bucks Bah what a joke!.
- marti, CA
Functions Well 8/17/2016
Thought I would add my experience with these magazines in my new Mini-14 tactical. I was a little reluctant to buy them given the reviews on this site. I purchased two and thus far have had no problems whatsoever. They insert and remove exactly the same way as the 5 round mags that came with the rifle. They have also functioned without incident, and seem to be very close in quality and fit and finish to the 5 round magazines. I have no problem recommending these mags.
- Joe, VA
Bolt Open please 6/30/2016
As stated in an earlier review, there is a reason the bolt locks to the rear after last round is spent... 10, 20, 30 round mags headspace are designed to fit into the magazine well with an open bolt. No different with ARs, M-16A1, A2 or any other variant.
Works as it should 3/6/2016
Bought two of these 10 round magazines in 2016. Ran them with a 583 series Mini 14. Pros: Holds all 10 rounds and feeds perfect. 55-62 grain ammo was used. Easy to take apart for cleaning. Con: Expensive and almost the same price as 20 round magazines. All of my experience with other brands has always disappointed. I wont buy them anymore. As far as not being able to load a topped off magazine? Tip. Load the magazine into the rifle with the bolt locked open. Problem solved.
- Jeff, CA
Perfect 3/4/2016
Have several. No issues.
- Edward, NY
Beware! 1/24/2016
Beware. I received three of these 10 round mags. They are not made to the same spec as the 5 and 20 round mags. They didnt fit properly in my mini. A waste of money. Buy the 5 round mag if you cant get the 20.
DW 12/29/2015
Junk...It smashes the shells
- Mark Elkholm, KY
The only 10 round mag worth purchasing! 12/26/2015
Im sorry but the other reviews complaining about it being a 9+1 mag are silly. all of the aftermarket mags have flaws that are far more unappealing. the promag wobbles and rock in and out of position if you apply pressure to the bottom, for one example. That is unacceptable for prone position. The ruger factory 10 round mag falls securely into place. No wiggling, no rocking. The gun is designed to be reloaded with the action open. After your last shot, the action stays open for a reason. As long as the action is open, you can load all 10 rounds. dont try to force 10 rounds into the gun with the action closed which doesnt make sense to do anyways, because you will end up crushing the top bullet against the bolt. this mag is sturdy, reliable, and as long as you use it the way it was intended, you will find that you have a very good mag. I question why ruger doesnt sell any of the mini 14s with a 10 rounder.
Poor 10 round mag 12/23/2015
I bought one and had to call Ruger and send it back...They sent also did not function correct...Ruger is clueless...look at all the bad reviews. Yet they still continue to sell a faulty product
10 round magazines wont seat w/10 rds in & action closed. 12/16/2015
The10 rnd mags wont seat w/10 rnds in & action closed. They dont feed rounds properly - jams a lot. They are flimsily made - one mag fell apart during use. A lot of issues for this item. Hope the folks at ruger are working to fix them.
- G. Holbrook, CA
High Quality Magazine 11/14/2015
I just loaded 10 rounds into my new magazine and it seated with no problems in my Ruger Mini 14 with Bolt closed. It is a new rifle 2015 and a new magazine. Quality fit and finish. I read the previous reviews and did not have the same issues they had. I will purchase more of these magazines.
- Matt McCurdy, CA
Completely Useless Magazine 8/10/2015
I cant even seat this magazine in my Mini 14. Improper fit. Completely unserviceable.
love these 7/20/2015
bought 5 and havnt had one perfect.
Very Disappointed 4/2/2015
Paid close to a hundred bucks for 2 of these including shipping but first empty mag I pop in becomes severely jammed. Bolt was closed and in effort to free mag, I opened bolt and now bolt will not close. This is my first negative experience with an otherwise quality firearm manufacturer, but this is a big one.
- Gregory Lee, CA
What a joke in my opinion. This Ruger magazine can hold 10 rounds, but you CANNOT lock it in with the bolt closed. I have a new Mini 14. I had purchased two of these 10 round magazines from Big 5 in CA...DISSAPOINTING to say the least. Wonder how/why Ruger can manufacture such a thing that fails to serve its intended purpose...I hope that Ruger firearms are product tested much better than their magazines or Im going to be reluctant to purchase anything else Ruger. BTW I NEVER review products, but this is ridiculous! You can load 9, but try 10 & you will dent/ding the casing & never get the magazine to lock. It may be fine with some people, but I think its idiotic. Who knows...hope it feeds better than it loads & locks?
Brand-new 10-round Ruger magazines will not fit into new Mini-14 10/5/2014
Brand-new 10-round Ruger magazines will not fit into new Mini-14. They will not seat in the magazine well, and Im talking about empty mags, and with the bolt open or bolt closed, either way they wont fit. The 5-round magazine fits fine, but none of the 10-round mags fit. If you force the magazine in by pounding it in, not only does it jam the bolt of the rifle, but the magazines wont eject. Poorly made, poorly fitting.
- D W, NJ
Cannot load 10 and insert with bolt closed 8/29/2014
You cannot load 10 rounds in this mag and insert it into the rifle with the bolt closed. The mag will not seat, and the top cartridge in the mag will get crushed. You will need to download the mag if you want to load it into the rifle with the bolt closed. Disappointing for those of us in states like NY who are limited to 10 rounds. For the price, they should hold 10 as advertised.

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