SR9®, SR9c®, SR40®, SR40c® & 9E® Mitch Rosen® Belt Holster, RH

SR9®, SR9c®, SR40®, SR40c® & 9E® Mitch Rosen® Belt Holster, RH
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Mitch Rosen® holster for the SR9®, SR9c®, SR40®, SR40c® and 9E® in Cuban brown leather with stamped Ruger logo. Holster features dual belt slots for stability as well as pulling holster close to the body. Fits up to 1.5" belt. Made in the USA. Holster length 5-1/2".

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Beautiful Holster 2/26/2020
Ive been waiting to catch this holster on sale for my 9E and finally caught it..and I had a 20% off coupon from a previous 10/22 purchase which made the deal even sweeter ! . Arrived today and it is very impressive. Fit the 9e like a glove, of course it will take some breaking in time. Nice thick leather, beautiful Cuban brown color finish. Wrapped the 9e in some wax paper and will let it sit in the holster for a few days. Looking forward to wearing it. Looks like it will ride high enough to cover with a long shirt or sweatshirt. Well worth the money. I may get one for my EC9 next.
- Chuck, NC
I bought this holster about 9 to 10 years ago. It has held up and still keeps my SR-9c secured since the day I bought it. This is my daily carry holster since I bought it. It has some wear but nothing that would effect the purpose of this fine holster. I say if you dont have this holster your missing out and highly recommend getting one.
- Mark, TX
SR9C Mitch Rosen Cuban 7/13/2018
Just received my new Mitch Holster for my SR9C - Wow.. beautiful finish - very professional craftsman ship - Love the smell of true cured leather - looks beautiful - perfect fit - little tight as it should be but will break in fine after a week or so. I received my SR9C one week ago and had already pre-shopped for this holster - I ordered the holster same time I received the firearm and Im glad I did. If your on the fence deciding either way dont worry about it. Go for it.
Thank you 1/12/2018
Just want to say thanks to everyone that took the time to write a review. Like some of you, I thought this was a bit pricey, but decided to go ahead and get it. It is awesome...fits like a glove right out of the box. If your debating, just do it, you won’t regret it. THANK YOU
- Jay, AZ
Great holster 12/9/2016
Since I have a SR40 and the SR9c, who would have thought I could find one holster to fit both. Quality and retention properties are great. The holster rides high enough that an untucked shirt easily conceals the firearm. I consider this purchase as money well spent!
- Scott, NY
Holster review 11/21/2016
I have an SR9C. I purchased multiple holsters for this firearm. This Mitch Rosen is by far, THE BEST! Great retention, yet smooth release! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
- Jim, IL
Best Holster Ever 9/13/2016
Everything about it is superb. Top quality leather, fantastic fit and finish, superior stitching. Made in USA and worth every penny. Fits my Ruger 9e perfectly. Perfect for concealed carry too. Buy this!
- Jim K, OH
Perfect Holster for CC... 8/2/2016
This is an outstanding holster as well as an excellent value. Beautiful craftsmanship, perfect fit...
- Dan, MA
All day comfort 3/22/2016
I wear this holster all day. It is, THE most comfortable holster Ive ever had! The gun rides high,& out of site!! GREAT PRODUCT!!
- Jim, IL
Dont buy another holster 12/20/2015
This holster is perfect! Pulls the pistol in very close. I carry it under light t-shirts all of the time. I rarely use my IWB holster any more. Perfect fit. Very comfortable.
perfect fit for SR9e 10/24/2015
Just got the SR9e on a great sale, less costly than a P89 /85 from 20 years ago. The holster fits just right , is light and carries with no problems . It permits fast draw. Even holds the SR40 but is tighter due to slightly thicker slide. The SR9e also had 100% reliability with NATO spec 9mm ammo, equal to the glock 17 but more compact . If Ruger had made the SR9&40 during the 1990s, the glock empire would be much smaller now.
The right fit for your SR9C 11/18/2014
As you see there are a lot of holster out there for you buy for your firearm. This holster fits my SR9C like a glove! Well constructed and made here in the USA just like Ruger!
- John, MI
Unbelievable fit 6/22/2014
I purchased this holster for SR40C and it came within a week and the fit was perfect. Took some wax paper and broke it in and it works fawlessly
- Terry, NY
Mitch Rosen Holster SR40C 5/24/2014
This holster in my opinion is worth every penny. Excellent quality, you can tell the holster is made to fit the pistol. It is very comfortable, and it rides high enough on my waist that its easily concealed under a shirt. I have owned it for almost a year now and it has held up great.

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