LC380® 7-Round Magazine

LC380® 7-Round Magazine
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This is a 380 Caliber, 7-round alloy steel magazine for the Ruger® LC380® Pistol and it is made in America by Check-Mate Industries, Inc. Each magazine comes with a standard baseplate and an interchangeable baseplate with a pinky extension. *Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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weak springs 5/8/2022
The magazine which came with the pistol will not feed after 2 rounds. Bought a new magazine which does the same thing as the original. The pistol is useless to carry. Don't waste your time and $ buying one of these worthless magazines. And since the magazines don't work the firearm is useless for self defense. Buy something else.
- william roman, NV
Bad springs 4/9/2022
I have several of these magazines and the springs all lost tension after leaving them loaded for 3 days. This keeps the slide from locking back after the last round is fired. I sent the one that came with the gun back to Ruger, and they sent back a replacement which also took a set after a few days and wouldn’t hold the slide back. So I bought 2 more thinking they may come with good springs, but they crapped out just like the first two. It appears that the springs used by the subcontractor Ruger gets these from is using defective springs to manufacture these magazines. AND that vender is the only one making magazines for this gun. I checked with Wolff springs and they don’t offer springs for these magazines. Ruger knows how sorry these springs are (I know because I told them-twice) but keeps selling them anyway. At $42 apiece I expect to get something that actually works. I feel that Ruger should issue a recall on these to keep from aggravating longtime customers. My confidence in this gun is very low. I own several Ruger handguns, but this is the first one that has, in any way, disappointed me. As a law enforcement officer, I rely on my guns to work. I guess I’ll go back to my tried and true Walther PPK.
Broken spring 1/1/2021
First time using the item and the spring broke. Thankfully I have 3 but what a joke!!
Vicki Graffam
Really People 8/1/2020
I have 4 of these and just bought more. If you cant get 7 rounds in them, please go to the gym! Easy to load, no jams ever. I live in the stupid State of Illinois, so I keep buying Magazines. FYI I hate reviewing things, because most reviews are so off. I only review when I feel I have too.
LC380 Magazines 3/1/2018
My first time firing my new 380 at the range and after the first magazine the slide quit staying open after last round. I called Ruger and they stated it might be weak springs on the magazines and are sending 2 new ones. This SHOULD NOT happen after first use. Wondering if anyone else is having, or has had, these issues.
Ruger LC 380 weak Springs 2/19/2018
Weak Springs. I cant find replacement springs just new magazines. I will be saying goodby to the Ruger LC 380
- bruce, OH
weak springs 7/7/2017
The metal on the springs in my opinion are WEAK. After time and use, the springs compress and randomly give you FTF on the last round. I do NOT understand why it is so hard to resolve the WEAK spring issue by using better metal or the such so the springs dont weaken and compress. The pistol is great but confidence is lost when you cant rely on good magazines to feed the gun the ammunition especially if it is your CCW gun
- Rene Avila, CA
LC 380 Magazine 5/2/2015
Having a few of these LC389 Magazines, I have got to say, better QC needs to be preformed before leaving the factory. Removing the slide & spring was essential to figure out what the horrible sticking was all about. This was done on Brand New Rugar Mags. I personally chased the problem down after only getting 2-3 rounds out before the Slide would stick in the middle of the Magazine. After several run ins with it doing this, I was near wits end, took the Magazine, unloaded the rest of my rounds. Then using a wooden dowel, pushed down on the slide to see what was happening. The Teflon/Polypropylene/TPO/Plastic slide itself was making it stick. Taking a little precaution, I used a small dab of my gun cleaning oil first - Nope, not much help, so I took the oil, a piece of 1500 grit sanding filmNot Paper, which possibly work fine and smoothed out the corners of the Slides. It really wasnt manufactured to an element of what Could happen, just it should happen. They all work terrific now, took me less than 5 minutes to fix all 4 of my LC380 Magazines. Hope this helps you & others reading.
- jimmy c, WA
7 rounds? 5/1/2015
Can one really get 7 rounds into the magazine that comes with the lc 380? I just came back from the range with my new lc 380 -- nice pistol, esp. with Crimson Trace -- but could barely, with effort, get 6 rounds into the mag. Cycled 120 rounds so far. Is this aftermarket mag different from the stock mag?
lcp 380 magazines 1/27/2015
I have two magazines and both work great. I can fire off 6 rounds in about 3seconds with no issues.
LC9/LC9s 9/9/2014
I have the LC9 and the LC9s. Magazines are interchangeable and all work fine. I have 3 magazines for these pistols. When the new 9 shot mags come out for the LC9s I will get one.
LC 380 Magazine 7/11/2014
I have 3 magazines for my LC380. Neither one would feed properly, I took them apart and cleaned and oiled them. One has worked properly since, but the other 2 has issues with the follower sticking and do not hold the slide open on the last shot. Enjoy shooting the gun, but the mags I have are not the best...
- Sam Kelley, SC

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