Rubber Grip w/ Rosewood inserts

Rubber Grip w/ Rosewood inserts
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One-piece rubber grip with rosewood-colored inserts for GP100®. Height is 4". May fit older Ruger® Super Redhawk models, please call before ordering. This is a engineered wood product; color of wood grain varies.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Judge911 6/7/2022
This grip looks and feels like it just belongs. The fit is excellent. My gun came with the hogue grip and there’s nothing wrong with it, I just wanted a different factory look and I am not disappointed
- Rolando Vasquez, TX
Awesome grips! 3/17/2022
Just purchased a new GP100 but wasn’t a fan of the Hogue grip that came installed on it. Ordered these and they showed up within a few days. Very easy to install, fit perfect, and in my opinion look much better. Very happy with these grips!
- Carl, MI
Makes my GP100 look and feel so much nicer 2/16/2022
I really like these new grips. They feel and look great. The only issue is the lack of instructions. I initially thought they were the wrong grips. But, after searching the internet I found that I had to remove the screw at the bottom, an adapter the screw attaches to, an insert that you will use in the new grip. When finished, you will have the old grip, a screw, a spring connection and the U-shaped piece needed for the original grip to screw injury the frame left over in case you want to use the original grip or another grip that uses a bottom screw. Fortunately, with unstructions found online, it was easy to connect. I highly recommend this grip.
Perfect 2/3/2022
Fit and finish is perfect. Made my new gp100 look and feel like it supposed to.
GP100 grip 9/22/2021
Grip arrived today, I installed the grip and left rose wood panel fit pretty good but alas the right panel fits horrible it appears to be to large for the molded area, also the hammer spring pin was not included with the grip. Not sure if I was told it came with the assembly or not. Never before a complaint about Ruger parts or service but this is not in line with Ruger service Im accustomed to. Sorry Ruger but that is just my opinion.
Harlan Hammrich
Screwed 2/1/2021
I have wanted these original style grips for my GP100 instead of the Hogue grips that the revolver came with but once I installed them the screw that goes through the grip interferes with the spring that runs down the frame. The Hogue grip screw is through the bottom of the grip and the new rosewood screw goes through the center. Very disappointed.
- Evan Zotstein, FL
These Grips Are Awesome 8/30/2019
I recently purchased a GP 100 Match Champion with adjustable sights. Love the gun and the grips are comfortable, but a little big and bulky for my taste. I ordered these original style grips on a Tuesday night and they were at my front door by Friday afternoon. Great shipping. I couldn’t wait to put them on my gun. The grips were super easy to install and fit perfectly. The rosewood inserts matched in grain and color and look great on the gun. They are the perfect size and feel really good in my hands. I recommend these grips 100%. Ruger should have never changed them. Get a set and you will not be disappointed.
- Jim, AL
Original and still the best GP100 grip 5/11/2019
This is the original GP100 grip and Ruger should never have changed it. They got it right the first time around. Having traded away an original 1980s GP100 years ago, when I bought a new one recently I was disappointed with the new Hogue standard grip, but SO pleased to find that the original is still available. No other grip I’ve ever tried cushions the recoil of heavy .357 loads like this one.
Dont fit even after asking 1/9/2019
Even after talking to customer service these grips arrived and did not fit my gp100. They do not have a screw from the bottom as there is no screw through the bottom mine has the hogue grips and I wanted the rose wood. Oh back it goes to ruger
Ed Jones
Dont fit even after asking must change 1/9/2019
My first review was because it wasnt clear how to install the rose wood grips. After watching a video on how to remove the rosewood grips it became clear. I am giving this a 4 because of lack of inspirations.
- Ed Jones, FL
Better feel and looks on my GP100 12/30/2018
Put these on my GP100 to replace the Hogue rubber grips. They feel much better and look better on the gun. I am a happy camper with these grips. They also absorb some of the recoil from the Federal 180s and Remington 158s that I like to shoot. Excellent quality from Ruger!
- Garrett Snow, WV
quality slipping? 12/6/2018
I have the original grips of this type from the late 1980s. Mine rate a 5. But some of the reviewers have me thinking Ruger QC is slipping. Does good old Ruger want to attain the S&W spotty record for quality-control and customer service? Come on, guys. And while youre at it, please get rid of those flakey two-piece triggers on your small carry guns. Id never buy a gun with such a trigger.
Two-Bones Joe
These are the grips for this revolver 1/3/2018
My GP100 came with the Hogue grips. Those are nice grips, but seemed a little skinny in my hands. Switched to these grips, and the feel is rock solid. Same when youre putting a steady diet of magnum loads through it as well. Took all of 5 minutes to install. While some say they look a little old school, they look and work great in my opinion. Absolutely love them.
This is the one that should be standard 12/15/2017
Feels great and pulls from the holster without any snagging. I would grip tape the soft rubber portions.
Devin Davis
Great for big hands! 12/11/2017
My GP100 snubbie came with the compact version of this grip. Great for concealing, but a bit too small for my hands. When I got this 1/4 inch larger version, I was very impressed with the quality and fit. It prints a bit more under an untucked shirt, but is much easier to hold shooting .357. I may order more for my longer-barreled GP100s.
- Mark, OH
Not what is shown in the picture on website 10/2/2017
Received these grips today 70083. There is no stainless screw for the handle. Found a tiny ugly metal rust someday screw recessed far into the grip with exposed threads on one side. Very crude, looks like a mistake for sure. Something went wrong here, these should be free. This may be a return item since it is also scuffed up so maybe someone switched parts.
- Dan S., TX
Better for me 9/14/2017
The black grips that came with the GP100 did not fit my hand well. With finger contours one size does not fit all. I ordered this original style and it was much better and looked better. Easy to install. I was disappointed that the panels were so mismatched. Ruger did state that the grains could vary. I was not expecting such a difference. On mine, One panel was beautiful and one was dark with almost no grain. Altamont Co. makes these panels. I found out they have other styles for it also. I was able to get a checkered pair that give an even better grip when shooting 357 mags. If not for the severe mismatch of color and grain on mine, I would have rated it 5 stars.
- John M, PA
the way the gp100 should feel 5/24/2017
easy installation, grips feel outstanding, very happy with purchase
Feels good in the hand 4/22/2017
Just bought a GP100 .357 special Talo edition with the non-fluted cylinder. It came with the wooden grips. They just did not due the gun justice. I put these grips on it made a world of difference in the way it fit my hand and they look wonderful. This is what the GP100 should have come with standard. Installation took about 2 minutes. Very easy.
Glad the original design has returned 12/11/2016
I dont have large hands. I purchased my first GP100 fourteen years ago. I found the original grips to work best for me. I let the first GP100 get away from me several years ago. When I purchased another one I was disappointed to learn that Hogue grips were now standard. Hogue makes a good product but I like the old grips. Nice to have them back.
Outstanding! 9/15/2016
Feel great, look great. The standard Hogue grips are nice, but THESE should be the ones the pistol comes with.
- Michael Eckstrom, SC
Better than the factory grips. 6/9/2016
i bought my GP100 new and was hesitant about the HOGUE black rubber grips that came from the factory. I dont see why they put large grips on a medium frame revolver. The new grips were instantly better. Makes the revolver easy to handle and looks 100% better. Defiantly a purchase im proud of.
- bryan singleton, VA
Well Pleased 2/19/2016
Once again my GP-100 looks and feels like it was meant to. I really like this grip! Highly recommend it.
- M H, TN
excellent grip! 2/3/2016
I recently got a gp100 in .22 lr. Fantastic revolver and it came stock with these rosewood grips! I also have a gp 100 in 357,but it has this nasty hogue grip with finger grooves. Its so so but im not crazy about the way it looks and feels. I orderd this to put on the 357 and it gives it that 1980s look real striking. Looks and feels so much better,gives you lil more to hold onto.,Id reccomend this to anybody. Ruger should go back to this old setup probably would boost sales.
- J, IN
Very nice enhancement for my GP100 1/13/2016
I am extremely happy with these grips. They fit my revolver perfectly, and the rosewood panels have very nice grain and rich color. The combination of rubber and wood panels are great at absorbing recoil while at the same time looking very classy. I received them in about a weeks time and I am 100% satisfied. Great job Ruger!
- Bill, IA
Perfect fit. Now my new GP100 looks like its supposed too!
Doesnt fit the latest Super RedHawks. 8/23/2015
The aluminum dowel in this grip is WAY too big to fit my recently purchased Super RedHawk. If I were to machine the hole bigger so it would fit, it would weaken the grip stub of the gun and render the gun incompatible with the old and other third party grips. I do like it however, so will see if Ruger has a smaller diameter dowel that will work. It wont work well without a dowel.
- Lance, CO
Thank goodness these are back! 5/12/2015
These grips are far superior to the hogue grips that come on the gp100. These have cushion and a better feel, and just plain look better on the gun. The hogue grips are decent, but they are pretty much hard plastic with a thin rubber coating. The little slot under the side panel to store your take down pin is a huge plus! And it comes with a spare pin! Thank you ruger for bringing them back!
Grips 5/8/2015
I have watching for these grips to get back into stock and as soon as I saw them in stock, I orders two sets. I got them in and they look and feel great on my 4.2 inch and 6 inch GP100s.
Grips 3/2/2015
Got these grips for my GP100 3 inch. Looks and fill great

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