Triple K Western Rig Holster, Walnut Oil, 4-5/8" Barrel - RH

Triple K Western Rig Holster, Walnut Oil, 4-5/8
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This western style holster is constructed of premium saddle leather with traditional latigo leather hammer retention and tie down leg strap. The holster can be worn with any straight or drop loop cartridge belt or waist belt. The walnut oil finish includes the Ruger logo. Right hand fit only. Fits Wrangler® and Single-Six® revolvers.

Installation instructions for drop loop belts: Detach the latigo string. Lift the holster out of the crossbar (with the logo on it).Place the holster through the drop loop. Slide the holster back through the crossbar and re-attach the latigo string.

Made in USA by Triple K Mfg.

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Good budget holster, one dislike 10/20/2022
I make it a habit to buy a Ruger branded holster for every new Ruger bought ( the discount is a big incentive). I was excited to find this when I bought my .45 colt Vaquero. It wasn’t until I received it did I realize it was sized for a Bearcat (whoops). To my surprise, the New Vaquero fits quite well. A bit tight, but will stretch to fit. My only complaint, is the bottom of the holster is held to the backing by the leg strap, so the leg strap must be in place for the holster to stay together. I don’t plan on using the strap, so a couple stitches will remedy. Hammer loop strap is a perfect size and placement. Leave a bit of slack, put some twists in the loop, and it stays in place on the hammer until you flick it off with your thumb to draw. Typical Triple K quality. Rough on the edges, but very robust . If it didn’t have the Ruger logo, I’d probably return it and go with something else, but the embossed logo outshines the leg strap/ rough rawhide and sells it for me. Perfect build quality and price point for a workhorse woods holster, which it will be used as.
Bobby Justice, VA, you, Sir are an idiot! 9/4/2022
Works as told it would.
ruger quality 5/21/2022
This is an excellent belt! The pictures clearly show both sides it is Made for a Regular gun belt and not a drop loop. Excellent for my single action Ruger! Look at the pictures!
- Dennis P, AZ
Western style holster 2/10/2022
This holster doesn't fit drop loop belts how do you supposed to slip it through the loop if the holster is sewed together what a bold face straight up lie ! It only fits regular belts so disappointed I guess I supposed to buy a special belt now what a rip !
- Bobby Justice, VA

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