Rubber Grips with Rosewood Inserts Compact

Rubber Grips with Rosewood Inserts Compact
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Compact one-piece rubber grip with rosewood inserts for the GP100®. Height of grip is 3-3/4". May fit older Ruger® Super Redhawk models, please call before ordering.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Panels Don't Match 1/20/2022
The rosewood grip panels did not match at all. One side was bright orange and the other was dark brown. Not good quality control.
Superb 10/22/2020
Wow - great improvement. I have fairly large hands and I get 3 fingers on comfortably. Great improvement over stock grip. Easy installation - but dont overtighten panel screw. Looks great too!
- Larry - CA, CA
My favorite GP100 Grip 7/7/2019
I bought my first GP100 4 inch back in 1988 and immediately swapped out the OEM grip for this compact grip as it made it a bit easier to carry. I now use this grip on all three of my GPs. Bought this one as a spare just in case I pick up a fourth GP as this grip is sometimes hard to get due to being out of stock everywhere.
- Dave B, CA
Excellent grip 6/28/2018
Best grip for gp100. Ordered this from ruger for first one. Second set came from Altamont. Cheaper alternative because I had the inserts already.
Perfect for my hand and the Match Champion. 5/12/2018
I tried 3 previous grips on my GP100 .357 Match Champion before these became available. They are just what I needed. Some might not like the proportions but I think they look good with the 4.2 inch half lug barrel. I want to try them on a 10MM Match Champion next.
Good Fit on Match Champion GP100 3/21/2018
Nice Smaller grip for the GP100 Match Champion, Easy install, good fit.
THIS GRIP IS A WINNER !!! 2/26/2018
Tried two sets of grips and they just didnt have the proper feel. The compact grips are what was needed to complete the fit and finish on my 3 inch GP100.
J. P.
Unfinished look 1/4/2018
nice feel and over all look. Works great on 3 inch frames. However, the naked screw threads really needs to be addressed. It really makes the grip look unfinished and unprofessional. They should use a brass screw w/ some kind of cap or at least an O-ring. Close but a fail.
Put on my 3 Ruger G100 44 special 12/17/2017
These are the grips that should have been on this gun, 3 concealed carry will work much better with these grips, much shorter than the original hogue grip. I love the looks and feel of this grip
- Rick, WA
Great grip for GP100 44 special 11/1/2017
This grip comes complete with screw and grip thru frame fitting. The grip feels better to me than the bigger Hogue grip. It feels better when shooting and it really makes this revolver capable for edc. Highly recommend, quick shipping too. There have been comments about the wood panels not matching, mine were perfect and with nice grain!
Best grips for g100 10/23/2017
Crappy monogrip was hurting my hand, switched, and these are much better, much more control over my 357. Monogrip seem good for someone 64 or taller with gorilla hands. Why the compact or regular rubber grips arent stock on gp100s, I have no idea
Excellent grips 10/9/2017
The short grip fits my hands perfectly. I dont have large hands and they fit like a glove. I now have them on both my 3 GP100 and my full size 4 GP100. Glad that theyre being made again.
- Jeff, ID
Not for those with banana hands lol 8/13/2017
My hands are mid size, and with this grip on my gp100, the ergonomics are excellent. In addition, I really like the looks of this grip with the rosewood inserts. I have installed this grip on 3 gp100s so far.
GP100 Grips as they should be! 2/16/2017
I was skeptical at first, but I went ahead and replaced my Hogue grips with a set of these wonderful grips. Not only do they include the handy take down pin, but the stock wood panels were actually decent looking. I was most impressed thought with the amount of control that I gained after installing these grips. They fit my medium sized hands perfectly! My biggest regret is not making the purchase sooner. Thank you!
Perfect for GP100 44spl 1/21/2017
This grip fits and feels perfect for the GP100 44spl. Really makes the gun look balanced also. Everything you need is included with the grip so if you are replacing the factory grip you dont need any other parts even the frame insert was included. Great product!
- C. Deuel, WI
Perfect size 12/12/2016
If you have medium to small hands this grip is perfect I just put them on a Match Champion they ballance the gun well seems to have a higher grip point and closer trigger pull. Looks good to!
- Mitch, NC
PERFECT 12/10/2016
I dont know why this was advertised for adjustable sight models only as it fits my GP-100 3 with fixed sights perfectly. It is the way to go for concealed carry.
Perfect for 3 inch GP100 11/28/2016
Very glad that Ruger has started carrying these again. They really should be the standard grips for the 3 inch GP100 - I personally find them much more comfortable than the Hogue grips, and certainly are more appropriate for concealed carry.
Thrilled these are back in production! 7/11/2016
I was very excited to see Ruger found a way to bring the Compact grip back to life! These grips are almost required for the 3 inch barreled GP100 as the balance the revolver in looks and handling. I bought two sets just to be safe because who knows... they might vanish again! Get them while you can you wont be sorry.
- Tim A, VA
Awesomev Grips 7/7/2016
I put these on my 44 Alaskan and they are Excellent ! I too, thought the grip panels should have some kind of texturing. I found a set of grey laminate snake skin pattern ,Ruger grip panels, on line and they are much better to grip onto.These are one AWESOME set of grips now.
- Neil Lefty Liebman, AA
very nice grips, but.... 6/20/2016
I just put this on my gp100 wiley clapp and man they are nice. Wiley is right, this grip is perfect, fits my hand great. However, I wish the inserts although nice, had checkering, and/or the Ruger logo like the ones that came with my Talo edition, Oh well
- Phillip Matteson, NY
Should be standard on all 3 inch gp100s. 4/29/2016
This grip should be the standard for all 3 inch, fixed sight, GP 100s. It is aesthetically, and functionally, perfect! Why Ruger went with that monstrous Hoag grip baffles me! The fit, and feel of this compact grip is superb!
Best grip for 3 GP100 2/3/2016
awesome feel and better for concealment. WAY better than the rubber humpback hogues
- Brian Truskey, TX
Awesome! 1/22/2016
Just received my new Compact Grips with the wood inserts and replaced my mono hogue on my 3 inch GP. These compacts look and feel AWESOME on this model! They take a full inch off the length of the grip making CC much easier. They are just barely long enough to get a pinky on with my Medium hands. As far as shooting, I think the compacts are actually nicer to shoot. Magnums are no big deal and .38s are a breeze. FYI- the grips came with the necessary hardware- bolt, locator pin, and even disassembly pin . Installation took a whole 3 minutes. Very pleased with this purchase.
Nate B
Fantastic Grips! 1/15/2016
I just put these on my GP100, 3 fixed sight model. Fantastic! Comes with everything youll need to install them, and they look far better than the Hogue grips that came with it. Super easy installation. I was worried about them being *too* small; my hands are halfway between medium and large for a guy, and they fit absolutely perfectly. If you have very large hands, youll want the longer version.
Josh H
The best design for Rugers DA takedown method 12/10/2015
Because of the need to routinely remove the grips as part of the sequence for removing the cylinder for a thorough cleaning, this original design by Ruger using the large grip panel locator pin is superior to rubber grips made by Hogue, Pachmayr etc. that are retained using a screw. While more complex, the hard panels on this design serve far better than Pachmayrs pliable rubber as a place to anchor an escutcheon. This particular shape is ideal for the compact 3 barrel GP100 and Super Redhawk Alaskan. It approximates the shape of Pachmayrs discontinued Compac model for the GP, which was the perfect compromise between size and comfort for a revolver of these dimensions. Used GP100 Compacs can sell for up to $100 on eBay, so many thanks for making this superior model available once again!
- David DeLaurant, CA
Great GP Grips 10/27/2015
I recently purchased these for my 3 inch GP. It improves the look greatly and makes it easier to conceal or put in a car console. Im glad they are available again.
- Greg, TX
Best GP-100 Grips EVER! 9/26/2015
I kept two sets of these from my original 3 GP-100s that I purchased soon after the guns introduction. They have always been my favorite GP-100 grips. When I got my Hawkeye SS Wiley Clapp THE ultimate .357 fighting handgun IMHO I put the old ones on with some beautiful custom inserts and have never thought about changing them. Nice to see them available again.
- Mike McIsaac, ID
Love These Grips!! Thanks for bringing them back! 9/11/2015
These work great on the GP100s and the Ruger Alaskan. I had an old pair of these that I would trade back and forth between my revolvers, but it was always kind of a pain. I have tried to get an extra pair for years, but was always put off by the price on the used market. Thanks to Ruger I can now get an extra set. I especially like to use them on my Alaskan. I can use the standard grip for open carry/heavy loads and then easily switch to the compact grip for lighter loads and CCW carry. I used this method in AK and WY and it worked great.
- ECV 395, CA
Easy upgrade for your 3 revolver 8/23/2015
This grip is a significant improvement for my 3 stainless GP100 over the stock Hogue grip. Its compact size achieves a much better visual balance with the short barrel of the revolver. Also, the finger grooves on the stock grip feel incorrectly spaced for my hands. Handles felt recoil as well or better. IMO, this should be the stock grip on the 3 inchers!
- Hank, KY
Excellent 8/23/2015
These compact grips are the single best upgrade I have ever made to any firearm. Perfect shape. They are just big enough to get a solid grip, and offer an easy reach to the trigger. I am going to buy a second set.
Perfection in Hand 8/11/2015
Saw these on facebook post, looked up at, took the chance and bought. Look and feel perfect on my WC Gp100, wish the WC panels fit in it. Other than that, even felt better when I saw Wileys comment. Six stars from me! Seven stars on the WC GP100! Love my EDC Wiley Clapp GP100...Thanks Wiley!
Tony R.
Wiley Clapp 7/10/2015
I was not happy with the original grips on my Wiley Clapp GP100. Thanks Ruger for bringing these back they were a perfect fit and addition to a great Revolver.
Perfection 5/28/2015
Thanks Ruger for bringing back these wonderful compact grips. Every 3 inch GP100 needs a set of these.
GP 100 5/24/2015
these are awesome. Bought a ruger gp 100 3 inch fixed sights with the black hogue grip. I installed these compact rosewood grips and now the firearm looks and feels fantastic. These installed easily and did not require any additional hardware. Thanks Ruger!

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