Mark I 9-Round Magazine

Mark I 9-Round Magazine
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Mark I (Old Style), blued steel, 9-Round, .22 caliber magazine. Design is subject to change. *Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents.
Genuine Rugerģ Factory Accessory

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Mark 1 (9-round replacement magazine ) 9/1/2022
All I can say is WOW! I had read articles about how hard it was to find old mags for the Mark 1 and how terrible the newer replacement mags were, both Ruger and 3rd party replacements. I ordered one from Ruger to try and see for myself. Well it did not fit my Mark 1 as the spring follower pin was on the wrong side. I called on-line Ruger help line. I described the issue to the very nice service lady I was speaking with. She very carefully and with great patience describe the procedure to adapt the follower spring and reverse it to fit my older model design. It worked just fine. Took it to the range where I shoot and put about 90 rounds through without a hitch. I was so impressed I ordered 2 more of the magazines, modified them per my earlier on-line advisor. Took them to the range yesterday and put 45 rounds through each with no hangups. Very satisfied customer here. I even recommended these to my range owner and described the spring change trick to him. Told me he was going to order a half dozen for his shop. He had not before because he had heard such bad stories about the Mark 1 replacement magazines.
- Jim Presley, TX
working with my Mark 1 Standard 7/4/2022
this mag works well with my Mark 1 Standard. only ding would be the base plate is plastic versus the original mag being metal based.
- Dana Lam, FL
Works very well 6/12/2022
After preforming a quick tune up with some fine emery paper the magazine works just as well and is easier to load than my original Mark I magazine. After reading the bad reviews on here I only ordered one at the time but now I will get a couple more.
Old Ruger 1/22/2022
I purchased my first handgun in 1968/69, a Mark one Standard, #10-0XXXX. It functioned so well it made a Ruger fan of me. I replaced the original mag about 25 years ago. Just received my 3rd one. Only God knows how many rounds I have fired out of my 1st Ruger.
- Rod Marler, MN
Mark I magazines 3/1/2021
Magazines work well with late model A-100 frame, maybe those having problems have the K-54 frame.
Mark Patton
Junk 10/16/2020
Wont feed and hangs up at the ejector. Fortunately I have the original mag with the brass base plate and it still feeds flawlessly. This Chi-Com knock off with the cheap plastic base plate with Ruger logo upside down by the way, jammed every time and chewed up a lot of lead in the process. Doesnt match original construct at all. Hoping to find some original mags now, but Im not optimistic.
Magazine Does Not Fit 10/11/2020
I purchased 5 of these thinking A Ruger part so I should have no issues. I was terribly wrong. The Magazine thumb button is on the correct side. I verified this by looking at the magazine channel inside the grip frame. The issue with these new magazines is two fold. 1 The magazine catch grabs the separation gap between the magazine body and the magazine base plate. 2 the rear face of the new magazine is flat and binds against the top of the pistol magazine well. The old original mags have a recess that runs along the back wall. I had hoped a Ruger product would have, at least, been fit checked with the product they are marketed.
- Michael Nichols, OK
These mags just dont work. 9/4/2020
I have a Standard pistol made in 1974. I ordered 2 of these mags, and they do not insert very smoothly, but are terribly difficult to remove from the gun. As in pliers on the base plate difficult. Ive tried smoothing the rough edges with emory cloth, but something about these is just plain out of spec. Cheaply made, rough, and cheesy plastic parts. Very disappointing.
Poor fit and finish, cheaply made 8/4/2020
These magazines are no comparison for the original. They are cheaply made and slide into the pistol with difficulty. Also they have a lip between the plastic bottom and metal base which gets hung up on the release button and makes it hard to release the magazine. A Ruger replacement part should work as smoothly as an original part or it is no better than a cheap knock off.
Mark I 22 LR target pistol 6/9/2020
This clip wont work with the pistol resembles nothing of the original
Functions great without modification. 5/24/2020
I was lucky and able to acquire a MK I from 1978. Although the original magazines are more solid, these function in my pistol without any modification to the magazine as other consumers have stated. I just bought a few more for the sale.
- Evan Shapiro, CA
Follower Button could not be removed 1/18/2020
Purchased one of these mags for my pre A-100 pistol and had no problem swapping the follower button, but the last two I have purchase, the follower button could not be removed. Iíve tried every tool in my bag to move it but Iím afraid if I put any more pressure on it itís just going to break the little plastic pin. Not sure why Roger doesnít just assemble them with right side buttons for people that need them.
Mag wont feed rounds 1/16/2020
Mag wont feed the rounds into the gun. mine is a mark 1 ser# 2XXXX. This is the second Mark 1 mag I have bought and the feed part of the mag is different on all three. Both replacements and original.
- Philip, ID
Better than original 11/17/2019
Contrary to what some others have said, I find my replacement MK1 magazine far smoother and more easy to load and unload than my original from the 1960s. Plus the $4.50 .22 easy loader works with the new mag. It doesnt work with the original mag. Wont fit over/around it.
- Rick, WI
Slippery Spring 10/29/2019
Extracting the spring was no biggie; trying to get it back into the groove and not crimping into the channel was a pain. However, a thick piece of cardboard in the channel kept the spring in place until the retaining plunger was in place. Simple to replace the block from then on.
- Jay, AL
Did Not Work 9/30/2019
I have a pre-A100 Sturm Ruger Mark I and the new Mark I 9-round magazine did not work. I did put the follower on the opposite side as needed but the magazine hung up when I tried to insert it. Im not a machinist and not comfortable grinding off metal, besides the form of the magazine is obviously different from the original.
Original Is Better. But You Use What You Have To Use 11/30/2018
Right away I noticed the build in the new mags are not as heavy as the original 1972 Magazine. Saying that, the new mags do work. A little MAGSLIK works wonders. You may have to switch the button to the other side of the mag. It is not hard to do. Way easier then stripping the upper.😄 Go ahead and use them.
- IShootMouseGuns, TX
worked great 5/29/2016
Inherited a 1976 MKI from my dad. The original factory mag didnt feed properly. I bought 2 mec-gar magazines and they didnt work. I thought the gun had a problem. I have bought 3 of these Ruger magazines and they all work very well.
- Mark, TX
Fits my Mark I perfectly 3/1/2016
The round button on the follower for my pistol is on the opposite side from most pictures you see of the magazine. After receiving this magazine I grabbed a toothpick and had the button on the correct side in minutes, while standing in the kitchen. It was easy to do, and the magazine matches with the pistol perfectly.
Originals a lot better 2/12/2016
2 original magazines I bought with gun in 1966 work better and are better made than these but I bought one of these from a gun store and after moving the pln to the right side it worked although not as smoothly as originals. Why cant Ruger reproduce originals?? Why doesnt, pin come on the correct side? Originals did!
Works great on Standard Model 12/18/2015
While it took me a bit more than 3 minutes, swapping the button was not that hard. Instructions included. The last inch of getting the spring back in was the most difficult for me, but inserting a small piece of wood next to the spring helped keep it in the channel until it was all the way in.
Bob L.
Not quite right 8/31/2015
I have an old pre A-100 Mark I my father gave me. I had to do a little grinding on the new magazine to make it work. The original magazine I have is all metal and works flawlessly. The new magazine is half plastic and did not fit quite right. A couple pencil marks and a Dremel tool solved the issue. Now it works without any problems.
- Russ N., AL
Great Magazine 12/4/2014
Works fine in the Standard and Mark I, Swapping the follower button takes about three minutes. Had to file the button down a little bit.
Fits all Pre MK1 and MK1 pistols 11/24/2014
Bought one for use in my 1968 made standard model, out of the package the button was on the opposite side for my older style frame, but changing the button to the other side was simple and literally took 2 minutes, following the instructions in the package.
- Steve Lempitski, MA
mag 11/6/2014
doesnt say what sde left or right

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