Single Action Rosewood Dymondwood Grips

Single Action Rosewood Dymondwood Grips
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Rosewood Dymondwood Grips are crafted from birch composite dyed to a rich rose burgundy color and include the Ruger medallion. Fits the XR grip frame, Ruger® New Model Single-Six®, Ruger® Single-Ten®, Ruger® Wrangler®, New Model Blackhawk®, Ruger Vaquero® (with serial numbers beginning with 50-XXXXX), New Model Super Blackhawk® with round trigger guard & Old Army. Fits single action with or without lock, stainless and blued firearms. WILL NOT FIT Ruger Vaquero® with serial numbers beginning with 510-XXXXX, Ruger New Vaquero®, Bisley™ Vaquero, Bird's Head Vaquero, 50th Anniversary Blackhawk®, Hunter models, or blued models manufactured after 2005 with XR00305 grip frame. This is a natural wood product, color of grain varies. One screw included. Made in the USA by Altamont.

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Very poor fit 2/16/2024
Attempted to put these on my .45 colt Vaquero from 2001. The fit was unacceptable. The grip on the right side had enough space to wiggle back and forth a quarter inch. And the edge of the grips were significantly smaller than that of the grip frame. This left a large amount of the frame exposed. I am going to attempt to get a replacement sent. Hopefully these ones will fit.
Perfect grips 7/11/2023
Fit my super wrangler perfect, looks amazing, feels good in hand.
- Dan, IA
Rosewood Spanish diamond checkered grips for my wranglers 11/10/2022
These grips are beautiful went on in about 5 minutes had no problems put them on my 2 ruger wranglers and they look great.
- Earl Montgomery, IL
Great Product and Fast Shipping 11/6/2022
I got the Dymondwood grips for my black Wrangler. They couldn't have been a better match for it. The fit was great, just as the factory grips, with no gaps or overhang. Being a little thicker than the original grips, it feels better in my hand. I ordered these on a Monday and received them the following Friday so the service was great as well. Very happy in all aspects of the transaction.
- John Letson, AL
Beautiful Grips 6/23/2022
Bought a set of these for my new Single-Six. Easy install and they look terrific. Really handsome. I will be buying a second set for my Ruger New Model Blackhawk.
- Max Schulte, MD
Gorgeous grips! 5/27/2022
These are gorgeous and functional grips with the diamond etching! Fit my Old Army prefectly
- T Bone, VA
Perfect compliment to a great plinker 4/30/2022
Grips fit the Wrangler perfectly with no gaps. Just a fantastic grip. Only knock is not made in the USA.
- Kevin M, PA
Rosewood diamond grips 3/5/2022
Fits my Black Hawk 357 perfect. And look's great.
- allen, IN
Outstanding 11/20/2021
First, these grips look absolutely lovely on my convertible Blackhawk. They add a bit of classic flair without being over the top. Now I have a gun thats just as handsome as I am. ; All joking aside, these grips also have a practical aspect. Theyre a bit fatter and heavier than the stock grips which really makes my Blackhawk feel good in my hand and easier to handle. That translates to better accuracy for me. My only regret is that I didnt pick up a set of these sooner. Well done, Ruger.
James G
Beautiful and Fits Like a Glove! 8/26/2021
Beautiful rosewood with a light cherry look. Excellent quality! The nut is brass and the Rugger medallion looks Nickle plated. It really pops!! I read a few of the negative post and was mystified by their problems. I literally installed this in seconds. So all I can figure is that reviewer was introducing some user error like cross threading the screw while installing it. Theres nothing to modify like another review said. Theres a guide pin to line up first. Maybe that was the error by that user. No idea. All I can say is ignore those negative reviews. This grip is the best!!!
Perfect fit 11/26/2020
Fast shipping, appearance is excellent, fit is perfect on my Wrangler. These wood grips are significantly thicker than the original plastic ones which is just icing on the cake. Very pleased! Couldn’t be happier with them.
- Kevin, WA
Beautiful grips! Need to pay closer attention to detail! 10/8/2020
Like I said! Grips are beautiful! Screw will not start! Threads jacked up! There sending a new screw! The screw ain’t the problem! Why not make it the same size and threads of the factory grips! Paid a lot of money for them to have to spend more money to order a tap to chance the threads, I think #5/40! Very disappointed!
- Ralph Ray, MS
Perfect 6/25/2020
Mine came a couple of days ago after being backordered. They are worth the wait. They fit great and make the gun look really sharp.
- Gary B., TN
Gorgeous but had to drill out wrong bushing 6/25/2020
After a long wait due to back order, they finally arrived. However they came with two threaded bushings in the grips instead of a threaded and a pass through. So I had to take an 1/8 drill bit to one of the bushings to allow the screw to pass through and thread in the other side. Disappointing due to the cost and not expected from a Ruger product. Overall they are gorgeous looking grips which required no fitting and look fantastic on the Single Six.
- Rafael Tapia, FL
Perfect Grip 5/6/2020
I bought this for my Super Blackhawk New Model. The fit is perfect. The texture is perfect. So much better than the factory grips.
- Will Williams, AL
Screw will not tighten 4/16/2020
Just received rosewood dymondwood grips for my new Wrangler. The screw will not tighten down to the lock nut which had to be removed from the original plastic grips. Very disappointing. Hope Ruger contacts me!
- Gary Robertson, TN
Grips are Absolutely Beautiful! 4/9/2020
Had to wait a while to get these grips but well worth it. It took my New Model Super Blackhawk SS 44 mag 5.5 barrel to the next level. Easy to install. Thanks!
- Mitch, MN
Grips 2/18/2020
I ordered these grips 1/14/20, back ordered, received them 2/17/20. Well worth the wait. They fit great, very happy with feel and looks.
- Ron S., IA
Superb 11/22/2019
rosewood dyemond grips 10/24/2019
they fit great, look good and shoots nice. i put them on a new Wrangler
Would like different grips 8/17/2019
They look nice
Wrangler rosewood grips 7/30/2019
I just received the grips today, very impressed with the workmanship, they fit like a glove, but not O.J.s, very happy with the new look and feel, to the range now to see how it shoots, I can imagine that it will be great
- William Kaiser, AZ
Perfect Fit for Wrangler 7/3/2019
I wanted to replace the grips on my new Ruger Wrangler and chose the Dymondwood grips . It only took I minute to install them . They fit perfectly and look beautiful .
- Tom Vensel, OH
Super upgrade 6/15/2019
I recently purchased a new model single six ruger blue with black plastic grips very nice gun, seen these grips on shopruger fell in love. High quality very well made and above all fit the new model single six perfect. If you want a small upgrade to make a huge difference these are for you, thanks Ruger great gun great accessories
Very Nice Grips for My Single Six 5/9/2019
I received my new grips today. They were on backorder for quite a while, but now I see why: They are nicely made, look great, and must be very popular. The installation on my Single Six Convertible went smoothly, and with no issues. The fit and finish is very good, and the checkering gives a good grip without feeling too sharp. Very good service from Ruger, too!
- Preston, CA
Ruger Grips 5/8/2019
These grips were very disappointing, they were 1/8 short all around. I ordered two pair, second pair fit much better on same gun, but still unacceptable, this is on the same gun. Back they go. How can the same grips ,same part number for the same revolver be so different.
- Kenneth Arnold, PA
Beautiful & great feel 3/23/2019
I put these on my old Vaquero and Super Blackhawk. They fit perfectly and give the revolver a better grip than the original.
- Jerry Cuckler, CA
Disappointing Grips 11/9/2018
Ive been looking for a pair of grips for my Single-Six. I would have been happy to find a pair of rubber, black checkered grips, but I bought a set of these grips. They looked great and the thickness would hopefully give me a better purchase on the pistol. However upon installing the grips I was disappointed in the fit. Im contemplating putting the Pachmayr grips back on which doesnt have the looks of these Dymondwood grips
- Gary Vetter, WI
Great feel and perfect fit 10/30/2018
Just put these on my .357 Blackhawk, 6.5”. They fit perfectly and installed in seconds. Shipping took a little to long, but I wasn’t in a rush. The product quality and fit made up for the extra wait. They are a little wider than the stock plastic grips, but it’s an ever better fit in my hand than before. Very happy with the purchase!
beautiful grips 10/20/2018
I bought these grips for my new model single 6. Installation was very easy with a perfect fit and they look great. I dont think you can ask for more.
Great grip 5/24/2018
I bought this grip for my NMBH 45LC, so when I got my NMBH in 41 Rem. first thing I did was get this same grip for it, My SBH stainless. 44 mag came with very nice wood grips , If it had not , I would have also gotten them for it.
- carl, PA
The grips they sent did not fit. The Rugar Reps. say they do. THEY DONT! Ithink the wrong ones were in package. But this dose not matter at this point.. The way Shop Rugar is handling this forces me to strongly recomend not to order from them . The matter is still not resolved . to date i have no grips and my money has not been refunded after 3 weeks and four phone calls! Not only cant I recomend the grips. I cant recomend the rugar store. P.S. would have given 0 stars But sight wont let you
- Grant Snyder, IL
Perfect Grip 3/20/2018
The rosewood dymondwood grips arrived today and fit perfectly. The grips fit over the guide pins without any fitting. The grips are a bit thicker than the stock black plastic ones and fit my hand much better. They are a good enhancement to my Blackhawk
- Wes Shields, VA
Piss poor fit 3/17/2018
Bought these for my Lipsey New Model Blackhawk .44 spl. flattop. they arrived promptly and are really sharp looking. However, the holes for the grip pin are drilled in the wrong spot. Really disappointed. Ill send them back with a letter explaining why they were sent back and request an exchange. But, Im probably spinning my wheels.
perfect grips ! 2/19/2018
fit great on my new model blackhawk convertible 357 and look terrific !
- mickey pearce, PA
Single six lower pin adjustment 5/8/2017
They look much better than the black grips on my single six. I did have to work the lower pin hole a bit larger with my knife and a little patience, to get a snug fit. That took about 20 minutes and they then fitted perfectly and look awesome.
Great Grip 12/6/2016
Really nice looking and the fit was perfect
George S
Disappointed 10/13/2016
These grips were unsatisfactory. Neither side would fit into the guide pins and the bottom of one side was warped. Ruger need to improve quality control - the warp was obvious. They do look good. I dont like spending more money to return a defective part, even though they say the return shipping will be free, but Im sending them in to be replaced. I expecting the replacements will work. Hope Ruger wont lose my return.
- Greg, AZ
Decent grips for the price. 9/21/2016
I would give these a 5 star if they were a bit better in fit. They look wonderful and are finished very nicely. Are they custom fit grips? NO. But ther are made by a company who has made many grips for decades. Installation is simple. The supplied long screw works as expected and being end threaded, shouldnt let you over tighten grips. My grips were very snug. Most ask whats the trick. You have to put the grips on the pin and against the frame/grip as if you were lowering the whole grip down into position while keeping it perfectly level. If your grip is tilted or turned a little left or right, it wont work. I think this is where you hear someone say they snapped on. Pushing hard while all points are not aligned. If you keep it flat, it slowly slides down into place. Make sure its all the way down before putting the screw in or you can crack them. You dont want the screw to pull them together. If you tap on the grip around pin and edges, it will snug on down. After I got the grips on, I did notice some overage and underage of the wood to frame. The bottom is slightly angled compared to frame also. Just like it was turned clockwise on the mounting pin. The 90deg forward grip section is snug in that are with no light gap, so no counter rotation or room to do so. Could spend some time trimming and removing some fat, but most likely wont. Considering the black plastic grips could be seen through near the hammer and rotated on pin back and forth, these are a huge improvement. They are nice if they fit better. Mine had an 1/8th inch gap up front corner of each grip side. Hard to imagine even someone who didnt like there job letting that go out. I think since these wood ones are made to their frame and all Rugers are fit slightly different, its amazing they fit this good. All in all Im impressed they fit nice and are snug. I can live with the slight off fit as long as they are tight. Im happy and they feel perfect in my hand. I have short fingers but bear paw hands. These allow a full grip and easy trigger reach. Just a bit thicker than the plastics but about same feel as my wood grips on other Blackhawks. This was used on a 2015 357/9mm combo without lock blued version. Fully function checked with no issues.
- John MS, KS
Very Nice! 6/30/2016
I bought these for my 6.5 new model blackhawk .357. My gun was made in 1983. These grips fit perfectly right out of the package and feel very good in my hand. They are just a smidgen bit wider that the original grips and I like that. Very nice looking.
Scott Walden
Great grips 6/22/2016
The grips perfectly fit Blackhawk .357/9mm convertible. You do need to pay attention to how they fit the frame or they wont go on. Screw seems to short, but it hasnt loosened during or after firing. The checkering allows for a firm firing grip without being abrasive to the hands.
They look real nice 3/18/2016
The grips do not fit out of the box. They must be modified to fit, but it isnt difficult to do. However, for the price you probably shouldnt have to do that.
Excellent product 3/17/2016
Ordered a set for my Blackhawk, despite negative reviews. I knew Ruger did not make junk!! Perfect fit, no drilling, etc. Install took about 3 minuets. Looks great, feels great. Added value and function to a great revolver. 100% satisfied, as always with Ruger.
- Craig Yarbrough, NC
ruger vaquero .44 mag 3/1/2016
I agree, the bad reviewers either ordered the wrong grip or sometning. One side of the original grips got broken, I ordered the Vaquero Spanish Rosewoods as a replacement. They went on perfectly, the change took about two minutes. They look and feel great !
Beautiful grips. They fit perfectly. 2/17/2016
These grips fit perfectly on my new Single-Ten. Factory gunfighter grips off and these new grips on in less than five minutes. No issues at all with the fit. Excellent workmanship. I do not understand all of the negative comments.
- Charlie, AK
New grips for New Model Blackhawk 2/4/2016
Switched out original grips on New Model Blackhawk today. Original screw did not work, but they include one that does, taped to the back side of the packaging. Easy to do, took 5 minutes. Keeping old grips because I like the original SR logo, but new grips look great!
- James McNarie, HI
Awsome 11/19/2015
I read the negative reviews and I have to say that obviously those people do not know how to make adjustments. I had to shave mine a little when they arrived but nothing like those negative people made it out to be. These grips are beautiful and are awesome. I have the 357/9mm convertible Blackhawk and the design and color of these grips really make it better, they feel great and fit well. As stated before, mine needed a little shaving to fit on but with some patience and a sharp knife, everything turned out great and I love them
New Model Blackhawk 9/11/2015
Just installed these grips on a new New Model Blackhawk. Fit with no modification and make for a much prettier gun. Exactly what I wanted.
Spanish Dymond Grips 9/2/2015
Recieved my grips today ! They are beautifull !!! The right side went right on the left one I had to stick a screwdriver in the dowel hole and enlarge the top of it slightly. It took maybe five minutes total to change out the grips. I would say that they are some of the best looking wood grips that Ive seen on a Ruger !!!
Single Six new model 8/13/2015
They Fit perfectly 5 minutes different looking gun! Thanks Ruger!
- Gary, IA
Beautiful Grips 6/6/2015
Bought these for my Ruger Stainless 9 shot .22 Mag.They are a very nice addition,an fit like a glove >>> Nice job Ruger <<<.
- Louis Ka, TN
good looking 5/21/2015
good looking grips, good fit one was a little to tight on the roll pin just hit it with a drill bit or ream it out with a screw driver a 5 year old could do it..You will love um they are made for the gun
rosewood grips 3/26/2015
I ordered a pair of grips for my blackhawk.The left one fit the right one did not. The guide pinhole was out of place. I returned them to to customer service in Maydan nc. They say they did not recieve them even though usps states the exact date and time they were delivered.I guess they lost them
Beautiful grips 2/12/2015
I have placed checkered rosewood grip panels on my entire collection of Ruger revolvers, which includes 12 Redhawks, 2 Single Sixes, 2 Super Blackhawks, and a Blackhawk. I purchased most of them from Altamont because Ruger does not offer checkered panels for any of those revolvers except for the Blackhawk. I did obtain the Spanish Dymond Blackhawk grip panels from Ruger and found that the left panel fit perfectly and snapped on easily. The right panel rear post hole did not exactly match the post position on the grip frame and would not snap into place. I used a drill bit slightly larger than the hole on the grip panel to enlarge the diameter of the hole, but the panel still did not fit. So I repeated the process with a still larger drill bit. At that point, the panel snapped on easily and could be screwed down snugly against the grip frame. I think the grip panels are beautiful and greatly improve the appearance of my blued Blackhawk 357M/9mm revolver and nicely complement the color my tooled leather holster. I am quite pleased with the panels and am going to purchase another pair for my brother, who has the same model Blackhawk. I think the panels are well worth the price, although it seems that Ruger might try to improve placement of the post holes or just enlarge the holes slightly to accommodate positional variations and facilitate panel mounting.
- John Turk, MO
Lou in Pa. 2/11/2015
Installed in 10 minutes perfect fit, looks classic well satified
rosewood 1/20/2015
Purchased these for my new 41. all I can say is WOW! Snug fit to gun, but no trouble to install. Improved grip as these are thicker than black grips that came with my pistol. Everyone who sees has nothing but good things to say. Really compliments my blued 41 mag. Two friends said they were going to get these for their Blackhawks!
- Doug P, TN
Beautiful and functional 12/5/2014
Ordered these for my new 357/9mm convertible even though I read reviews about poor fit. Got mine in several days and replaced the plain black grips. Like other reviews of this product I had a problem getting them on. One side fit tight but with minor pressure popped on the post, the other side did not fit on the post. A bit of pressure made a mark at the hole edge and I shaved out a very small amount of material to the mark. the grip went on tight and fit the frame. The gun is now looking great. Chose these checkered grips over the smooth grips for better control with the 357 mag round. Had a small problem ordering on-line, contacted Ruger service and it was fixed in minutes. Another good experience with Ruger.
- John M, PA
New grips 10/28/2014
Just received these via UPS. Wait time was a little slow from ordering date but was well worth it. These look so much better than standard walnut grips. Great coloring and checkering. Had to get another rig as other one shrank in the closet. New grips go so well with new dark walnut leather. Dont know what dissenters have but they fit my XRN3 red frame like a glove.
- David K, CA
Very nice! 10/27/2014
I dont understand the complaints. I bought these grips for my stainless Vaquero, they fit nicely, just as well as the originals, they look great, and they even improve the overall grip on the gun! I am quite pleased.
- Dave, SC
I think they are GREAT 10/26/2014
I got these grips as a gift from my wife for my stainless Blackhawk. They fit perfectly, went on with ease, look fantastic and help stabilize this big revolver 6.5 in my hand. I think the bad reviews are garbage!
- Pete, KY
grips 9/18/2014
the are garbage wont fit. and RUGER wont post most reviews if you do not give them a good one.
- hank, ND
Perfect Fit for Single Six 8/26/2014
These grips fit my recently acquired current production single six convertible without internal lock perfectly with a nice, tight fit. At first I thought they were not going to fit, but I just had to get them in the right position. These have a much thicker feel than the standard black plastic grips that came on the pistol. They are beautiful with nice checkering. The pictures on the website do not do the grips justice.
- C. C., TN

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