Large Frame, Single-Action Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 5-1/2" Barrel

Large Frame, Single-Action Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 5-1/2
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Leather holster for large frame single-action 5.5" barrel revolver. Ruger logo stamped on front. Walnut oil finish. Fits Ruger® Blackhawk® , Ruger Vaquero® , Ruger New Vaquero® , Bird's Head Vaquero, or Super Blackhawk® revolvers. Does not fit Bisley™ Revolvers. Fits belts up to 1-1/2" to 2". Right-handed only. Made in USA by Triple K.

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Fits New Model Vaquero 44 mag High Polish Talo Edition 8/26/2022
Nice quality leather, was still wet with oil when it arrived. Nice stitching. Well pressed logo. A very classy looking holster and just what I wanted for hunting season. Had to work it a bit to snap due to the unquie hammer configuration of this model, but then left in the sun room on a chair and it is loosened up for a tight fit. Will be ordering one for my Vaquero 357.
Holster Will Not Snap - Revised 3/14/2021
I need to change my earlier review, after a lot of stretching and manipulating the snap, I actually hung the holster with the gun in it by the long side of the snap, I have been able to get it snapped. It is still not easy but I think with time it will loosen even more. Other than the snapping issue, I really like the holster. I appreciate Ruger’s willingness to work with me on this.
- William H Yeary III, KY
Holster will not snap 2/27/2021
I also have a problem with this holster not snapping on my Ruger Blackhawk 45 Colt. The first one I received would not snap so I called Ruger customer service and was told to leave the gun in the holster for 10 days. I worked the holster leather as described in the instruction sheet and then left the gun in there for 14 days. I did wear the wear holster as the tech said it would help break it in. After 2 weeks the snap still would not catch, it lacks about 1/4” of closing. I did notice some marring on the back left side of the gun. I called Ruger and asked if I could return the holster and order another one. My thinking was that this may be a one time issue. I returned the original holster and when the new one arrived it had the same problem. A Ruger rep said every holster is hand fitted to the gun but I would like to see the person that can make that work.
- William H Yeary III, KY
Some modification for Vaquero 11/11/2019
I read in another review of this holster for a Vaquero but I purchased it anyway because I like the snap. Same issue, the snap would not reach because of the lowered thumb piece on the trigger. I like this holster so I made a slight modification buy cutting off a piece of leather on the snap flap that runs under the trigger. About 1/2 in long and 1/16 deep. Took only 2 min. to do and Walah! Perfect holster now. So Ruger, if the holster did not need modification it would have been 5 stars. Simple fix on manufacturers end. BTW it fit my Blackhawks without mod perfectly. So 5 stars for Blackhawks I have pic but dont see a way to upload it.
- John Thompson, PA
Do not buy for 5.5 New Vaquero in .45 Colt 2/23/2019
Based on Rugers recommendation I purchased this holster for my NV 5.5 in .45 Colt. The gun fit in the holster, which seems well made, but the snap could not be closed with any reasonable effort. It is possible that with maximum effort I could have forced it closed, but the design of the holster creates a significant problem: a hard plastic cap over the rear of the metal snap would be in hard contact with the left rear surface of the gun just to the left side of the hammer. That contact would, in my view, have the potential to cause wear and mar the surface of the revolver. I contacted Triple K, the manufacturer, by phone, explained the problem, and asked if they could move the snap half an inch which would solve the problem. I was told to send them the holster at my expense and their leather workers would fix it. After they received it, the VP of Sales and Marketing sent me a rather snitty email saying there was nothing wrong with the holster, that it was intentionally designed to have the plastic cap firmly rubbing against the guns surface and they could do nothing but return it to me. When I got it back, I tried the holster on my Ruger Single 10 and it works fine, without any contact between cap and gun, so it will work with some revolvers. However, the holster does not work at all for the 5.5 NV, the gun for which I made the purchase. A much better choice for the NV is the Galco SAO Outdoorsman, which I also purchased, which fits like a glove and is designed so that the snap is no where near the surface of the revolver. I am disappointed that Ruger would recommend a holster with this design flaw for the NV. I am extremely disappointed in the attitude of Triple K, and in what in my opinion is a very poorly designed holster for the NV. I wont be purchasing any more of their products.
Very good fit 1/12/2018
Ordered for my 45 Colt Blackhawk. Fit is very good, it took a little while for it to break in to gun but now it fits perfect with no movement. Overall has very nice quality for a no frills holster. I would buy again.
Great Value! 2/21/2017
I purchased this holster for my Ruger Blackhawk .44 special 5 1/2 barrel. It fits perfectly, very snug to start as it should. It will break in over time. Its very nice looking too. I looked online at a lot of higher priced holsters but Im glad I went with this one. Considering the modest cash outlay, Im very happy with the holster.
- Steve, IN
TK Holster For .357 Blackhawk 9/21/2016
My first time to purchase a holster on line. Perfect fit.
- Steve Crunk, AL
Great holster 3/21/2016
Just recd my holster for my ruger Blackhawk conv. Great value for the price and it fit my revolver to a T.Easy to wear and rides well either side.Will probably order a matching belt in the near future. Good marketing job Ruger and Triple K.
I got this leather holster for my Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum - 51/2 inch barrel, and it fit perfectly and made the stainless steel look great in leather. Good price, good quality... Happy trails.
- Tom Homer, IN
Great! 7/23/2015
Nice looking, solid holster for my New Vaquero. Fits very well
Ruger leather holster 12/11/2014
Received my Ruger large frame revolver holster and it well excited my expectations the holster fits my firearm like a glove. The look and the feel of this leathered holster makes you want to wear it everywhere. Thank you Ruger and galco for putting together such a high quality product.
Ruger leather holster 12/11/2014
Received my Ruger large frame revolver holster and it well excited my expectations the holster fits my firearm like a glove. The look and the feel of this leathered holster makes you want to wear it everywhere. Thank you Ruger and triple k for putting together such a high quality product.
Chad Rogers

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