BX-1 .22 LR 10-Round Rotary Magazine

BX-1 .22 LR 10-Round Rotary Magazine
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BX-1 10-round, .22 LR caliber magazine is made of black plastic with steel feed and works with any factory original 10/22® Rifle, SR-22® Rifle, 22 Charger™ Pistol and .22 LR Ruger American Rimfire® Rifle. Magazine will function in the .22 LR Ruger 77/22® Rifle, but the contoured base does not match the profile on the bottom of this rifle; the JX-1 Rotary Magazine (#90057) is recommended for this rifle. *Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents. Ruger cannot bill to or ship this magazine to Brooklyn, Buffalo, New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Richmond, or Rochester, New York. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT, if you live in these cities.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Mr. D 3/23/2024
After getting scope mounted I wanted to sight the gun. Right out of the box the magazine did not function when loaded with more than two rounds. I got this gun for Christmas. Very dissatisfied. Asking ruger to replace magazine
- G Getz, PA
10 round mag 2/26/2024
The mag does not feed properly. I clean it and my rifle, that helped a little but left me with an unreliable rifle- unacceptable.
Sam Jones
new mag failure 5/15/2023
a recent puchase, finally got to use it , total failure!
- billy Tester, OR
Works perfectly 2/18/2023
Jut received an extra magazine for my new rimfire. Works perfectly. Has a slightly different spring tension than the magazine that came with the rifle but it works perfectly.
- Norm Bailey, RI
22LR Magazine 3/21/2021
Garbage. too wide. does not fit. .Not what I expected from Ruger.
- Jeff, TN
Highest quality and easy to load !! 5/14/2020
My hands are weak from overuse syndromes and arthritis. In other magazines ordered from various sites, I can only load 7-8 cartridges. With this Ruger magazine, I was easily able to load all 10. This is huge for me!! I could immediately notice the difference. I hope to return all previous magazines and just stick with the Rugers. Lessons learned. Its a Ruger, what more to expect.
BX-1 10 Round Rotary Magazine 8/7/2019
Excellent Quality. Exactly what I expected from Ruger. Works flawlessly in my 10/22 Takedown and they store nicely in my Takedown bag. Thank You Ruger.
- Tucson Jack, AZ
10/22 clips 5/28/2019
Same problem as all of the clips we have purchased thus far..... will not eject.... original clips are absolutely fine but not this one. We have 1 out of 5 of these clips that work the way they are supposed to work. Cannot get them out. Period.
BX-1 Quality Issue: mag fails to eject. 5/10/2019
First my background is quality control and statistical process analysis and control. I recently purchased 5 Bx-1 magazines Original Equipment Manufacturer IE Ruger for my 10/22. I took the new magazines together with 2 magazines that came with my 10/22. I fired all seven of the mags and had difficulty ejecting some of them from the magazine well. so I reloaded the mags and fired them again and I found I had 2 mags that dropped right out and 5 that stuck. I came home from the range and inspected the mags and found the 2 that worked perfect were in fact the originals and the 5 the stuck were the new mags. Further inspection resulted in finding that the original magazines were smooth and shiny with no burrs or flashing material leftover from the molding process. All the new mags on the other hand were a dull matte finish with a rough texture which exhibited burrs protruding from one side and flashing on the entire right bottom edge as looking down from the top of the mag and the lead slug facing away from me. I believe that the dull rough finish, burr and flashing are the cause of the failures to eject from the magazine well. I also believe that a polishing function has been eliminated from their manufacturing process either to save money or lazy manufacturing or quality staff. I might be time to fix your problem?
Excellent 3/23/2019
These magazines work flawlessly in my 10/22
- Roofrider, CA
10/22 long rifle magazine 3/14/2017
I bought the 3 mag setup with the connector that holds them together. After about 200 rounds of Winchester ammo I starting having ejection and feed jams. I thought it was the ammo but it wasnt. It was a weak spring in 2 mags even though they were kept unloaded when not in use, If I only load 6 in them they work ok sometimes.Should last longer than that.
- Lynn Shockley, AL
excellent quality 2/23/2017
works perfect. needed another after I realized how much fun the gun was. I have many of them now and they all work great.
- Derek Butler, IL
Bad fit in 10/22 5/16/2015
Magazines fit my American Rimfire Rifle without a problem. Two will not fit into my 10/22 and 8 are extremely difficult to eject from magazine port. Only two will fall freely from the rifle.
- Mike, CA
Great Product!😄 9/30/2014
Ignore my comments I made earlier on this product. It is a case of users fault - it is usually is. I was at the range last weekend with my 10/22 Takedown. The additional 4 magazines I bought at Ruger Shop online worked flawlessly! No misfeeds even with cheap bulk ammo! I would recommend this product and 10/22 to anyone who enjoys shooting 22s.
- Venky Nagasandra, TX
Classic Ruger Quality Product 8/6/2014
This magazine is what started the 10/22 line. It is one of the most reliable factory magazines you will ever see. This will not malfunction even when stuffed with mud. Buy several and have fun.
- Jude Guillmette, LA
10 shot magazine 6/28/2014
Garbage. .030 too wide.Not what I expected from Ruger
- wes, CA
Quality Product 6/19/2014
This standard 10-rounder works great, and fitting flush with the rifle is a plus- no protruding ends to snag on things. The rotary movement is a neat idea.

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