SP101® Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 4.2" Barrel

SP101® Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 4.2
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Right-handed, tan colored, unlined, leather holster is compatible with 4.2" barrels for Ruger® SP101® double-action revolvers and is made in the USA.This Ruger branded, hi-ride, closed-muzzle holster features a quick release, integral thumb snap to help you to quickly draw and to safeguard against the strap falling into the trigger guard when re-holstering. This holster is designed to fit belts up to 1.75" wide. This leather holster is a natural leather product. There will be variances in the color of the holster ranging from tan to a darker brown.

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SP101 4” holster 9/2/2021
Received my holster a few days after ordering and I can’t be happier. Great fit and after flexing the trigger strap for a few minutes got it to snap with no problem. Fit and finish is great.
- Brian Weir, NJ
SP101 Triple K belt holster 12/3/2020
I love the holster, overall. It was tight at first, I just put my pistol in the plastic liner it came in and left it in the holster a few days. The fit became perfect. My only issue is the cant built in to the holster. I would have preferred the gun to ride more vertically.
- Leon Schindler, IA
a Worthwhile Investment 5/29/2020
This holster is well made and fits my Ruger SP 101 .22 caliber revolver nicely. The only negative regarding this holster is the amount of time it took to break in and get it to snap close. However, once that break in period takes place this leather holster will serve you well for a lifetime of use. Thank you -
- Michael Brucato, MA
Great SP101 holster 12/12/2018
This holster is high quality. It is hard to snap when new. Do not use water or soap on this as some advise. Use Mink oil. It is a leather treatment/protector. It is sold in a shoe polish can. it softens and water proofs leather. It works great use inside and out snap and leave for a couple days.put a small folded piece of cloth across hammer and repeat.
SP 101 4.2inch holster for the .357 Mag 4/11/2018
This holster fit the revolver well, but the snap is hard to close. I have been able to snap the revolver in using both hands. I have left the revolver in the holster snapped for a month and it still doesnt snap in easy. This would not be the holster to use for ccw or plain clothes law enforcement work since you cant snap it in using your strong hand.
Perfect! Sp 101 22lr 2/25/2018
Perfect! Fits like a glove. No issues with thumb break or any other aspects of holster. Fit my sp101 22lr like it should. Great leather. Catchy engraving ruger logo on front of holster. I highly recommend to the leather holster lovers out there..
- D Edsel, NC
disappointed 11/23/2017
holster way too small. I expected more from Ruger. Now I face the trouble of sending this holster back and having to find one that fits.
Great Holster 11/14/2017
Great holster and great price. I dont understand some of the complaints I have read. I have worn a gun all my life and have broken in many holsters. If it is not tight and difficult at first it wont work. Fits the SP 101 4.2 perfect.Just run the leather straps under warm water and yank on them till you can snap them. Leave the gun snapped overnight and all is fine. Also the leather is a good quality.
- Pete Bykowski, FL
Not bad 9/3/2017
Im glad I read the reviews! The leather in the holster seems very thin and almost brittle. The SP101 Match did not fit either! But, on the advice of the other reviewers, I first wrapped the gun in saran wrap. Then I sprayed the inside of the holster and the strap with a shoe stretch spray and then forced the revolver into the holster by pounding the barrel end on a table and pushing hard on the gun butt a few times! I was able to then snap the strap and after leaving it in over night, it now fits perfect!
- Terry, WI
Quality Holster Despite Customer Feedback 7/22/2017
I took the time to review other customer comments before purchasing this holster. Upon receipt, I sized the holster to the pistol, specifically the SP 101 .22 rim fire by wrapping the pistol in one or two gallon plastic bags. My suspicions that the restraining strap was too large were confirmed as it would not even reach the snap. While awaiting delivery of the holster, I talked with two local leather workers on how to correct this problem. Both told me not to cut the leather strap to fit, rather mix a solution of hot tap water and a few drops of liquid dish soap, soak the restraining strap and form it over the hammer and frame area. I put the pistol in a plastic bag, wetted the area that needed forming, and shaped the strap over the area between the hammer and frame to allow the strap to be fastened. I left the restraining strap fastened and let let this dry for about two days, and it works like a charm. All I had to do was add some leather polish/wax to the area that I re-formed. For all the naysayers that says it doesnt fit the pistol, they just havent tried hard enough or determined how to make it work.
- Lyle, MT
327 SP101 4.2 Barrel Holster 3/17/2017
Beautiful Holster! First of all this fits perfectly out of the box. Tight but able to use retention strap and will loosen up after break in period. I personally like the option of strong side or cross draw , again awesome holster!
- Robert, IA
too small 2/16/2017
Waited weeks to have this sent to Canada and they sent a 4 inch not the 4.2 and the revolver will not fit. By the time I would go through customs, it is not worth sending it back. Very disappointed.
no go for 327 12/20/2016
doesnt fit the 327 federal version of the sp101 Ruger should make this clear
SP101 4.2 inch holster 11/5/2016
Just received this holster and it is great. Fits the SP101 perfectly --a bit tight at first as the instructions that came with it said it would be but after reading some of the other reviews and the instructions that came with it, the revolver is a perfect fit. It is a bit of a challenge to snap the restraining strap at first but once you do it and let the holster and revolver sit overnight it is a perfect fit. Some of the other comments indicated having to trim the strap which was NEVER an issue for me. This is a terrific product which I would happily get again. Delivery from Ruger was also very prompt arriving three days after placing my order on-line. In summary, great service and great holster.
- Jack Farley, CT
4 inch sp101 holster 7/4/2016
very nice holster if u like forward cant, but its angled too much for me even with gunbelt. selling it to dealer where I bought sp101
very happy 5/2/2016
This is not my first holster made by triple K from Ruger.com. I am just as impressed as I was with my two single action holsters. Keep up the good work and thank you.
- Tom Ratledge, MI
Better in person than in picture 2/15/2016
Tight fit at first, but, no mods necessary. As with any new leather product, some mink oil, etc. loosens it up, and placing pistol into it and letting it warm up another good hint I picked up from others. Actually, fits so well, the sp101 impression can be seen in the leather. Beautiful, tan finish. Now, when Im snowed in, watching tv, I have something to spit shine. old Paris Island habits die hard!
- Don, NJ
better looking than photos show 2/5/2016
Sp101 a snug fit, but, like others rating this holster, I was very impressed with workmanship and value. I squeezed the strap to narrow it so it would fit under the spur. Works like a charm, no alterations, no cutting.
- Don, NJ
Poor customer service and a nasty cary angle 1/29/2016
Beware that this holster has a major forward cant! It is tilted forward to a 60 degree angle so you cant even sit down while wearing it. When I called customer service to return it they told me to bad it is what it is you should have looked closer at the pictures before ordering. I normally love Ruger products but will never order through shop Ruger again.
- Andy, MI
very nice holster except for the retaining strap 11/18/2015
Well made holster, good price. I, like others, had to trim the retaining strap width to be able to snap it shut. Not even close after some break in- the snaps were still about 3/4 of an inch away from meeting. So, I had to trim the leather, making it narrow enough to fit under the hammer spur. Good now. Also, the Ruger website doesnt show a picture of the SP 101 in the holster- be aware that this holster doesnt protect the rear sights at all.
great holster 10/4/2015
I was a little apprehensive after reading some of the reviews. I trusted ruger and am glad I did, I moistened the inside of the holster - left the sp101 inside over night. the sp101 fits like an old glove. I work with leather, mostly making knife sheaths. the construction of this holster is first rate. I am a pleased consumer.
- steve rauber, NY
Fits perfect, but not at first! 9/29/2015
My experiences echo those of the majority of reviewers below: When you first get the holster, you will not be able to close the retaining strap because it is so tight. I followed the advice of other reviewers and did the following: -let revolver sit a few days in the holster -wrapped revolver in two ziplock bags and let it sit a few days in holster -hammered the holster on a hard surface with the revolver in it . After roughly a week of doing this the plastic bags helped the most I could finally, just barely, close the retaining strap. I then left the revolver in the holster with the strap snapped shut, and after a few more days it is fully usable. The holster itself is very nice, constructed out of a single piece of leather with the Ruger logo on it. Feels extremely durable. The one reviewer whose retaining strap snap broke must have had a bad run or something, because my sample is very well made. Also for the reviewer who had to cut down his retaining snap, he must not have followed the advice to break-in the holster.
- Ben, VA
Great holster 9/1/2015
Tough to fit the gun at first, but side the gun into the holster as far as it will go. Then, with the gun in the holster, tap the muzzle end on a firm surface. It may take several taps or a couple firm ones like I did, but it will go in. When far enough to work the snap, do that, then leave the gun in the holster for a few hours or over night. Just wish it was black. But, I can fix that too.
- Jim Hollingsworth, MI
Needed major surgery bofore it would fit my SP101 22LR 7/28/2015
the retention strap was so wide that it wasnt even close to being able to snap if the revolver was in place. I had to narrow it by about 1/2 inch before it would fit under the hammer spur and snap.
Sp101 4.2 holster 3/24/2015
Great holster Im glad I decided to buy this one instead of a generic holster the workmanship is outstanding I highly recommend getting one
Great holster 2/6/2015
Fits my 4.2 SP101 .357 like a glove. Well built and priced right.
- Troy Wakefield, MO
Well Made, Economical. Fits Like a Glove 1/5/2015
I have both the 4 inch SP101s and this holster is perfect. Put you gun in a couple Zip-Lock bags to stretch the leather just slightly, and the revolver slides right it. Its a perfect, snug fit. I have 6 or 7 different Triple K holsters and they are excellent
- Lance, OH
Ruger SP101 4.2 Holster 11/5/2014
Holster fits tight at first but after wetting it lightly and leaving gun in for a day it works great! Snaps are punched through leather like a Bianchi. I do not know how stitching caused the snap to rip off as stated above. S&W has a model 60 with a 4 inch barrel that no one makes a holster for, so I am glad Ruger realized this and offered one through Triple K. Glad to see Ruger is not going cheap like Remington has lately.
- G-Money, NC
I had this holster in the safe for a year before I got around to using it The snap on the retaining strap pulled off right away , Ruger refused to exchange it because I had had it more than thirty days . I am extremely disappointed in Ruger because of their reputation for quality products & service . The only reason that I bought the holster from them was because I wanted the Embossed Ruger logo . I should have bought a cheap nylon holster .
- Charles Elliott, MS

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