GP100®, Redhawk®, Super Redhawk®, Super Blackhawk® Hunter Sight Set

GP100®, Redhawk®, Super Redhawk®, Super Blackhawk® Hunter Sight Set
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Click adjustable fire sight set for the Ruger® GP100®, Redhawk®, Super Redhawk®, Super Blackhawk® Hunter. The front sight has three protective bands for greater durability and bright sight picture. ***Screws not included, please use factory screws.*** Made in the USA by Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. Professional installation recommended.
Does Not Fit Super Redhawk Alaskan®, GP100® Match Champion® or GP100® Standard models 1715, 1757, 1761, 1752, 1753 & 1766.

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Does not fit redhawk without front spring release 5/24/2023
These don’t fit the newer redhawk. Ruger removed the spring button to release the front sight. I now have to return this item. Wish it was in the description that they don’t fit the newer model of redhawk. Check your gun before buying.
great sights. 8/15/2022
These sights are great,I got them for my gp100 instead of buying a plate,and red dot sight due to friends telling me the red dots don't stay put very good. The fiber optics for the gp100 are great,easy to install and work like night sights in day and low light. You won't be disappointed.
Excellent Sights 6/19/2021
I installed these on a .44 mag Redhawk that was made in 2007. They fit perfectly. It only took about 10 minutes to install both of them. It’s one of easiest sight change outs I have done. I am extremely impressed with the sights.
5 1/2 Red Hawk 6/26/2020
I installed these sights on the wifes GP 100 we loved them ,so I order a set for my Red Hawk but the original elevation screw has a built in spring loaded detent plunger that wont function with these sights so I could only install the front , had to leave original rear sight on the revolver , hense 2 star..
- Don Finnegan, AZ
Adjustable fire sights for older GP100 3/28/2020
I just installed these sights on my wifes GP100 , our eyes are not as crisp as they were 40 years ago, so the difference between the original black factory sights and the Williams Fire Sights is a huge improvement , she loves them !!! I had them mounted in less than 10 minutes , perfect fit , great product ..
- Don Finnegan, AZ
GP100 hunter sight 1/3/2020
These sights should come standard on the GP100. I installed them on my 100 and they make for a fast target contact. I am more consistant with the improved sight picture.
Scott Thomas
New sights on my New Model Supper Blackhawk 2/5/2019
I installed these sights on my new model super blackhawk.....the one problem I had was that the front sight was different than the Hunter version of the super blackhawk and I had to also purchase the pin style front blade....But what a difference these have made on the pistol....just wish they had a combo set with the rear & front sight for the new model super blackhawk.
Older Super Redhawk 2/17/2017
Perfect fit, exact dimensions as the original sights, Solid metal, could not be happier, Great for my week old eyes.
- Dale Rhine, IL
Does NOT fit the Redhawk .45ACP/.45LC 1/6/2017
The base of this front sight is much thinner by about 17 thou than the stock front sight, so unless you fabricate a shim for it, it rocks and rolls all over the place. Not good.
- Cotter Sayre, MS
Very pleased with this upgrade 9/3/2015
I replaced the original sights on my both my GP100 and New Model Super Blackhawk Hunter with these sights. These sights are easy to pick out and see even in subdued lighting but they are not night-sights. The slimmer front sight allows for more precise aim if you have the skill. Replacing the front and back literally took 10 minutes.
- Mark, OH
Faster but better? 8/23/2015
I put the front site on and noticed it immediately makes the gun dramatically faster to get a good site picture. Part of this I believe is due to it being a thinner blade than the factory site. However, the front site being longer and thinner makes it appear much less durable than the factory front site. And the rear site has a thinner gap than the factory site which takes away much of the site acquisition speed gained by the thinner front site. So Im loathe to use the rear piece. I think the front site from this kit along with the factory rear site will Likely be the best configuration with this product.
Much better than the original. 8/9/2015
I have a Ruger Redhawk 45LC / 45ACP. Changed out the sights and even on a cloudy day the new sights glow bright. Highly recommend this item. Thanks Ruger you have one happy customer here.
- Thomas, IN
Much better than the original. 8/9/2015
I have a Ruger Redhawk 45LC / 45ACP. Changed out the sights and even on a cloudy day the new sights glow bright. Highly recommend this item. Thanks Ruger you have one happy customer here. You will need a punch small enough to remove the pin retaining the rear sight. If you cant find a punch just go to your local hardware store and by one there. If that doesnt it just grind it down until it does. Thats what I did and now I have a very good punch for my gunsmithing tools.
- Thomas, IN
Awesome Sights 2/5/2015
These may not be for everyone but they sure are for me and my aging eyes. I have them on my GP101, Alaskan and Single Six Convertible. They work great indoors and outdoors.
Dont quite fit right 1/18/2015
I agree with Allen Oliver that these sights are great for old eyes and a cave man can install them...if they were manufactured correctly. The front sight had too much metal on the slot which took about 90 minutes with a rifling file to remove. After that, they fit my GP100 fine the original sights are lousy and I cant wait to go out and zero them at the range. Overall Im happy with the result and would recommend them.
- JJ from Lancaster, CA
This doesnt fit the new Super Redhawk 1/15/2015
This does NOT fit the new Super Redhawk. Its the ramp style front sight. They should tell you that when you order it. You would think Ruger would have that information on their web site.
- Chris, PA
Nice set 9/24/2014
I bought this one for my Redhawk and replaced the front red with a green tube. Its a nice sight for the money.
Great Old eyes sight. 7/24/2014
I have these on my KGP161. Great for any light situation as long as there is some. Easy to install. A cave man can do it.
Allen Oliver

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