Super Redhawk Alaskan® Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 2-1/2" Barrel

Super Redhawk Alaskan® Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 2-1/2
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Tan holster for the Super Redhawk® Alaskan, 2-1/2" barrel. Holster can be used strong side or cross draw. Stamped with Ruger logo. Made in the USA by Triple K. Right-handed. This leather holster is a natural leather product. There will be variances in the color of the holster ranging from tan to a darker brown.

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Perfect fit 8/19/2019
A really nice surprise, they have modified the shape to completely cover the trigger. There is no nicer fitting holster. I refuse to put my $1000.00 revolver in a $30.00 holster. Well worth the money!
Absolutely Perfect 8/29/2018
Received my holster today, it’s absolutely perfect! Some of the reviews had me concerned but I now have 100% confidence I will get what I want. Now to order the belt to match the holster!
Casey costigan
Does the job well 4/7/2018
My only complaint is that it doesnt cover the trigger. I open carry my Alaskan when I hike in the mountains with a big hiking backpack that straps my waist and my gun doesnt get in the way or feel uncomfortable at all. As for people commenting that its loose and sloppy let me say that YOU MUST have a THICK good quality leather belt. I am able to run with this holster equipped.
- Kyle Johnson, UT
Very happy 7/19/2017
Im very pleased with this holster for my Alaskan 2.5 inch S.S. it fits perfect . looks like ill need a tan belt now.
- john lamb, MI
Great fit 4/15/2017
no Alaskan has found a home
- Kurt, MI
Poor service information 3/2/2017
Great looking holster, like it except... After following instructions for break-in...Strap will still not go down far enough to snap into place, which, of course defeats whole purpose of the hammer strap. After calling service, I was told bluntly, the holster, would fit the weapon and there has not been similar complaints. OK....But the strap still will not connect into the snap to prevent the weapon from easily be drawn or misfired in the holster..
Mike Gazell
PERFECT 2/24/2017
WOREST Holster you can buy. 10/10/2016
Great fit! 6/12/2015
I wanted a good holster for the Alaskan because of its weight and size. When I received it, I slid the Alaskan in, and I just couldnt believe how easy it went in! Also, drawing it was very easy, just slid right out! Its perfectly molded to fit the Alaskan. The thumb break is real easy to open, so no worries there. You do really need a GOOD LEATHER BELT to carry this amount of weight. Then again, as with any holster, a good belt is a must. It also rides fairly high which makes it better if you want to carry concealed with loose clothing. If you are looking for a great fit for your Alaskan, this it!
- Paul Guyon, MA
Nice holster! Fits my Super Redhawk Alaskan perfectly. No issues what so ever & would say to someone in the market for this holster, BUY IT!
Very nice holster 12/24/2014
Very nice quality holster. In case anyone is wondering it also fits the Redhawk Kodiak Backpacker with the 2.75 barrel perfectly. Thats what I ordered it for and Im very happy. Fits snugly on one of the Triple K straight cartridge loop gunbelts and it makes a neat rig for the little gun; fast, secure, and comfortable.
I have one of these holsters. the slot for the belt to go through is so sloppy and big that the gun hangs very very far out from my waist. you can put a softball between the houge grip and my waist no matter how tight I make the belt. i want to carry this gun while bear hunting, but dont because of the holster, i end up carrying a smaller gun.
Glove 5/12/2014
This thing fits my Alaskan like a glove.
- 44 Mag, MO

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