LCR® 38 Spl/357 Mag Speed Loader

LCR® 38 Spl/357 Mag Speed Loader
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Speed loader for the Ruger® LCR®, in .357/.38 calibers. Made in the USA by 5 Star Fireams

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speedloader 12/2/2022
The best hands down. The machining is just right to allow clearance because most other brands are to large to fit on my LCR .357
The best speed loader ever for the Ruger LCR 38 3/27/2022
I tried 2 other speed loader brands before this one. The first was a (Revision CV Ammo Pod), it was a plastic push in release, and was too clumsy and hard to load and release ammo into the LCR cylinder. The second was a (Pachmayr 02650 Competition Revolver Speedloader), and because of the o-ring in it to prevent it from rattling, it was hard to load and release the ammo into the LCR cylinder. Then I ordered 2 of these speed loaders and they work with the LCR 38 like a hand in glove. I just place them over the ammo in my loading block, twist to the right, pick up the ammo, place the ammo in the cylinder, twist to the left and the ammo drops easily into the cylinder. I will only order these from now on, and would highly recommend them to anyone else looking for a speed loader for their LCR.
- Gary Wade, GA
Quality Product! 1/31/2019
Well made, functions properly and smoothly on my LCRx. Couldnt be happier! Would recommend to anyone with an LCR or LCRx!
- M B, MO
Great Speedloaders 1/13/2018
Im old and I used the Safariland TR6 spring loaded speed loaders in my Security Six and Speed Six. I tried to get the same for my LCR, but they didnt make them in that style or for the LCR. I tried the 5 Star and it didnt take long for me to like the twist. The only problem Ive had was that I carry two of them free in my front jeans pockets and they picked up lint that was my fault. I just have to keep the lint down and clean the speed loaders once in a while. Ive got six of them had one where the knob would sort of hang up occasionally and 5 Star took care of that right away. High quality product and I wish Ruger would rebrand them with a Ruger logo.
- Ruger Ron, WA
the BEST revolver speed loader 4/10/2017
Its simple... Righty tighty, Lefty loosie, correct ?? Just like when you are working with your tools. Could never get used to the HKS dropping cartridges when turned to the right, and since the cylinder swings out to the left, having this drop cartridges when turned to the left prevents fighting the cylinder trying to cycle back into the frame to the right, etc. Especially good for those of us with big mitts ! The way ALL revolver speed loaders should work. IMO
Well done, Five Star... 10/12/2016
Just got two of the Five Star speed loaders for my .357 LCR and Im very impressed with the workmanship. Light as a feather, the action works with a minimum of effort while maintaining a firm grip on the cartridges. I happen to agree with those who say the counterclockwise twist is intuitive for the loosening action. Everything else I deal with manually works that way, why wouldnt this speed loader release? Dont know what the poster who talked about the edge being unfinished was referring to. Mine is a highly polished and very light piece of machined aluminum that works just like I want it to. Highly recommended!
It works for my SP101 too 8/9/2016
I purchased the J2 for my LCRx 38spl +P. It works great! Then I got a Ruger SP101 357. 5 Star makes a different speed loader for the SP101 - same caliber. Today I tried the J2 with my SP101 357 and it works well. I am very impressed with the 5 Star speed loaders and blocks!
Perfect 1/9/2016
Ive always used HKS speed loaders and the one for my SP101 worked OK in my LCR. I bought the 5 Star because it looked thinner which would make it work better than the HKS. The answer is, yes, its great, works smooth and the ammo drops right in. The fact that this loader works backwards from the others is a huge plus, to me it works correctly.
- Pat Z, PA
Nicest Speed Loader for LCR 11/19/2015
Just picked up 2 of these for a LCR with Crimson Trace Green Laser grips, they work perfectly. Have both HKS and Safariland speed loaders for other guns and these rank right up there with the Safariland, far better than the HKS ones. They are extremely well made machined are are of top quality. Planing on buying a couple more.
Not worth the money! 5/10/2015
I received an HKS 36 and this 5 Star J2 speed loader on the same day and gotta say the HKS works just fine in my 357 LCR with the stock finger grooved grips. There is plenty of clearance to get the cartridges in the cylinder with the HKS 36 and the HKS costs way less. The 5 starJ2 is too shinny, the release knob is too big IMO and it does as stated in a previous review... turn in the wrong direction to release the rounds if you are used to the HKSs. I also noticed they didnt break/sand/file the sharp edges on the underside of the release knob. I know its a small thing, but for the money I would expect better finishing of the product. Im going to save my hard earned money and buy another HKS 36 for use in my LCR 357.
- M M, WA
Best speedloaders 2/7/2015
Five star speed loaders are the best made speed loaders for not only the LCR but for any revolver. One reviewer states they work in the wrong direction - I beg to differ. Everything else mechanically turns counterclockwise to loosen and clockwise to tighten, which is exactly how these operate. Also, turning counterclockwise to release the rounds prevents you from perhaps closing the cylinder while turning the speed loader as the rounds are released. I would not use any other type of speed loader for my revolvers.
- Neil, SC
Best there is for the LCR. 12/15/2014
I have been using this 5-Star Firearms speedloader for two years. Its perfect. For me, the counterclockwise release makes more sense. You twist and pull your hand away in one fluid motion. If CCW twist is a deal breaker, 5-Star will make you a CW twist one. There are plenty of other speedloader options for other guns, but they dont seem to work well on the LCR. This one does. It is sturdy aircraft aluminum and surprisingly light weight. BTW, if you do have a different speedloader and find it difficult to use with the LCR, try buying the Boot Grip.
- George, IL
Almost Perfect 11/22/2014
The quality of the speed loaders made by 5 Star is some of the best Ive ever seen. Its solid and the locking mechanism is very smooth. The loader is incredibly light weight and mates to the gun easily and precisely. My only complaint is that the lock is backward. You have to turn the lock counter clockwise to release the cartridges. This may sound logical on paper, but the movement is counter intuitive and unnatural feeling. These are a much higher quality and over all nicer loader than those made by HKS, but the release knob on the HKS turns in the proper direction. The HKS is tight, doesnt mate to the gun as well, and is more difficult to insert and use, so I still prefer the 5 Star.
- Aaron, MI
The best! 11/12/2014
Im a handicap shooter and just bought my first weapon since Viet Nam. The LCR 357 is sweet and the loader helps me not drop rounds so I have more fun on the range. Its easy to use.
- Johnny, CA
Nicely made speed loader 9/22/2014
Have carried these for years. In my humble opinion they fit better than the HKS speed loaders when used with the LCR.
- Paul O., WV

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