Frequently Asked Questions

Connecticut Resident Information

General FAQs regarding the new Connecticut firearms legislation have been issued by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection and can be found here:

Specific information related to the impact of the new legislation on Ruger products can be found below.

Q. I live in Connecticut; may I purchase magazines from Ruger?
A. Due to changes in the law that became effective October 1, 2013, Ruger is now required to verify the credentials of Connecticut residents before selling magazines to them. Because our Sportswear and Accessories Department is not staffed or equipped to verify such credentials, we are no longer able to sell magazines to Connecticut residents.

Q. I live in Connecticut and ordered magazines; will I receive them?
A. Unfortunately, no. Due to changes in the Connecticut law, Ruger is now required to verify the credentials of Connecticut residents before selling magazines. Because our Sportswear and Accessories Department is not staffed or equipped to verify such credentials, we are no longer able to sell magazines to Connecticut residents. All Connecticut magazine orders have been canceled.

Q. Are there any firearm parts or accessories I am prohibited from purchasing in Connecticut?
A. Yes; Connecticut law now defines any part designed or intended to convert a firearm into an "assault weapon" as an "assault weapon." This means that we cannot sell folding or telescoping stocks, pistol grips, thumbhole stocks, forward pistol grips or flash suppressors to Connecticut customers. We are prohibited from selling magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds. As noted above, we have ceased the sale of all magazines to Connecticut residents because we are unable to verify credentials required by Connecticut law.

Maryland Resident Information

Q. I live in Maryland; what magazines can I purchase from Ruger?
A. Maryland's new law is effective October 1, 2013. Therefore, as of October 1, 2013, you may only purchase magazines with a maximum capacity of ten (10) rounds.
Check your local magazine capacity laws for any further restrictions.

Q. I live in Maryland and ordered magazines with a capacity of more than ten (10) rounds; will I receive them?
A. No, all orders for magazines with a capacity of more than ten (10) rounds for shipment to Maryland were canceled as of October 1, 2013, the date the new law went into effect.

New York Resident Information

Q. I live in New York; what magazines can I purchase from Ruger under the New York Safe Act?
A. You may purchase any magazine with a maximum capacity of ten (10) rounds. According to the FAQ section found at, "You may buy, sell, and possess any magazine that can hold up to 10 rounds, regardless of when it was manufactured." Within the state, some municipalities (NYC, Rochester, Buffalo and perhaps others) have additional restrictions. Contact your local authorities to determine if additional restrictions apply.

Q. I live in New York and ordered magazines but have not received them; will I get them?
A. Yes. New York recently amended the Safe Act to now permit magazines capable of holding up to ten (10) rounds, which had been the law in New York since 1994. Accordingly, all New York orders for legally available magazines will be shipped.

Magazine Order Information

Q. How can I order magazines and how many can I buy?
A. Magazines may be ordered at There is not a limit to the number of magazines you may purchase.

Our Guarantee

Q. Are your accessories and logoware guaranteed?
A. Yes! If you receive accessories, logoware or other online store items that are damaged, the wrong size, or not what you expected, we will exchange them for another item, issue a refund or credit the card originally charged within 30 days of the order shipment date, provided the items are in new condition. Your satisfaction with the online store items we offer is very important to us.

Shipping Policy

Q. How will my order ship?
A. Standard delivery within the U.S. is UPS Ground and Priority Mail. If you have a preference, or live in a rural area, simply inform us of your requirements in the "Special Instructions" area in the checkout page or when ordering by phone. Canadian orders are generally sent by Postal Service. International orders are based on the services available in your country.

Q. How much will it cost to ship my order?
A. The shipping/handling charge is based on the dollar amount of your order. When shipping outside of the U.S., international rates will apply.

Q. If I want my order shipped to someone else, where does the invoice go?
A. The invoice is mailed to you.

Discount Codes

Q. Am I able to use more than one discount on a single order?
A. No. Only one discount will be applied on a single order.

Gift Cards

Q. Do you accept gift cards?
A. We do not accept "Gift Cards" or "Prepaid Gift Cards" as payment for merchandise. Due to the limits of our financial software we are unable to process any type of gift card. This includes orders input online, mailed, faxed or while speaking with one of our customer service representatives.

Gift Wrapping

Q. Do you offer gift-wrapping?
A. No.

How To Shop

Q. How can I place an order?
A. Customers can place an order via our website anytime or by calling 336-949-5200 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. To expedite the placement of telephone orders, please have your item numbers and credit card information ready when you call.

Q. Can I place an order by fax?
A. Yes. To place an order by fax, please print out and complete the Order Form and fax to the number below. Be sure to include your credit card information, shipping charges and sales tax, if applicable. Fax: 336-949-5300

Payment Policy

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We accept Discover, MasterCard and Visa credit cards (United States issued). Please note, we do not accept pre-paid cards.

Return & Exchange Policy

Q. Where should I ship my return?
A. Refer to the instructions in the 'Returns & Exchange Policy' section or contact us at 336-949-5200.

Q. What do I include with my return?
A. Please refer to the Return & Exchange Form PDF for instructions on what to include with your return. If the form is not available, please follow these steps: Write a note telling how you want us to handle the return. Would you like us to exchange the item, issue a refund or credit the credit card originally charged? Include a copy of the original invoice, if possible, or write the invoice number on your note. Let us know why you are returning the item (wrong size, didn't like, damaged, etc.). Specify the name and address of where you would like us to send the refund or exchange. Include a daytime telephone number or e-mail address in case we have any questions. Securely wrap the item in the original package, if available, and return it by mail or private carrier to address listed above.

Q. Can I make an exchange online?
A. We are unable to process exchanges online. Please refer to the above information or contact us for further information.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my exchange?
A. Exchanges received from and re-shipped to a U.S. address are generally received back within 2 weeks from the date you sent to us. Canada & International exchanges may take from 4-8 weeks.

Q. If I do not have an original invoice can I still exchange an item?
A. Yes, we will exchange or refund even if you cannot locate your original invoice. We do ask that you contact us prior to returning the item so we can locate your original order information. We will need to know the “sold to” name on the order as well as an approximate order date. This will assist us in processing your return.

Tax Policy

Q. Will I be charged tax on my order?
A. Sales tax is collected for orders shipped to AZ (all items), MO (all items), NC (all items), NY (all items), WA (all items), WI (all items) and CT (clothing items less than $75 exempt) only.

Additional Firearms Parts and Accessories

Q. Do you offer other firearms parts and accessories not listed in the online store?
A. To order firearms parts and accessories not listed in our online store you need to contact customer service at 336-949-5200.

Firearms Purchases

Q. Can I buy a firearm directly from Ruger?
A. No. Federal law prohibits the interstate sale of firearms to persons or entities not possessing a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL) and various other state and local permits. Sturm, Ruger does not sell firearms to individuals or even to federally licensed individuals or retail dealers. Rather, we only sell directly to a small network of independent federally licensed wholesale firearm distributors, who in turn sell firearms to federally licensed independent retail dealers, who in turn sell their firearms to legally authorized retail purchasers in full compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

To experience the genuine pleasure of examining Ruger firearms, please visit your local independent retail firearms dealer. Any such reference to an independent licensed dealer does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any such independent entity by Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. They are not within our control, and we are not responsible in any manner for any of their policies or practices. If you have any questions concerning a local firearms dealer, you should contact them directly, or contact your local law enforcement or regional Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms office listed in your local telephone directory.

Additional Information for Export Customers

Q. Will you ship to addresses located outside of the United States?
A. Yes. If you are not in the United States you should select your country from the pull-down menu under the "Country" selection when you input the billing address information.

Q. Why does the online store asked if I am a US Citizen?
A. This question is required to comply with US export laws, which are complex and govern the export of firearms, firearms parts, and firearm-related products overseas. If your order contains any firearms parts, we cannot accept it via the On Line Store.

Q. Will I have to pay additional shipping for an export order?
A. Yes. We will verify your order to ensure the items are not restricted for export. Your order will be subject to additional shipping and handling costs. You can call 336-949-5200 (United States Phone Number) if you have any questions.