Ruger American Rifle® - 450 Bushmaster Magazine

Ruger American Rifle® - 450 Bushmaster Magazine
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3 round single feed magazine for the Ruger American Rifle® in .450 Bushmaster. Magazine fits securely in the stock with a sleek profile. This magazine fits stocks equipped with a removable short action magazine well assembly. *Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Replacement sent for 22-250 American 2/8/2024
Contacted Ruger because of (common) problems with mag for my 22-250 American. Customer service was awesome and sent me this replacement mag, which goes to the 450 BM. Definitely better product but mechanism to lock in place doesn’t work with the 250, and immediately it falls out. I finally had time to reach out to Ruger support again, Let’s see what they come up with lol. Definitely not happy with the trash first mag, but can’t say enough about Ruger’s customer service.
We own 4 of the 450 BM rifles 11/27/2022
We own 4 of the 450 BM rifles for several years and have not had any problems with the plastic magazines. We use them every year for deer hunting and no problems at all. If you are having problems with the friction slide bottom plate, then perhaps try using some gel type gorilla glue to make them stay together, I do not see any reason to take them apart at all so just glue them up permanently.
- Gary, MI
It fill apart on me the first shot 12/28/2021
It fill apart at the range. My first day off shoting my gun. I put it together and what hunting and it fill apart
- Timothy Klingsmith, IN
Design flaw 8/4/2021
Mag worked amazing for the first 100 rounds but now every time I shoot the bottom blows out dropping parts and ammo every where. The bottom plate is held in by friction and only needs to slide back to come apart for cleaning the force of the recoil causes it to slide and come apart. also it would be nice if we had a larger capacity option to choose from.
- Tony Prete, NJ
3 round magazine 3/29/2021
Just got new rifle, magazine bottom blew out. Very Poor design. Spring is missing now.. Plastic really !
jimmy harris
Bad Magazine? 11/30/2020
Got a 450 American rifle after last deer season. Took it out for the first time to shoot and the magazine blew the bottom out after 2 shots. I put it back together so I could finish zeroing my rifle. Fell apart 3 times. Don’t know if I just happened to get a dud. I can’t even trust that when I go hunting my mag isn’t going to fall apart.
- Paul C, OH
450 Bushmaster 3 round mag 11/26/2020
I havent had any trouble with the mag, I have cycled Hornady Black 250gr, Federal PowerShock 300gr, Hornady Sub-X 395gr and my home built load 460gr loads. It has never jammed or misloaded.
- Sheldon Bailey, IA
I expect a better replacement! 10/4/2020
My new 450 bushmaster 3 round magazine flew apart first shot,floor plate and remaining rounds laying on the ground. After inspecting, no broken parts. Floor plate slide has no locking mechanism. Disappointing, had to use duct tape quick fix.
- Doug K, OH
Disappointed 12/4/2019
Pulled up on a deer and bumped the magazine. Ammunition fell out and lost the floor plate in the leaves. Terrible design!!
Magazine junk 11/29/2019
Have a bushmaster 450. 1st shot magazine flew into 3 pieces. Put it back together and same thing happened. Not a good design. Any better replacements?
- Eric Schaefer, OH
Won’t feed anything accept FTX bullets in my 450BM 11/7/2019
I’ve tried several different blunt cast and pistol type bullets and none of them properly and reliably cycle. The tail end of the casing drops down in that big hollow hole in front of the oversize magazine kicking the shell up to high and jamming on the rear of the chamber. I have to cycle my bolt up and down two to three times to unjam the round to get it to feed. The reason is they made the bushmaster rifles in the 308 chambered action. So the action is to long and along with this magazine magazine design. If you go to buy any AR in 450BM it’s the same length as a 223 AR15 action. What dose that tell you? I have five of these magazines and all the feed ramp shapes are different and were full of plastic burrs. Very poor quality.
Piece Of Junk 11/4/2019
SO disappointed that RUGER would make a magazine this poorly ! Every the rifle is fired the junk plastic magazine comes apart and pieces along with the remaining cartridges go everywhere. Love the Rifle and other RUGER products, but they FAILED miserably making this magazine.
- Paul, MI
junk 8/17/2019
First time out the magazine fell apart. A real piece of crap. this mag needs to be metal!
ruger 450 bushmaster 6/17/2019
First time I loaded two rounds in the clip, the bottom plate falls out , spring ,shells and all. Ruger owes us a new clip. Bad design
Works good for .308 2/5/2019
Good magazine, makes my .308 a reliable and usable gun. The rotary mag is unreliable and would fail to feed.
Floor plate falls out 11/19/2018
Bought new American 450 Bushmaster. The magazine floorplate falls out with your ammo if the palm of your hand moves against it backward about 1/4 inch. Either defective manufacture or poor design.
- Leonard Read, DE
noah2006 11/13/2018
I read the reviews from the others. I went out and bought this magazine and there right this magazine works great in my Ruger American 22-250 Rem, 243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm08 Rem, and, 308 win. And i wish that Ruger would ship theses magazines with there rifles instead of the rotary style magazine.
Ozarker 7/6/2018
Purchased for 22-250 after two different rotary mags wouldnt feed reliably. This 450 bushmaster mag works great with the 22-250. Ruger should drop the rotary mag and start shipping these!
Works good in my prediator 6.5 creedmoor 5/4/2018
After going through several rotorary magazines for the prediator 6.5 creedmoor I learned of others using this 450 Bushmaster magazine as a replacement. It fits in the stock and feeds better than the stock rotorary mag. Will buy another one for back up.
works great in american 308 12/12/2017
works great in American 308, fits 3 nicely but will fit a tight 4, way better than the crappy rotary box that ships with 308 American! if Ruger would start making these out of metal they would rate 5 stars!
- rainbowman, ND
Works great for my .308. 10/22/2017
If you have been having consistent problems with your rotary .308 magazine feeding properly in the Ruger American, this 450 bushmaster magazine fits and feeds flawlessly the .308 Ruger American rifles. It holds 3 rounds of .308 and is built much more sturdily than the flimsy rotary mags.
- Sean Clearwater, MT
450 Bushmaster Magazine 9/4/2017
Fits well and loads easy, wish it came in 5 shot.
BIGMAN 4/26/2017

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