Ruger® ReadyDot™ Optic

Ruger® ReadyDot™ Optic
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The Ruger® ReadyDot™ Optic is an easy-to-use micro reflex sight system designed to co-witness on Ruger's MAX-9® pistol. It fits a variety of EDC compact handguns with Shield RMSc footprints and can be co-witnessed to back up iron sights. The profile and shape were designed to provide visual guidance for fast target acquisition and EDC capability.

The fiber illuminated reticle adjusts to varying light conditions and has been specifically designed for battery-less operation at typical concealed carry pistol ranges. This creates a red dot system that is easier to acquire and stay on target, all without worrying about batteries. The 1X reflex sight is fixed in both elevation and windage and the highly visible dot facilitates fast target acquisition. The sight includes a T10 Torx® Wrench and (2) M4x0.7 8mm screws for installing the sight on the MAX-9 only. NOTE: The ReadyDot™ Optic mounts with a standard RMSc footprint. Be aware of differences in screw specifications, adaptor plates and mounts between different optics-ready pistols. Please contact your firearm's manufacturer with any questions on optics mounting procedure and specifications for their firearm.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory.

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Cheap optics 8/20/2023
Folks, you get what you pay for. For $99, this is kinda expensive. It does not have any new features. You can't use in low light - optics depends on ambient light.
- Nhut Tran, AZ
Aim Small Miss Small 8/1/2023
The planet is ALREADY ready for the ready Dot 2.0. Green is now proven to be the best color for any dot optic and this needs bright green. The 15 MOA huge size dot is ridiculous at any distance. Needs to be on par with the rest of the dot optic world and available w/ a 2~5 MOA dot. 15 MOA completely obscures the smaller field-of-view and over obstructs the target. Available light charging, as others have said, needs to be from all angles, especially from the front as well. If the shooter can not get this thing to charge the dot in all available lighting, its useless. Only real positive thing about it at this point is it has the Ruger name and a decent price point.
- Bruce, NE
Day use only! 7/26/2023
I purchased this ReadyDot to see its useful Ness. It is an open-carry only on sunny days. The dot doesn't last long to speak of and Don't cover it with a garmet. If it sustained the dot for some time, maybe then, ; or say leaped to life when exposed to life. There need be a/some mounting plates for other pistol options; say super glueing to a BlackWidow or mount to revolvers. JUST SUGGESTING....
- Sterling Mathis, ID
Good range sight 6/1/2023
The ReadyDot is an affordable gun range optic that would be good for those looking to dip their toes into trying red dot optics for their handgun. It has nice big 15 MOA dot that's easy to see and being there is no zeroing because it's meant to be used within 25 yards. It's a refreshing change to not have to zero sight every time you have to replace battery on other sights. I say this is a good range gun because there is always ample lighting. Here's why it's not as good for EDC. The fiber optic is wound up behind the sight, so for the sight to work, there needs to be light source from above or behind the sight. If you're in a dark room, you wont see the dot. If you are in say a dark hallway but the room in front of you is lit, until the sight is fully in the room with the light source, you're not going to see the dot. Holding a flashlight simulating a tac light in a dark room, you're not going to see the red dot because the source of light is in front of the sight. What I'd like to see in ReadyDot 2.0 is the fiber optic to be also wound in the front of the sight in channels cut into the sight, maybe even the oval of the front sight. Wind the fiber optics in the channels then cover them in hard clear coat to protect them from damage. This would require thicker metal frame for the sight, but to me would make it worth it for me because it would be more useful in varying lighting situations and for EDC, especially when using a tac light.
Cheap fun optic 5/27/2023
Just got the ReadyDot in yesterday. In the right lighting conditions, it's a cool sight. Having a sight that doesn't need zeroed because it's designed to be used within 25 yards is nice feature for those that are new gun owners or one of those that don't like to zero in every time they change their battery . I'll preface this next part with this would be a great range gun sight as there is always ample lighting there. In a dark room, you're not going to see the dot. It can only pull from existing light. One important thing is the direction of the source of light you do have. The light source has to be from above or behind sight. If you are in a dark hallway and the room in front of you is lit, you're still not going to see the dot till your sight is fully in the light. Having a flashlight on your pistol isn't going to make the red dot appear either because the light is emanating from the front of the pistol. What i would like to see in ReadyDot 2.0 is have the fiber optic strands run through the front of the sight also. That would require thicker walls around front of sight, but that would be perfectly fine. Create channels where the fiber runs through the front and around the ring, then seal it with clear hard coat like you do the bundle in back of sight. I get that designing and perfecting the sight I'd like to see won't be cheap, and it would make it cost more than the current version. It would be worth a reasonable price increase to have a fiber optic sight that would be useful for EDC, especially if one uses a tac light.
Aboslutly great but could be better. 5/10/2023
So what you get for what you pay for is great, it realy is, that being said prepare for this to not function in low light, tested mine In doors very dimly lit areas and at times the dot would ether be so dim it made it harder to actually use then if had not been there at all, also tried it at my local indoor range and although much more visible. if your booth is dark enough or the angles wrong your dot will go dark and it might take a second or two before coming back to life, other then this it was dead on with my p365xl co witnessed perfectly with both the front sight and the dots built in rear notch, my suggestions if you got great co witness but are worried about the dot going out in low light high viz or tritium fronts are a must also if you intend to mount this on a p365 of any kind invest in two M3x0.5×10 screws you will need them to mount the dot . What I'd like see done better outer material other then the polymer casing and a bigger rear notch I think would be perfect and maybe a slightly larger light absorbing apparatus if possible maybe to clear up some of the odd hick ups
- Ryan Olson, MN
Used it, love it, but where I can buy more? 5/8/2023
This is the simplest but the best reflex sight for everyday carry! A buddy beside me at the range has this on, he offered me a try and I just couldn't resist. I simply love it! He told me the luminosity is zero at very low light condition, but hey it sits so low that you can just use the iron sights if you need to Shot in the dark, so no complaint at all about it! WHEN IS IT COMING BACK IN STOCK?!
Sam W.
Good for what it is 5/6/2023
You bought it either because you were curious or because you knew what it was and weren't planning on putting it on a nightstand pewpew or dedicated crotch clapper without night sights and a torch. It's usable indoors but of course fades in low light. The tint in low light can make a standard 3 dot white front sight stand out a lot less so get a torch and trit front sight sight if you plan on using this in all settings and scenarios. You're basically getting a battery free red dot at a medium brightness setting usable up to 20 yards during the day and less usable in really dark settings. Every optic/sight/torch combo has its pros and cons so do you. You can adjust the optic body horizontally just slightly before securing it on the slide to get it zeroed. Mine is on a mc2c with standard 3 dot white sights and cowitnesses fine. It won't be as bright as a battery operated rdo on the highest brightness setting but it's pretty good pending lighting situation. They could've added tritium for night use and used a clear polymer body with the fiber optic lining the outside of the housing to catch more light. All in all pretty usable for what it is but should probably be sold at a lower cost.
- Jim, AZ
It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This! 5/1/2023
When I removed the optic from the package I was surprised that there really didn't seem to be much to it. Quite honestly, there isn't. There is a coil of fiber optic material and a viewing window housed in a molded plastic shell. That minimalistic design is why I bought it. My Ruger Max 9 came with the Crimson Trace optic and I purchased the Ready Dot as a lower cost backup in case my electronic sight failed. In comparison, the Ready Dot has a much larger dot. It is about the width of the factory front sight. When there is adequate light, the Ready Dot is easy to see. After mounting the dot per the instructions it was ready to go. It cowitnessed with the iron sights very well. This is not a precision sight, but should work well with the expected use of a sub compact 9mm pistol. It may be difficult to see the dot in low light situations. Overall, it seems like a solid, lower cost optic solution.
- Doug K, PA
Way less than I expected from Ruger 4/25/2023
I ordered this immediately when I saw it on, and delivery was very fast. It appears to be well made and mounts super easy to co-witness perfectly. The battery-free operation is a terrific idea. But, that is where it ends for me and my 77 year old eyesight. Outside the red dot is bright and easy to pick up instantly. Inside or approaching dusk it is simply so faint that it is not really visible for me. Also, when there is any form of illumination indoors or the evening there is a reflection on the lower portion of the lens that interferes with my ability to pick up the front night sight on my Max9. All in all it works perfect when I least need it and is inadequate when I would most need it. It has been mounted and therefore is slightly used so I suspect is not returnable. I also suspect this sight deserves a much higher rating than I am able to give it, but 2 stars is the best I can do based on my experience.
- Jim, MT
ReadyDot here I come! Best thing I did for my Max 9 4/21/2023
Ordered the unit from Ruger, got it in on time then mounted the optic. I will say this: even inside with some ambient light you see the dot! The dot gets brighter as the light source gets stronger! Outside at the range on a sunny day I would have sworn I had a battery powered high visibility red dot (Holosun eat your heart out) The Max 9 iron sites co-witness beautifully and POI with irons is just above the center post at 25 feet. This unit puts the red dot EXACTLY there! Ruger has hit this not only out of the park but into the next zip code! Ruger needs to expand this to other pistols in their inventory and mounts. (you paying attention Ruger?) I could see this becoming a sighting option for their PC Carbine/Charger line.
- Jeff Coleman, TX
Was not sure 4/20/2023
As the title say's was not sure if this was a good idea. It was easy to mount, Red dot was bright easy to see and to acquire. The only negative is when your in a dark room with no light it will not work. That was pointed out on the web site. Went to the range on it was spot on at 10 yards. So yes I would recommend this if you have a Max9 and on a budget.
Brilliant, but 0 lumen performance? 4/19/2023
Brilliant, point of impact out of a <=3” barrel is going to be very similar across micro 9mm pistols. This improves reliability and durability by eliminating mechanistic and electric points of failure. But why is no one answering what the dot looks like in a dark room!?

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