SP101® Hogue® Rubber Monogrip

SP101® Hogue® Rubber Monogrip
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Rubber Monogrip for your SP101®. Ergonomic shape and proportioned finger grooves position the hand consistently every time. Textured rubber grips with finger grooves are designed to absorb recoil and improve control. Made by Hogue®.

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Great grips! 1/18/2023
These grips are extremely high quality, feel great and really tame the SP101 when using full house magnum ammo! This is a must buy accessory!
- Biker Bob, TX
need grips for larger hands 6/13/2022
too small for larger hands
william abreu
Best grip for SP101!! 2/16/2022
I bought a used SP101 with a Trausch grip and it didn't fit my hand well. I bought the Hogue grip based on my experience their Single-Six grip. WOW!! The Hogue grip fits my SP101 perfectly, and better yet, now the revolver fits my hand perfectly!!
- R. Weaver, OH
RUGER SP101 grip 5/1/2021
Fit perfect, installation was quick and easy. Took approximately 5 minutes to change grip. Felt good in my hand thick medium size hands I am very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend for anyone with medium to large hands.
Great upgrade 2/13/2021
I got this for my Ruger SP101 4 and 2 and...what a difference its made. I would highly recommend this over the factory grip, unless you have small hsnds. Thesee give a better balance to the revolver.
Marc Cadwell
Super Grips!! 10/20/2020
I installed the SP101 Rubber Monogrip today. The factory grips were removed and the new Monogrip was installed in just a few minutes. The fit is true and snug with no movement whatsoever. The feel is secure but comfortable. Your trigger fingers will thank you for the change. Highly recommended.
- Walter, NJ
Best Grip 8/12/2020
On the 4 barrel model, the standard grips put the by weight of the SP-101 on the middle finger, which causes discomfort over the course of practice. The Hogue grip corrects this imbalance improving the shooting experience. I put them on my 4 and 3 SP-101s with the optional lanyard eyelets. Great improvement to a fine revolver
- Ritter Von Hemmingen, AZ
NICE! 10/25/2018
Would not shoot .357 rounds without the Hogue grip! Makes a very big difference.... and even better for .38 +Ps.
- Paul C, NM
Excellent Grip 3/13/2018
I bought this grip for my 357 and it made a huge difference! It fits a lot better in my hand and made it more comfortable and gave it a better look. The only negative would be that it made it a little bit more noticeable when concealed carrying but not enough to make it obvious that you are carrying. Highly recommended.
- Derek, PA
Hard Rubber & way to small 2/9/2018
I just got this grip, and the listing in my eye was misleading!!! It is HARD RUBBER and about the same size as factory grip witch is to small. Not even close to what I was looking for. Called Ruger about this before I bought it and neither person knew anything about this grip! Now one would think if call Ruger they should know about products they sell....but the dont!!!
- Tim R, IN
good grip easy to replace 12/4/2017
good grip easy to replace the old one. if your hands are bigger than a womans its a must.
great grips 10/26/2017
i got small hands these grips are the cats meow
- ephraim garcia, NH
Darn good modification for the SP 101 10/7/2017
Im very happy with this grip for my SP101 2 1/4 inch 357 mag. I bought it because I have large hands. Im not recoil sensitive, but it does tame the felt recoil for sure. Its much easier to shoot the weapon accurately with this grip. My groupings with hot magnum rounds improved. The heavy SP101 trigger doesnt feel as heavy with this grip. It doesnt print too much more, and its actually a bit slimmer than the factory grips thick butt. You will have to take a nail file and file away at the inside of the grip the plastic part to make space for the knob on the right side of the SP101. But thats easy. Im not sure why hogue makes them like that. Great product. I recommend it.
Best fit ever 12/15/2016
I bought a SP101 in 327 Fed Mag and loved everything except the grips. While they are beautiful I could not keep it from firing to the left. Put on the Monogrips and it is a tack hammer. I miss the pretty wood inserts but control is everything. The monogrips are good looking and have the Ruger logo. Very pleased with this purchase.
- Robert Reynolds, OH
Improved My SP101 10/4/2016
Original grips did not allow my fingers to grip the revolver properly, so accuracy suffered. The monogrip solved the problem and made shooting .357 mags a pleasure.
- Tom, MD
BUYER BEWARE!!!! 4/21/2016
I bought these grips because I felt the Ruger logo would give my SP101 a factory look over the standard Hogue grips. I waited two months to get them and when they arrived they were the generic Hogue grips with the Hogue logo. So my suggestion is not to get burnt by Rugers bait and switch scam like I did. Just by the Hogue grips off EBay and save yourself time, money and grief.
- Tom Cook, GA
Hogue/Ruger SP101 Grips 4/11/2016
If you have large hands and the factory SP101 grip is too small, this is your grip. Increased size/length makes it fit well and more controlable. I have hogues on a lot of my pistols.
- Bill, LA
Out of stock ? Sent wrong grips..... 4/10/2016
So, it was bound to happen.... Feel like the folks at shop ruger are losing touch with their customers. I ordered these grips and they were out of stock so long I canceled. My friend also ordered and after 3 months they sent him ones with the houge logo.... He could have ordered those himself for cheaper. Wanted the ones that said Ruger ! Really, Ruger should have at least called and offered to refund his money before shipping something the customer did not want. Not cool ruger !
not so good for small hands 3/1/2016
The stock grip on my new .357 SP101 fits my hand perfectly. I purchased the Hogue Monogrip because it is so highly rated; but honestly, it does not fit my hand as well as the stock grip. I will be returning the Hogue. Shooting the SP101 .357 2.25 with the standard grip is more comfortable than shooting my LCRx 3 that comes with a Hogue grip. but the LCRx 3 is more accurate. I need to practice a LOT more! : Im a woman.
Thickness 9/8/2015
I wish they were thicker. But, until I can find something that is more full, itll have to do. Still better than the standard grip.
- edward pershalski, PA
Great Addition to the SP101 3/30/2015
The SP`101 out of the box is an excellent choice for a small frame magnum revolver. Adding the Ruger/Hogue monogrip makes it even better to hold and shoot . I have two SP101s with monogrip upgrades. My wife enjoys shooting hers even more with the new grip. The revolver rides right between the thumb and fore finger for comfortable shooting.
- Jim, NH
SP101 Grips 1/9/2015
Ruger should distribute the SP101 pistol with the Rubber Monogrips, they improve the performance 100%, even looks better.
- Doyle Fink, MO
Great Option 9/13/2014
Improves shooting with grip. Some trade off on concealment.
Great Option 9/13/2014
Improves shooting with grip. Some trade off on concealment.
perfect grip 9/9/2014
I got this set of grips with my new sp101 357 mag they feel great I did not expect them to come on the gun but glad they did !